We’ve been waiting for months for this good news and finally it was here. Safiah’s divorce has been finalised and she can finally move on. It’s been an emotional few months for us all. First with the good news, Ahmed and his mother patched up and everything was normal between us. We spent our first weekend with them in their house last month when it was his parent’s anniversary.

Yaseen and Raeesa got  a divorce and Yaseen is now studying further and working. He hasn’t found anyone as yet but I’m sure one day he will. After all there is someone out there made specially for each of us. He is much more happier now and he has made so many new friends. Ahmed and I are enjoying his company everyday. He is such a ball of fun and excitement. Saibah has also grown very fond of Yaseen.

Tomorrow is my baby’s birthday party,  I can’t believe that a year has past. She just grew too fast, I’m lucky not to have missed all her special moments. She has definitely filled our lives with so much joy and has made us proud parent’s. I couldn’t have asked for anything to be different, yes I had a difficult life but my baby made it all worth it. She has made my life complete and has brought our families together.

Both my family and Ahmed’s family will be coming over later. We will be all staying in our house together for the first time. I know my family will manage but I’m not sure about Ahmed’s will manage. It’s their first time staying with us so I’m a bit worried. Ahmed is excited to have everyone over at the same time and he’s even more excited that his princess is turning 1.

We having a huge party for Saibah’s first birthday but not only because it’s her birthday, this was our special way of getting all our family together. There’s one relationship we have to work on and that’s between my mother-in-law!and her youngest sister. Ahmed has decided to do this task so he will talk to them in private just before the party, it’s a difficult task but we have to give it a shot.

Our families arrived and all got to their rooms and freshened up before we could start all the hard work for the braai tonight. Humeira, Faheema and I got working on salads and then drinks. The men were watching the cricket and my mum and mother-in-law were looking after the kids. Zinat and Sameera are also here from tonight, the rest of our guest only arrive tomorrow for the party.

This morning I woke up feeling sleepy, we stayed up talking till early this morning, I managed to get only few hours of sleep. After breakfast we set up the back yard for the kiddies, we had someone come in and set up for us Jungle jumping castle, slip and slide and a soft play park, we had mini cars and horses they could ride and had a few acts planned for the day. For the adults we set up inside, in the living room and dining room.

All our close family started arriving, as soon as Ahmed’s choti khala walked in he took his mother and his khala upstairs to our room and had a talk with them. He left them in the room for a little while after he spoke to them and then went to see if things changed. I am so proud of him, no matter what the results are I am happy that he decided to take a step forward and try to sort things out between his mother and aunt.

Well all the kids were enjoying the party, Saibah was sitting with my dad enjoying the show that was put on. After the kids played a little and watched one or two shows we served lunch to everyone. We had a caterer prepare for us lunch, after lunch we let the kids play again and enjoy themselves. I saw that Ahmed’s mother and aunt were talking so I figured things were sorted out between them.

We cut the cake and served tea,Saibah was so excited all the attention was on her. She didn’t manage to blow all the candles but all her cousins helped her. I was exhausted by the end of the day and just wanted my bed and pillow. It’s strange how we can go with years despising someone in our own family. We sometimes grow up with that person and shared so many wonderful memories with that person but they make one decision  you don’t like and you despise them forever.

We sometimes are so blind in our ego we don’t appreciate our family members. The fight between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will probably last forever and we might end up seeing our daughters having the same problem when they are daughter-in-law’s and mother-in-law’s. It’s something that no one can fix. Yes there are good daughter-in-law’s and mother-in-law’s and they have the best of bonds but not all five fingers are the same. The one thing a mother-in-law or a daughter-in-law can do is overlook what the other does and find the good in each other.

This goes for family members and siblings as well, what I’ve realised is that we always looking for ways to make conversation with each other and when there isn’t a topic we take to gossiping which leads us into trouble because as much as you think the person in front of you is your family member and won’t tell the other remember they also family to that person and would go tell that person what you said the first chance they get.

Remember also that only you can safeguard your image, other’s will always find ways to make you look bad so don’t give them that chance. Whether it’s with in laws or your own family, there is always that one person that will try their best to make you look bad. One thing every person should remember that the same person you engaging gossip with is talking about you to the person they gossiping about.

Today my family and my inlaws are here spending time with us, my mother-in-law has accepted Saibah and I and we have started to share a special bond that I pray never breaks. I wish to see my Saibah grow up with all the love she deserves from both her grandparents and both sides her uncles and aunts and not forgetting cousins. It’s never nice to see someone suffer and not move on and find happiness so I wish all the happiness to both Yaseen  and Safiah’s.  May they both find their partners and all the happiness they deserve.


I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and will enjoy reading my new blog. Will be posting the new blog in a few days. I will inform you here when I start the new blog. My new blog will be called “An Indian girls sacrifice”.



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