Ahmed and a few of their friends planned breakfast for Adnaan and Fehmida with all the friends and their families. The breakfast is taking place at our house, I’m so glad that Humeira is here she will be great support for Fehmida. I ordered all the little treats like mini cakes  biscuits and then made Ahmed braai the breakfast chops and some t-bone and Humeira made the eggs. The other ladies will be bring some goodies too.

Everyone slowly started arriving, Humeira and I started making the food hot while we waited for Adnaan and Fehmida. When they got here we served breakfast. I could see Fehmida looked relieved that Humeira was here to give her support. We told everyone to bring their clothes for the walima to our house so they could change by us,  Adnaan and Fehmida were also getting dressed by us, it made things easier.

We still had time after breakfast so we left  the men to have their reunion and we ladies sat in the living room. I think it was a nice way to introduce Fehmida into their friend group. I meet them once every few months because they all live in Ahmed’s hometown but I do keep in contact with them so I know what happens when they get together. By 11am everyone got dressed and we were ready to escort the bride and groom to their walima.

The walima was amazing, we had alot of fun although my feet hurt with the heels, I couldn’t walk anymore and I was tired. Humeira and Ziyaad went to her uncle’s house after the walima, Ahmed and I went home. We enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and relaxed in the lounge. Ziyaad and Humeira got back just before maghrib, we had a light dinner after maghrib and then sat infront of the tv.

They will be leaving back tomorrow, it is always a pleasure having them over. Ahmed enjoys having people stay over, it’s just a pity his family doesn’t ever come over. They losing out on such special moments with Saibah. It’s sad that Saibah will not see much of her paternal side. He phoopi’s spoiling her, her dada and dadi playing with her, she won’t be making memories with them, no holidays or fun experiences.

When we got to bed I spoke to Ahmed about maybe making an effort from our side to spend more time with his family. Maybe we can start with eid, I don’t mind spending eid with them as long as they hostile and Ahmed’s temper disappears. My body felt sore and I was beyond exhausted after this wedding. When I got to bed, I put my head on the pillow and within seconds I was asleep.

This morning while we were having breakfast the house phone rang, Ahmed got up to answer it. I didn’t know who it was all I heard him say was “It’s your choice.” I didn’t want to ask him who it was while Humeira and Ziyaad were here so I waited until they left. His mother called and threatened him that if we don’t come for eid to her she will cut ties with us. How can she force her decisions on others.

We planned to spend the morning and afternoon with my family and we were going for supper and spend the weekend with his family. I hope he doesn’t change his mind after this incident. They always find a way to make him choose to stay away. I don’t tell him anything because he might get angry at me and I don’t want to create problem’s between us.

I want to do something special for Ahmed, something to cheer him up so I decided for lunch I would make some finger foods and go out for a picnic, since it was a last minute thing we had the picnic in our back yard. It was great, Nomsa and Thandi watched on Saibah, they took her to Sabiha and Shiraaz for a little while. I set the blanket on the grass, put big cushions on one side and then layed out all the food.

Ahmed went out for a while so I had enough time to prepare. When he came in he was really surprised and happy that I was doing something to cheer him up. After our romantic picnic we fetched Saibah and went to visit Ahmed’s cousin. His cousin has been telling us so long to come over for dinner but we never have time. Ahmed told him last week that we would see them tonight for dinner.

We get there, they welcome us in and take us to the lounge, I would of turned around and walked out but because they my inlaws I had to be respectful. I could not believe my eyes, Asad was sitting in their lounge. It turns out that he is Aadila’s brother. Ahmed remembered him so it made it awkward, I was just praying that no fight or argument would take place. He didn’t say much, he played a little with Saibah.

Ahmed looked quite comfortable and relaxed, I don’t think it bothered him as much as it did bother me. I kept wondering if he told his sister that he was interested in me. After dinner the men sat and watched the rugby while I helped Aadila clean up. She didn’t mention anything about Asad and I so I was relieved. Our ride back home was brutal, Ahmed didn’t say a word to me. It’s not my fault, I didn’t even know Aadila was Asad’s sister.

Ahmed drove into the garage, he got out of the car and went upstairs. He didn’t even bother to help me with Saibah or to cart everything into the house. I left everything in the car and just took Saibah out of the car seat and went upstairs as well. When I got to the room, Ahmed wasn’t there. I put Saibah down and went to look for him. He took his clothes and went to sleep in the guest room.

Why was he angry with me? What was my fault? I could not understand. I left him to sleep in the other room and went to bed. I thought he was being childish, I am married to him, I have nothing to do with Asad. I only greeted him so Irshaad and Aadila wouldn’t think I’m rude. I never spoke to him afterwards not even once. Asad didn’t speak to me either. Ahmed seemed fine when we were there so what changed.

I woke up after hearing Saibah wail for a few minutes, I picked her up and fed her. I sat on the bed so i just left her on the bed for the rest of the night instead of getting off the bed all the time. I hear Ahmed making noise in the room. I figured his hungry because that’s the only time he will get my attention when his angry with me. I ignored him for a little while until he banged the drawer.

I woke up and scream at him for banging the things. He just walked out of the room, I did the usual bathroom rituals, picked up Saibah and then I went downstairs to make breakfast. Ahmed followed me down, he plopped himself on the couch. After breakfast he went back upstairs, took a shower, got ready and left the house. He hasn’t been home the whole day and it’s already 10pm.


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