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Ziyaad and Humeira got here just as the sun was setting, it was absolutely stunning to be outside and see the beautiful sky with a tint of pink and orange. While they settled in I made tea for all of us, Humeira helped me with the biscuits and cut the cake as well. Ziyaad and Ahmed were discussing business, Ahmed told him about me taking over some hotels from him. Ziyaad had some good suggestions that I see working.

Ahmed will have to think about it though because his family might object. Ahmed is thinking of buying his parent’s and his sister’s share so then we are the sole owners. He feels his family holds him back especially with decisions. He does most of the work so I think it’s only fair that they sell it to him otherwise they have to start pulling their weight. My father-in-law use to help Ahmed but just after we got married he just stopped paying interest.

It has taken a toll on Ahmed, he was much more relaxed before, I noticed the difference from when I first met him and when I met him before we started dating. He was more work orientated but I must give him due, he always made time for us. He is a good husband and an even better father, I don’t want to see him lose himself in his work and miss out on the important time with his daughter.

Humeira and I set the table for dinner, I dished out the food and called the men. At the table we discuss the situation with Yaseen, Ahmed fills us in about all the events that will happen from now until the divorce. Her father and uncles have promised us that she will sign the papers. I think they more afraid because Ahmed and Shuaib are handling the case and they know we have the power to win this case if it goes to court.

Tonight is the mendhi function, we invited from the boys side and Humeira and Ziyaad are from the girls side. I sent Ahmed to get dressed and to dress Saibah while I cleaned up and put everything away. The mendhi Humeira and Ziyaad were attending was at 8pm so they had to be there earlier since they close family, we were just told that the girls side invited 50 people from the boys side for tea and desserts so we must be at the boys house at 8:30pm.

We were included in the list of 50 people who were going to the mendhi function at the girls house. When we got to the Ahmed’s friend Adnaan’s house only a few of his friends and family were already there,  the rest were still on their way. We waited for everyone and then went to the girls side. The function was just a formality because the bride had put mendhi the day before already.

I was so glad to see Humeira, I didn’t know alot of Ahmed’s friends or their wives or any of Adnaan’s family besides his mother and sister. I know Humeira’s family very well, especially her cousins because of them coming over during holidays. The function was very well organised and the bride’s family took very good care of the groom’s family. We got home just after midnight and I was exhausted.

Some of the friends were going back to the grooms house but I decided to go home because Saibah was very crabby. I hope she will be okay the next three days, we got a hectic weekend. Ahmed and I had a hectic few days so we just wanted to spend some time together. We got into bed and as usual started chatting, we didn’t talk business or about any other problems, It was a night all about us.

I am glad we got to spend some quality time together, sometimes we so busy we don’t know what the other did the whole day. Ahmed wants us to go away for a weekend, maybe leave Saibah with my mum since she is comfortable with my mum. We haven’t spent time together since Saibah was born and we’ve never had a free weekend to do anything so I love his suggestion and maybe we get to go soon.

I sprung out of bed in a shock thinking I’m late, I look at the time and it’s only 7am. Ahmed is still fast asleep and so is Saibah so I decided to go downstairs to prepare breakfast. I can’t decide what to make so I settled for pancakes. We were going out for lunch so I had some time on my hands and decided to take a nice long relaxing shower which I haven’t done in months. I got out of the shower and hear Ahmed calling me.

Saibah was awake and he was too lazy to get out bed. He stopped when he realised that Ziyaad and Humeira were two rooms away from us. I quickly got out of the bathroom just in my robe and attended to Saibah before I got dressed. I left Ahmed to sleep and went downstairs with Saibah. I played with her until everyone was awake and ready for breakfast. Ziyaad was so excited, he has always enjoyed the pancakes I make.

We lazed around for the rest of the day, the wedding is tonight, Humeira and Ziyaad were going to go early to her uncle’s house but they were told that the function was being catered so they didn’t have to go and they didn’t want anyone to see the hall decorations. After Asr we got dressed, Ahmed had to be at the groom’s house before maghrib, he is driving the groom to the mosque and hall.

Ziyaad and Humeira dressed and left before Asr. I will be going straight to the hall just before maghrib, I don’t want to tire Saibah by unnecessarily sitting around with her in my hands. Ahmed will give me a call before they leave to the hall so I will be there when the boys family enters. I get Saibah ready and wait for Ahmed to call, she seems to be okay now so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she stays like this.

Ahmed finally calls so I leave to the hall, I get there just in time, they have also just pulled in. I message Humeira to come and fetch Saibah, I have to walk in with Ahmed so I can’t have Saibah with me. Ahmed hates to do these things but can’t refuse his friends. Humeira finally comes to fetch Saibah. The groom and his family are at the door, they have to pay a fee to enter the hall and then the brides family will feed the groom milkshake.

Ahmed gets to the front because he had the grooms money. They finally finish all the rituals and the grooms family can enter the hall, all his friends that will be walking him in and all those doing the walk through stayed outside. Usually the bride walks in and then the groom but Adnaan wanted to do something special so he wanted to walk in first and waited for his bride and took her up to the stage. When the music started all the couples walked in and then the groom walked in with all his friends and cousins.

We took our seats and then the brides friends and cousins including the miniature bride and groom walked in. I was glad we were sitting at the same table as Ziyaad and Humeira otherwise I would of been bored. Not long after the bride walked in dinner was served, as usual we were slow family because we had to take turns to look after Saibah. Ahmed ate first and then I ate, when I looked around everyone else at our table was done.

After we took photo’s and had tea and desserts some of the close family and friends went to the girls house, I sent Saibah with Humeira and Ziyaad so I could go with Ahmed. We got to the bride’s house and my baby was chunking, she refused to go to Humeira and only wanted Ziyaad until I got there. The bride’s family said their good byes and made bidaai, we then went to the grooms house and then we were off to drop the bride and groom at the hotel.

I decided to rather let Adnaan’s sister go with Ahmed to give the bride company instead of me with Saibah and I stayed with Humeira and Ziyaad at her uncle’s house until they were ready to leave. We didn’t stay long and finally got home. By the time we got home Saibah was asleep, I put her down and changed into my pj’s. I went downstairs to make me some coffee and saw Humeira and Ziyaad already busy making coffee for us.

Ahmed got home just in time to join us for  coffee, we sat in the lounge and spoke about the wedding, I fell asleep on the couch is what i last remembered but woke up in my bed, Ahmed carried me up to our room, he even woke up to feed Saibah. I was so knocked out that I didn’t even hear her cry.



  1. The plot line seeing that these are diary entrants is enjoyable with a twist and a turn here and there , which many Indian muslim families can relate to , if I were to be a critic I would suggest the elimination of certain words or rather to rephrase sentences Eg I would of been bored , sentences such as this seem to destroy your hard work.


  2. the story line is excellent esp with the last twist (raeesa huge shocker) i do feel tht the main characters (Saaj & Ahmed) are made to be abit to perfect a lil far-fetch at times if i may say so……but on the whle great blog nice sense family ,love, laughter , sadness just a typical indian family.

    keep up the great work :)!!!!!!


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