This morning Ahmed woke up in a good mood and decided we should go out for the day, just Saibah, Ahmed and I. We went to the mall for breakfast and then went for some shopping and then we went for a picnic at the zoo lake. It was a lovely relaxing day with my family. When we got back Ahmed went straight to the study, he had a big meeting in the morning and still didn’t prepare for it.

I sat with Saibah downstairs in the lounge and watched tv,  then I made chicken mayo sandwiches for dinner. After dinner I went up to my room, I left Saibah to play by herself while I sat on my phone browsing through facebook. I haven’t been on any social media in a long time feels like forever. While browsing I see all these pictures of Raees and a lady, that reminded me that I have not kept in contact with Safiah after our chat.

I’ve been so busy with my life and all that had happened with Yaseen that I forgot about her problems. I feel really bad that I wasn’t there for her. I called her and was horrified at the things I heard. Raees has left her, he didn’t divorce her, he told her he will never divorce her but he will not stay with her. He supports her financially by sending a cheque every month for clothes and grocerries.

She has spoken to her parent’s and they don’t want her to leave him or come back home. They told her that there is no place for her and what would people say. Raees has someone watching her all the time so she is not allowed to leave the house unless he tells this guy that she is allowed to for shopping. He has come by once or twice but hasn’t been pleasant to her, he only comes to beat her.

I cried after I put the phone down, my friend was in so much pain and I felt so helpless. I know Ahmed has alot on his plate right now and I wouldn’t trouble him if it was something small but this is huge and I need his help I just don’t know what can be done. We have to consider that he is her husband and he has to give her the divorce, she can’t give him a divorce islamically. I think a little about it and then I decide to speak to my cousin Zaheer.

It was late already so I decided to call him in the morning. Ahmed came to bed, I told him about Safiah, he was shocked and upset that she was going through so much and we didn’t do anything about it. He was quiet for a little bit and then turned around to sleep. This morning was hectic, it was such a rush because Ahmed had to be at the office early. After Ahmed left I went upstairs took a quick shower and then got Saibah dressed.

I couldn’t get my mind off Safiah’s situation, so I went to visit Sabiha for a little bit. When I got home I called Zaheer to discuss the problem Safiah is having. He gave me some solutions and now it’s all for Safiah to decide if she wants out and what she is willing to do. Ahmed got home just after midnight, I heard him come in and get into bed so I assumed he ate already. The whole week went by and Ahmed and I haven’t spent anytime together.

He would leave early and come back when I was asleep. He has been really busy at work, he has called once or twice to tell me he would be late. We at the weekend again, Ahmed is going away on Sunday morning, he has a trip to London and then from there he will go to Malaysia, he will be gone for three weeks. I’m feeling really depressed, I will be alone for three weeks. I don’t want to go to my parent’s, so I’m just going to stay at home.

Ahmed was busy the whole day with work, I packed his bags and made sure he had all his things with him. Saturday went by and Sunday was already here, my anxiety was crazy, I know I will manage, I stayed alone for so long but I was use to having Ahmed around. I think I felt it more because the last few weeks haven’t really been our best weeks and we left alot of it unresolved but moved on.

Ahmed took some time today to spend with Saibah and I. We went out for ice-cream just before he left to the airport. It didn’t really get to me Sunday night until I realised I was alone in bed. I twisted and turned for a while before I could sleep. Ahmed was already on his flight and probably asleep as well. During the night I woke up for Saibah’s feed, I couldn’t go back to sleep.

This morning Saibah was awake super early, I had Nomsa take her downstairs so I could get some sleep. I woke up in a shock, I looked at my watch, it was 11am. Ahmed had not called as yet, maybe he was just settling in or busy. I took a long relaxing shower, got dressed and went down for breakfast. I wasn’t too hungry so I just had a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. I was not liss to cook for one person and there were leftovers for lunch so I relaxed.

Sabiha came to see how I was doing we made plans to have dinner together, I took on the task to prepare the pasta salad. I remembered we were suppose to start planning Imraan and Sakina’s wedding. I called Sakina and arranged to meet with her parent’s this weekend so we could discuss what they want. I will have to work on some ideas before meeting with them. I was glad I remembered because now I had something to keep me busy.

Ahmed finally called just after I had lunch, he landed safely, he was doing well just a bit tired. We didn’t speak much, he wanted to get some sleep. I checked online for places that would be good to use for the wedding. I checked out venues, catering places and caterers, and florist. We have a bit of time to prepare for this wedding so I’m trying to get the best prices.

After a few hours working on ideas for the wedding I took a break. Saibah was awake so I played a little with her and then got ready for dinner. I had Nomsa help me to Sabiha’s house. It was a lovely dinner, the company was good and I got away with eating alone. Ebrahim enjoyed playing with Saibah and she loves him to bits, Lutfiya has a flu so she was asleep.

When I got home, I locked up and then went upstairs to my room. I thought about having her sleep with me on the bed and realised it was not such a good idea, Faheema’s words rang in my ears. I was not taking chances just for my comfort. I made her sleep and put her down in her cot. I hopped into bed, I sat there thinking about Safiah, I hope she agrees to leave cape town. She cant stay there in such a relationship.

It is up to her so I can only offer her help and hope for the best. Maybe she will see that she will be better off here with friends and family instead of being subjected to such bad treatment and being left alone. I still can’t believe that Raees could turn into such a person. It makes me sad to think about all the ladies who have had their lives ruined by man who have no heart.


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