As soon as Saibah opened her eyes I called Nomsa to take her. I needed some sleep and if I didn’t get it I would be very moody. I set my alarm for 11am, closed the door and pulled the upstairs phone off the hook, it’s Saturday which means my mother and Faheema call in the morning. Just seconds before my alarm can ring I wake up, I take a quick shower and go down for breakfast, I make myself crumpets with strawberries and nutella.

Nomsa gets Saibah dressed while I got everything into the car. Nomsa was coming with me so she could take care of Saibah. When I got to Sakina’s house Saibah was asleep so I didn’t stress too much about her. I showed them what I came up with and people we could use for the wedding, they changed a few things and agreed to use the people I found to help on the day. It was a quick meeting which gave me time to visit Aunty Rubina.

It was strange going back to my old place even Nomsa said it felt nice to visit the complex. There’s no one staying in the apartment I was staying in. We surprised them so they were really happy to see us. We sat and spoke about our days together, the outings we had, the fun times and we even made fun of some of the things we did. Imraan was our main target though, we teased him about the things he did to meet up with Sakina.

I got home just before maghrib, I fed Saibah and then left her to play while I made something for me to eat. After maghrib I sat and watched a movie, Saibah was asleep so it was a good time to watch a movie. I haven’t watched a complete movie in a long time. Well I didn’t end up watching the full movie, I fell asleep and all the blame goes to my sleep deprivation. I woke up two hours later when Saibah wailed.

Today I’m having Uncle Abdullah and his family over for lunch, I got out of bed early, did all my chores before I started cooking. I’m making leg roast with veggies, I’m making sojee for the sweet dish and we having ice cream for dessert. They got here around 11am, the girls were all over Saibah, they didn’t leave her for a minute. After lunch we sat and discussed what they were planning for the wedding and walima.

Farzeen and Rizwana want me to go with them to look for outfits so we make a date for next weekend. We don’t have alot of time, this wedding is in a months time. As soon as they left I called Ahmed, it’s two days and he hasn’t called. He knows I worry if he doesn’t call or at least message. He was really busy, we didn’t speak long, he told me he would call once his meeting was over.

My cousin Aneesa called, they were going out for dinner, she asked me to join them. Aneesa and Faheem fetched us, I was glad I didn’t have to drive alone, I hate it especially when I got Saibah with, I just don’t feel safe. We went to spur for dinner, it was nice, although noisy which always is at any restaurant you go that is full of indians. After dinner we took the kids to play some games at the entertainment centre.

We got home quite late, I went straight upstairs, made Saibah sleep and then I watched a little tv before I fell asleep. I heard my phone ringing, I looked at the time and it’s 9am, I looked at my phone and see it’s Yaseen. He wants to come to Jo’burg, I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea because Raeesa is this side, I don’t want him to confront her or complicate things by doing something silly.

I also don’t want him to feel like I’m pushing him away when he needs me so I agreed to him coming but on the terms that he goes where I go and he doesn’t do anything silly that would cause trouble. He said he would be here by the evening, I got ready, had breakfast and then started preparing for supper. I didn’t bother about lunch since I was alone. I made his favourite pasta dish and for desserts I made pineapple dessert.

I called Safiah’s parent’s to see how she was doing. She has healed well but emotionally she is not doing well. Reeza obviously got out on bail which made her feel worst but she has hope as the police officer has assured her that they got enough evidence to get him some years for what he has done. Personally I don’t think the police officer should of said anything because we all know South african law.

The doctors are discharging her in a few days, they will stay at the villa until she has healed completely. I am glad that she is doing much better, I hope that she recovers both emotionally and physically, it’s going to be a tough journey, only she knows what she is going through, the pain she is feeling. I just wish she keeps a positive attitude throughout her healing process. Zaheer said he will have his friends visit her often.

Maybe they will be an inspiration to her, the one is a psychologist and the other is an Aalima, so they will help her both spiritually and emotionally. She needs a lot of attention, love and care, her parent’s are going to be her biggest support. They will have to be patient and forget about themselves this time and only concentrate on her. I hope they understand what she is going through.

I went to the mall to do some grocerry shopping before Yaseen got here, I want to stay away from shopping centres with Yaseen around, it’s going to be difficult since I am shopping for the wedding. I will have to work around it and be careful, maybe I can take him along to babysit Saibah. Yaseen arrived just before maghrib, he looked really tired, I asked him what happened, apparently he hasn’t been sleeping.

He feels he needs to get away from his daily routine, he only managed to clean out his flat this week. He couriered all Raeesa’s things to her already and the rest that he bought after like furniture and stuff were all sold off. He didn’t use the money as yet so she can’t blame him for not goving her money from it although she didn’t buy any of it with her money. He called her to ask what she wanted to do with the furniture and she said he should get rid of it.

We had dinner and then Shiraaz and Sabiha came over with the kids so we watched a movie while Nomsa and Thandi looked after the kids. Sabiha was telling me that she also hasn’t watched a movie since Lutfiya was born. I guess until you a mother you don’t realise what mother’s go through. While we were watching a movie we heard someone screaming outside, Shiraaz and Yaseen went to see what was happening.

A few houses away from us there was a fight between neighbours. Apparently one neighbour put his garbage bags on the other neighbours side and the dogs ripped it apart, neither of them wanted to pick it up so instead resorted to screaming and swearing each other in the street. It’s the first time Yaseen and I experienced something like this, we’ve always grown up with family as neighbours.

Our other neighbours we’ve never had problems with and if there was a problem they would always come and discuss it or we would go to them and discuss it in a polite manner. This was literally aunties telling each other how they would hit the other, pull out each others hair or throw garbage all over their lawn. It was awful to see and disgusting to see women carry on in a rowdy manner.



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