It’s been two weeks since we got back from my parents, Alhamdulillah my parents and Yaseen are doing well. Ahmed has arranged for the divorce to be finalised by end of this week. My baby,  my dearest Saibah is now three months old and is such a happy baby. She is finally starting to enjoy bath times and splashes water all over mummy but I enjoy every moment of it. It’s such a special feeling being a parent.

Ziyaad and Humeira are coming over for the weekend,  Humeira’s cousin is getting married here in Lenz. We also invited to the wedding, the guy she is getting married to is one of Ahmed’s friends. Today Ahmed and I are visiting Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina, they want to discuss something with us so we told them we would see them in the week. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them, maybe too long.

Ahmed gets back from the office, we invited them for dinner at Europa, we thought we’d make the most of the situation. I wasn’t going to take Saibah but they insisted that they want to see her. Ahmed took a shower and got dressed, I changed Saibah and we were all set to leave. We got into the car, as Ahmed pulls out of the driveway I put on the radio, it’s on radio lotus, they playing my favourite song.

Ahmed starts singing along, i look at him with this huge smile on my face, “I didn’t know you were into indian music,” I say. He laughs and carries on singing.
Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai….
We end up singing the whole way to the restaurant.

We get to the restaurant, I see Uncle Abdullah waving to us to indicate where they were seated. The whole family is here, I thought only Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina were coming. Maybe it’s not as serious as it sounded to be. We go over to where they are seated, we exchange salaams and hugs and then sat down. The waiter came by and handed us the menu, Ahmed asks him to give us 10 minutes and then come back.

We check their menu and then the waiter comes by, we place our order and then get to chatting. Rizwana and Farzeen all over Saibah, they couldn’t stop playing with her and Saibah was just amused at Imraan. Ahmed asks Uncle Abdullah what he wanted to discuss, we were a little worried that it was serious. We excitedly listen to what Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina has to say.

They want us to be around for the meeting with Sakina’s parents, the proposal and to be involved with every detail from engagement to wedding. I don’t know if we ready for this especially after everything that happened with Yaseen. Ahmed turns to look at me and holds my hand tightly under the table, He knows what I’m thinking. After dinner, we left the restaurant and got back home. We didn’t say a word to each other on the way back home.

When we got home I took Saibah out of her car seat and went upstairs. Ahmed followed me upstairs. He looked worried, I think he might be worried about how we going to manage everything going on in our lives and still help for Imraan’s wedding. We still don’t say anything to each other, I put Saibah to sleep and take out my pj’s and change, I get into bed and realise Ahmed had left the room.

He knows I won’t be able to turn down Aunty Rubina and Uncle Abdullah because of all the things they have done for me. He knows we have alot going on in our lives especially him with business. Since I invested in the business he feels that he can’t let me down so he has been working extra hard. I need to find a solution maybe offer to help with some of the business things.

I can maybe help with a few hotels, see to the management and help sort out problems or maybe help with the shops. I don’t know at the moment but I should give it some thought. I decide to talk to Ahmed now before it’s too late. Tomorrow Humeira and Ziyaad will be here and it will be difficult to get time alone to speak to him. I go to the study and I see Ahmed sitting on the floor.

You okay babe,” I mutter.

“Yeah I’m okay.”

“You’ve been quiet since we left the restaurant…worried about something?”

“Don’t stress love, I’ll figure something out.”

“Maybe I can help, what if I take over some of your work… maybe help with a few hotels or maybe shops.”

“Love I don’t think that’s a good idea but thanks for thinking about me.”

I don’t argue with him, I can see he is not in the right mood so I go back to bed. I toss and turn a bit until I decide to watch some tv to relax my mind, the repeat of The big bang theory is the only programme that seems to interest me at the moment. I woke up and see the tv still on, I look to my right Ahmed is not there. I get out of bed and go to the study. Ahmed is knocked out on the carpet.

I take Saibah and go downstairs to get breakfast ready, I start on lunch preparations, I got so much to do still and have to be done before Ziyaad and Humeira get her. I’ve been thinking about the dilemma Ahmed is in and decide that there’s a simple solution well two solutions we can either hire a wedding planner or I can handle all the wedding preps and Ahmed see to the business.

I have to speak to him at breakfast and make a decision what we going to do. I know Ahmed doesn’t want me in the business because it takes up alot of time and Saibah is only 3 months old. I can’t leave her with Nomsa and Thandi for too long. Ahmed finally woke up, he came downstairs with a sore neck obviously from the way he slept. He said he came up with a solution and that maybe he stressed too much before thinking it through.

I’ve noticed lately that he stresses over small things very quickly. Maybe he needs to relax a little or see a doctor, I have no idea but we need to sort his health out. He still is as fit as he was when I first met him and has maintained his look, He’s a fair few inches taller than me, which I like. He’s slim, muscular, with an almost perfectly symmetrical face. I on the other hand have a little baby fat to get rid of but I know that will be gone in a few weeks hopefully.

Ahmed tell me his decision and I’m happy with it, he wants to hire a wedding planner but we will both be hands on with everything, he is going to allow me to help him with one hotel for now. One that’s not too busy so I can handle the problems from home he will have his secretary help me also with the things she usually does for him. This will take off some stress from him, he needs the help but sometimes is too stubborn to admit it.


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