Eid day is finally here, everyone is excited, I didn’t want to spend eid upset with Ahmed so we patched things up last night. After eid namaaz everyone went to the farm for slaughtering then we got back home and all my dad’s family came over. The ladies got together and made breakfast ready while the men sat around discussing how things went at the farm, the rugby and they also got to know a bit about what each one has been up to since our last get together.

They say eid day is more like eat day and it seriously is for our family. We have our three main meals in the day and snacks in between but on eid you find yourself nibbling on all the goodies like mithais (sweetmeats), fruit, chocolates, sweets, chevra (Indian crunchy snack) and there’s always alot of desserts and baking. You definetely need to go on a detox and a diet after all that eating.

After breakfast Ahmed called me up to the room, he apologised once again and wished me for eid, he was feeling guilty and I could see it. Throughout the day he paid alot of attention to Saibah which was great. He was suppose to leave this evening to his parents but decided to stay with us. The original plan was that we all would go but after his little dramatic act I decided that he should go alone.

This morning Ahmed suggested we stay with my parents for the Friday and Saturday and leave to his parent’s on Sunday. I didn’t want to go, he went there alone and showed them that we were fighting so it would be so awkward to face them and knowing my mother-in-law, she would leave no chance to taunt at me. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want Ahmed to feel bad if I didn’t go or deprive him from spending time with his family.

The whole day my mind has been on whether I should stay behind or go with Ahmed. I couldn’t come to a conclusion, after dinner I don’t know why or how but I told Ahmed we would leave tomorrow after breakfast to his family. I informed my parent’s who were not too happy but they understood that we needed to be fair to both sides. Ahmed was very happy that Saibah and I were going with.

I jump out of bed as my alarm rings for the 3rd time, I quickly take a shower and I nudge Ahmed so he could wake up and get ready. I went downstairs to get started on breakfast, Humeira was already busy in the kitchen. We had breakfast together and then sat for a little while before we could leave. We didn’t discuss yet where we will be staying.

Since we married we have never stayed with his parents. I feel he should stay with his parent’s and I will stay at his grandparent’s. I know that my mother-in-law will not want me to stay in her house and I don’t want to be an inconvenience for them or make them feel uncomfortable in their own home. Ahmed refuses to stay in separate homes so he suggested speaking to his parent’s first and if they don’t agree we will stay with his grandparents.

After three and half long hours we finally get to his hometown. He decided to first go to his grandparent’s and then he would go see his parent’s and speak to them. We got settled and had a late lunch, after lunch Ahmed went to see his parent’s, I don’t even visit their home, my mother-in-law made it clear that I was not to go anywhere near her house. I never held it against her, it’s her way of having her own space.

I guess she feels I will try to take what is hers since I did marry her son and that for her is equivalent to taking her son away from her. I sat with his grandparent’s waiting to hear what his parent’s had to say. He phoned and told me to get ready he was coming to fetch Saibah and I. When he got here he looked calm and had a huge smile on his face. I assumed all had gone well at his parents.

I got into the car and we drove off, after a few minutes I looked up and realised that we were not heading in the direction to his parent’s but rather leaving town to go back home. I asked him about it but he laughed and said we should forget these people. He told me not to ask him about it again, I did as he instructed but just until we reached home, had supper and we were relaxed, I waited for the right moment.

“So what happened at your parent’s? I know you said you don’t want to talk about it but I should know, I don’t want problems later on.”

“Well I spoke to them and I asked if you and Saibah could come stay in their house and my mother freaked. She said some nasty things and I got angry so I told her that I cut all ties with them and they will be hearing from my lawyer.”

“What? Are you crazy? They are your parent’s no matter what they say you should not be rude to them. I can’t believe that you have done such a thing.”

I picked up Saibah and walked out of the room, I was not going to argue with someone who didn’t want to listen to me. I sat upstairs watching tv until Ahmed came to the room. He didn’t say anything to me, he took his clothes and changed into a shorts and a t-shirt, he played with Saibah for a while and then sat on the bed, took the remote from my hand and changed the channel, after few minutes he turned off the tv.

He turned to me and looked at me with a huge grin on his face. I got off the bed and went to get Saibah from her cot, I put her on the carpet and played with her. Ahmed was still on the bed he cleared his throat trying to get my attention. I looked up at him and told him to stop trying I was not forgiving him so easily and what he did was wrong. He argued a little to prove his point but I didn’t give him head and continued playing with Saibah. 

“Don’t you think it’s better we came home? Atleast we get to spend some time together,” he asked nonchalantly.

“No because you left for the wrong reasons.”

“Babes you don’t want to know what was said about you and I couldn’t just listen to my family bad mouth you.”

“Ahmed you know this is always going to be an issue, you shouldn’t have even tried to get us to stay in one house. You should of just kept quiet and stayed with them. Last week you never cared how much you hurt me but you can’t take a few bad things your family said.”

“Are we going back to that argument?”

“No I’m just trying to prove a point.”

“Okay point taken but I already made up my mind and we never going to be near my family ever again.”

I kept quiet, he usually says that and then few months later he starts missing them and tries to fix his mess. I know this circle all too well. I made Saibah sleep and then hopped into bed, Ahmed turned to face me, he had his serious face on and apologised. He kissed me on my forehead, turned around and switched off the lights. I took a while to fall asleep but Ahmed was snoring within minutes.


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