Ahmed went to check if they needed help by Safiahs house but came back within 5 minutes, he said they didn’t need help and he wasn’t going to sit there and laze around. I went to sit in my room and relax a bit before jummah. Ahmed came to the room and apologized for how he reacted earlier. 
He said he was worried about me and I don’t make things easy, I shut him out a lot and don’t tell him directly what is wrong. One thing I agree with what he said was that he is a man and I can’t expect him to use his brains to figure out what is wrong or what I’m upset about. 
So I decided to tell him everything, I also told him not to take offense if I say something bad about his family but he wants the truth. So I started with how his mother blamed me for something I didn’t do and his sisters did the same. His mother went a bit far by getting my mum involved, I didn’t like that. 
Instead of him sorting things out he kept quiet and he kept asking me if im angry but he didn’t see how his family was wrong. I also mentioned how I felt hurt and I feel that maybe I’m making a mistake by being with him because his family doesn’t seem to take a liking to me after he decided to open a case with his ex. 
He said they do like me, how can I think that, from the time I met them they always praised me. What he doesn’t understand is that, then things were different. I wasn’t going to be their daughter-in-law and they didn’t feel like I was taking him away from them. Also then he he didn’t have a problem with his ex.  
Obviously his family will start disliking me, because of me Ahmed decided to take action against his ex, which means that there is now a drift in the friendship between the two families. They will see me as wrong and not his ex. They feel I’m the root of all their problems and they need to get rid of me or if not they have to not like me.
I didn’t want Ahmed to feel bad so I apologized to him about bad mouthing his family to him. Ahmed sat there with tears in his eyes, he said that he feels so bad that his family has treated me so bad and he didn’t see it, I suffered through it all alone and all he could think was how stubborn I was being. 
He said he would withdraw his case against his ex, maybe that would help a bit, if it didn’t he would talk to his family. I didn’t want him to talk to his family it would just increases the bitterness and make things worst, I told him to leave things alone they would get better with time. It would be better if he stayed out of it all but be there as support to the person who is right. 
I never asked him to support me only because that would be selfish, if I’m wrong I don’t expect him to support me. I’m glad we sorted things out and hope no more problems pop up. Anyways after Jummah I went to Safiah’s house, they were getting ready to set things up for the engagement. 
There was still a lot to do, so we all got together and started laying the tables and covering the chairs. We gave the men the task of putting the chairs and tables out and also cover the chairs. We had to wait for the flowers to arrive and also for some of the tea table things. We needed to be finish by Asr so we all could go dress and be on time. 
I am wearing a orange and brown dress and Ahmed is wearing a brown Chino trouser with a orange and brown shirt. He didn’t really like the shirt colours but I really liked it. After Asr we went home to get dressed, I quickly went into the shower and got ready. 
We then went back to Safiahs house, the guest slowly started to arrive. Just after maghrib everyone else arrived and so did Reeza and his family. He looked so handsome in his sherwani. I went into the house to see if I could get a sneak peak at Safiah. 
She looked stunning, she wore a bridal anarkali suit, it had full work on it on the front and the back. She wore a matching scarf and silver heels. Her mum also looked stunning. She had something sewn for her but it was also done up with bead work. 
When Safiah walked into the tent and Reeza couldn’t take his eyes off her. He didn’t even realize his sister was talking to him, he was just looking at Safiah. They looked so good together, they made a perfect couple. It made me think of Ahmed and I and our engagement. 
Safiah had her cousin read a few Naats, her niece gave a nice speak on marriage and then they exchanged rings and the family fed them mithais. After that we had supper and took photos. The function was long but it was nice. I didn’t do much work because I still wasn’t feeling so good but I helped where I could.
Anyways the next day there was no function and we didn’t have to help for the wedding because Safiah had caterers doing everything for her, so Ahmed and I planned a day out, just the two of us. We needed sometime to ourselves especially after the hectic week we had.
We woke up early, got ready and left while everyone was still asleep, I messaged Safiah to tell her so her cousins that were sleeping by me wouldn’t wonder where I went. Ahmed first wanted to go to his apartment to get some of his work files, we had to drop them off before we could start our day. 
First we went for breakfast to mugg and bean, then we went to do a little shopping and then we went to hartbeespoort, we went for candle dipping, went to a few antique stores, we also visited the elephant, cheetah and monkey sanctuary. 
We also managed to go on the cableway, visited the chameleon village and the snake and animal park. We didn’t have enough time I wanted to visit the aquarium but I guess next time. I was so tired by the end of the day but I really enjoyed myself. 
Spending time with Ahmed was great, it’s the first time we went out alone and on a whole day of adventure. We usually tagging friends and family along. We got to do what we wanted and worked on our times. It was fun and exciting, exhausting but relaxing also. 
On our way back we stopped at the bridge which was such a pleasant sight. We finally got home, the first thing I did was jump into the shower, then we ordered supper and sat in front of the teli watching movies. It was such a relaxing day. 

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