Thanx to all our readers for your patience, the wedding in my house is over and I will resume to normal posting.

My Diary Affair


Ahmed went to check if they needed help by Safiahs house but came back within 5 minutes, he said they didn’t need help and he wasn’t going to sit there and laze around. I went to sit in my room and relax a bit before jummah. Ahmed came to the room and apologized for how he reacted earlier. 
He said he was worried about me and I don’t make things easy, I shut him out a lot and don’t tell him directly what is wrong. One thing I agree with what he said was that he is a man and I can’t expect him to use his brains to figure out what is wrong or what I’m upset about. 
So I decided to tell him everything, I also told him not to take offense if I say something bad about his family but he…

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