Today is Safiahs wedding, I went to see her in the morning before she got busy with the beautician and hairdresser. She was so nervous, I tried calming her down but didn’t know what to say. Her mum was crying for every small thing and her dad was shouting at everyone. 
I guess the stress of the wedding as well as giving away your daughter is not easy. The beautician arrived so I left and gave them space to work. I went back home to see if Aunty Rubina and them were awake and of course if Ahmed was awake. I guess it was still early for them. 
The nikkah was at 11am and we had just 3 hours to have breakfast and get dressed and be on time. I decided I would make waffles and pancakes for myself and everyone at Aunty rubina’s. It would save them time and they would be ready on time. 
Just as I finished making breakfast I heard their door open. I put everything in a tray and took it over. We all sat together and had breakfast. After breakfast everyone got ready and went to the hall. Ahmed and I went to Safiah’s house to see if they needed any help with last minute things. 
Safiah was dressed and ready, waiting for the rest of the family. I sent Aunty Rubina and all Safiahs friends to the hall while we waited for the family, Ahmed and I couldn’t leave because we were taking Safiah to the hall. Her father came out of the room and started rushing everyone. 
Finally we got everyone to the lounge, Safiahs uncle read a dua and her cousin read salami, we finally could leave for the hall. We waited until all her family was out of the house and left which took about 5 minutes. Then we left with Safiah. 
Her father walked her in and then she had all her cousins behind her. She made such a lovely bride. Reeza also looked very smart. I really enjoyed the wedding, we had loads of fun the whole week and a good way to end it was the wedding. 
After the wedding we all went to Safiah’s house, we all greeted her and then she left. The house seemed so empty without her, her mum looked so lost, her father tried to console her mother while hiding his tears. We helped clear up and clean up the house and then I went home. 
Ahmed sat with the men outside chatting. I couldn’t stand anymore and needed some rest. I fell asleep waiting for Ahmed to come. When he came he woke me up and said we would go out for supper. I was not in the mood to go out so I told him rather to get take- aways.
We had supper and then Ahmed went back to his apartment. I wanted to have an early night, I had work the next day. I sat for a while in bed chatting to my friends in social networks before I slept. I woke this morning with a headache and feeling very lethargic. I could barely walk to the bathroom. 
I called Ahmed and asked him to call my doctor, there was no way I could go to him. I waited for two hours until my doctor came. He gave me an injection and some meds to take. Ahmed came just after the doctor, I was asked to have complete bed rest and to drink lots of liquids, so I made him get me all the energy drinks. 
Ahmed wanted to stay at home today to look after me but I refused. I wasn’t so sick that he needed to be by my side. After Ahmed left I got back into bed and slept for about an hour. I called the office to let them know I won’t be in. 
I had breakfast and then went to shower, just then I heard a knock on the door, it was Ahmed. He attended one meeting and told his secretary to cancel the rest. I was a bit annoyed because he was meeting major clients and he could loose them and for what because I was sick. 
Well it is no use arguing with him, he is so stubborn, I wouldn’t of won. I slept most of the day while Ahmed sat in the lounge and kept himself occupied with playing ps3 games and watching movies. Imraan came over to give Ahmed company. 
I woke up just before Asr, Aunty Rubina made soup and some chicken with pasta. It all looked so good but I just couldn’t eat. The sight of food made me nauseated. Ahmed tried a lot to force me but I just couldn’t. I sent Ahmed home because all he was doing is making a mess of my kitchen and lounge and he didn’t help me by sitting around. 
I sat a little in the lounge just until after maghrib and then I took my meds and went back to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling worst then before, I started vomiting non stop. I hardly ate so I didn’t know why I was vomiting. 
I called Ahmed and told him that I needed to go to ER24 and that he should come fetch me. He came immediately and we went to ER24. I waited for an hour before I could be treated. The doctor put me on a drip and told me that if it didn’t stop by 8am I would have to be admitted. 
I was hoping not to be admitted, I hate being in hospital. After the drip was finished I was sent home. I went to bed when i got home, Ahmed slept in the guest room. He didn’t want to leave in case I got worst. He said he would wait until I woke up but I told him if I don’t wake up once by 8am he should go to work. 
He agreed but knowing him, he wouldn’t listen to me. I woke up just before 8am, Ahmed made breakfast for me. I couldn’t really eat, I was afraid of vomiting again. Somehow Ahmed forced me to eat and then I sent him home to change and go to work. 
Ahmed called Aunty Rubina and told her what happened and asked her to check on me. I called the office and had a sick note sent to them. Aunty Rubina came over to see how I was feeling. She brought some snacks she said would help with the nausea. 
I was feeling much better by the afternoon. My mum called because she also heard I was so sick, she said she had sent some goodies for me with her friend who was coming to Jo’burg. She wanted to come and look after me but I refused. She will come and just stress about everything. 

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