It’s so pleasant seeing all the support we getting from family and friends. This morning my cousin’s made breakfast and brought it over, we had a huge breakfast with all of them. No one mentioned anything about Raeesa. The sounds of laughter could probably be heard in the next street. Even Yaseen was laughing and forgot his troubles, it was nice seeing him laugh and enjoy the moment.

Ahmed is flying back today, he will be here tomorrow afternoon, I’m so glad that he is coming back. I need him here now more then ever, sometimes only your partner can comfort you. Shuaib and Ziyaad decided that we need to be positive and happy and we need to change the mood in the house so they had a day of fun planned for us. It was a nice gesture and surely got everyone cheered up.

Zunaid came by in the evening, Uncle Omar contacted him, he gave him their lawyers numbers and said they would like to settle this out of court. My brother doesn’t want anything but only for her to sign the divorce papers. The sooner she does that the better for all of us and Yaseen can move on. I still can’t get over all that she has done, I can’t imagine that someone can do such disgusting things.

Ahmed got here just a little after 4, he walked in and greeted, he went to meet my parent’s first. He hugged my dad and then went to hug my mum and kissed her hand. He then came back to the lounge and greeted the rest of the family,  he walked up to me, it was so nice to have him home and to hug him, he gave a peck on my forehead and then went straight to Saibah. He went to see my Dadi next door before he got too comfortable and relaxed at home.

He came back and wanted to know everything that happened. Ziyaad filled him in on everything that happened with Yaseen and Raeesa. He called some people and said he will have it sorted out, I don’t know who he called or what is he even doing. All I know that he can get us out of this quicker then anyone. After our chat with everyone, Ahmed and I went upstairs, I wanted to spend sometime alone with him.

We sat on the bed talking about his China trip and about the villa, then I asked him about his mother and eid. She has called me everyday to see if he has changed his mind, which was so annoying. He didn’t want to talk about his family or anything else. He sat there just holding me and enjoying our time together. We didn’t realise time was getting the better of us, it was already maghrib.

When the men came back from mosque we went to my uncle for the get together braai he was having. It was surprisingly different than what we thought it would be, no one spoke about Yaseen and Raeesa. We were relieved that our family understood that we are going through a difficult time and we need support from them not criticism or stories. It was actually overwhelming especially since we went in expecting the worst.

Tomorrow we will be leaving to go back home, I don’t feel like leaving my parent’s but I have to. We all have to go to our homes and carry on with life, it’s a sad truth. When we got home Ahmed wanted to speak to everyone so we met in the lounge. He knew that it is going to be difficult for all of us, for my parent’s and Yaseen dealing with the situation daily, for Ziyaad and Humeira being their closest support, for Faheema and I because we so far.

So he decided to gather us all and get us all on the same page and share a few words of encouragement. We all went to our rooms afterwards. Ahmed and I got into bed, Saibah was still awake so he played with her for a while before I put her to sleep. ‘Thank you for what you just did,’ I say to him. He pulls me closer, gives me a hug and says, ‘You don’t have to thank me love, this is my family too.’

I felt so special, we have had our ups and downs, more downs in our marriage but I have seen Ahmed change alot in the last few months. Ever since he stood up to his family, we have had nothing but good days. I feel so blessed to have him in my life and to be part of his life. Saibah finally fell asleep, I put her in her cot, hoping she didn’t wake for a few hours.

I got into bed and laid my head on Ahmed’s chest, he wrapped his hands around me making me feel safe and happy, We just laid there talking. I hear Saibah making noises, I wake up only to find Ahmed playing with her in the bed. I don’t like to keep her too long on the bed because she will get use to sleeping on the bed. Faheema always told me not to let her sleep on the bed otherwise we will have a hard time.

“Babes, what are you doing? You know I don’t like Saibah sleeping on the bed.”

“Sorry love, she woke up for a feed and she wouldn’t go back to sleep and I was too lazy to sit on the rocker and make her sleep.”

“You spoiling her!”

I pick up Saibah and go sit on the rocker, trying to make her sleep. I told Ahmed to sleep because he would have to drive us home. He tried for 15 minutes, he tossed and turned but he couldn’t fall asleep. He got up ad came to sit on the floor near the rocker, he sat there just looking at Saibah and I. She finally fell asleep, it usually takes her longer to fall asleep if she wakes up and you entertain her.

We get back in bed and Ahmed is all of a sudden in a chatty mood, I want to get some sleep but he refuses to let me sleep. He grabs me by my waist and pulls me closer to him, he whispers in my ear, “I love you.” I stare into his eyes for a few minutes and then say, “I love you too.” He looked at me weirdly and then said “You had to think about it?”

We lay there holding each other and fall asleep, I wake up a few hours later for fajr and find myself stuck between Ahmed’s arms. I tried getting out without waking him but he was holding on so tight that I had to wake him up. I went to make wudhu, when I came out of the bathroom Ahmed was out of bed already setting musallahs on the floor. He made wudhu and then we read namaaz together.

After we read Ahmed wanted to get back into bed but I chased him into the shower. We need to get back home, we haven’t been home for three weeks now. I’m impatiently sitting in the lounge waiting for everyone to come down so we can have breakfast, I don’t want to eat and then miss out on a nice family breakfast. Ahmed comes down with Faeez and Moinudeen, I can hear them making so much noise.

I want to shout at them but secretly want them to make more noise so everyone wakes up. Finally everyone starts coming down one by one, Humeira and I start on breakfast while everyone else lazed around in the lounge. Ahmed came to help us and also nibble on the goodies, his favourite part of being in the kitchen. We set the tables outside in the back yard, enjoying the morning breeze and fresh air.

My dad is very emotional this morning, he said he feels so blessed having such good daughters and sons and an even better daughter-in-law and son-in-laws. After breakfast we packed out cars and we were off back to our homes. I hate that empty feeling you feel when leaving family behind, it makes me want to cry, well I did cry a bit when I got into the car.


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