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This morning Yaseen and I went out for breakfast, then we went to meet with the florist and decided on what flowers we wanted,  she showed us a few examples of what she can do and I sent the pictures to Sakina for approval, then we met the caterers, the menu is already decided so we just had to place the order and make sure she was available for our dates. It felt weird to plan this with Yaseen since he is just went through a bad marriage.

He has been positive so far, he gave input when needed and he was very excited to help. I guess he has to move on and he needed this break to get away from things that reminded him of Raeesa. The flat was his biggest reminder, I’m glad he got rid of it. He says it’s difficult at my parent’s because he feels guilty for putting them through all the trouble and fighting with them about Raeesa.

He knows they forgive him and have moved on but he can’t forgive himself for putting our family through all that emotional stress and at the end it turned out that he was defending someone who didn’t deserve it. It frustrates me to see him like this, feeling so miserable, hopeless and like a loser when actually he is no loser. Yes he made bad choices and now he is paying for it but he was brave to get out when he could.

What annoys me is that she walks around like nothing happened with no shame or guilt. Her parent’s also have no remorse for what she did or for them keeping the truth from us. They have this don’t care attitude unless it’s harming them, her father played this very strict respectable man when infact they nothing like that, for all we care they probably part of her tricks and it’s all planned out.

We got home just after 4pm, Ahmed messaged that he wanted to skype so I messaged him when I was ready. We haven’t seen each other in two weeks, we messaged and called each other but never skyped. It was good to see him, although it was over the net. He is not sure as yet if he will come a few days earlier. He has just a week left in Malaysia so I don’t think he should rush, it would be different if it was a few days earlier.

Yaseen and I had dinner and then we sat on the edge of the pool, dipping our feet in the water, talking about Yaseen and what he is going to do now. He wants to leave his job and move to Jo’burg to study further but my parent’s are against it because he will be closer to Raeesa. I don’t mind him living with us, but I don’t want him to do it because he feels he can get closer to her and watch what she does.

At the end he will only be hurting himself and his family. I don’t think he would be stupid and get back with her but I feel he would like to know certain things like if she moved on, has she met someone else, what she is doing in life and that is only going to hurt him more. He is going to be miserable if he sees she is enjoying life while he is sulking away. The best is to ignore what is going on in her life and to make a better life for himself.

I have been keeping in contact with the lawyer’s since Ahmed has gone and we have a bit of a wait until we can hear any good news about the divorce. It’s not as easy as we thought. I am frustrated that it is not going our way and what makes it worst this morning I hear from the lawyer that Raeesa has refused to sign the papers, which means Yaseen can’t move on. Everything comes down to her now which is awful.

I haven’t told Yaseen anything because he is in such a good mood and I can’t deal with his anger alone so I don’t want to put myself into that position. At least until Ahmed is here and he can handle Yaseen and his anger. We lost track of time and surprisingly Saibah slept all this time. I looked at the clock, it was 11:30pm. I locked up and then we went to bed. I jumped into bed and Saibah woke up.

I woke up this morning in a chirpy mood, we were going on a shopping spree today to help Rizwana and Farzeen get their outfits. Yaseen was tagging along, he would of been bored at home anyways. Ahmed is returning later today so I’m overly excited. Rizwana and Farzeen came to the house just after 10am, we had a quick snack and then left to do our shopping. I left Saibah at home since I am in Lenz and with her shopping would just take longer.

We went window shopping first and enquired about the outfits and then decided which ones we really liked. After we got both their outfits we went back to the house and had lunch. Imraan was fetching them after work so we watched tv and the girls played with Saibah before he came to get them. The driver fetched Ahmed from the airport, I am so glad he is back. Finally everything can get sorted out.

The most important is Safiah’s and Yaseen’s problem’s. They in problem’s that are not allowing them to be at peace while both their partners are at peace. A few minutes after the girls left Ahmed walked in. He was happy to be home and we were happy to have him home. We sat for a while and then had supper. Ahmed went upstairs to get some sleep. I sat to read my book while Yaseen played games.

Saibah was asleep so I enjoyed my quiet time. I went upstairs to sleep and Ahmed just woke up. We spoke for a little while catching up on stories. He decided that he would sort out both Safiah’s and Yaseen’s problem’s soon. He also needs to sort things out between his mother and himself. She has been calling me while he was away saying that she wants to apologise for all the wrong she has done to me and all the pain she caused.

This morning I told Ahmed about all the calls his mother has made to me since he left and that she has apologised and we have sorted things between us, now he has to call her and sort things out between them. He has no excuse not to forgive his mother because the reason he was arguing with her was Saibah and I and now that she has accepted us and apologised he has no fight. He promised to call her after breakfast and he did so.

Yaseen and I spent the day shopping for the wedding while Ahmed went to see the lawyer’s for Yaseen’s case. Finally we had some good news, Ahmed took the papers personally to Raeesa to have them signed. I don’t know how but he got them signed, soon the papers will be filed and they will be divorced and my brother can move on. Safiah’s has been doing well and has been discharged so Ahmed has arranged for her and her parent’s to come back to Jo’burg.

Soon he will have her divorce papers filed and he knows it will be a quick case since Reeza is guilty of alot of things and Ahmed said he was going to speak to Reeza and tell him if he signed the papers we wouldn’t lay charges for all the other assaults and all the other things he did wrong. We also found out about his dealings with drug dealers but we didn’t let him know about it.


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