All the pipe work and the replacement of the carpets have been sorted out at the villa so Ziyaad is on his way back. It couldn’t of been a better time for him to come back then now. Faheema and Shuaib will be here after jummah,  they coming so we can see what we going to do about Yaseen and Raeesa. Yaseen gave us the whole load down of what happened at his flat when Raeesa’s father went there..

Her father spoke to her and asked her what she wanted,  why was she ruining her life. She has a better life then she was leading before, she doesn’t have to work, she has a loving husband and inlaws that want to help her. He reminded of how tough her past was and her future looks so bright yet she is spoiling it for herself. We know that she had a relationship in her past and because of that her father has been strict on her.

We didn’t know that she was so rebellious,  we didn’t know that she wanted to get out and was using Yaseen as an excuse. She came clean last night and told her father and Yaseen everything. She wanted us to hate her so she could blame it on us and get some money out of Yaseen. What she didn’t realise is that Yaseen has nothing besides his car to his name. She thought we a rich family and she would score.

She didn’t realise that the house was bought over by Ziyaad and that the shop is my dad’s, we don’t have a claim over the shop. My parent’s never gave us things easy,  they didn’t want us to think the shop was our easy way out. They wanted us to get an education and fend for ourselves. Yaseen is just at the beginning of his career so it’s obvious he won’t have much at first,  as years go on he will become successful.

Zinat came over to see how we were doing, obviously in a small town news travels fast. My mum has not been too well so we called our family doctor to check on her, both my parent’s refusing to eat is not helping the situation. I can understand they worried and stressed out but not eating is only harming themselves. I had our driver pick up Ziyaad from the airport and Faheema and her family were already here.

Humeira and I were busy in the kitchen preparing lunch when the phone rang, it was Raeesa’s mother. She was trying to get answers from Raeesa and didn’t get any so she tried Yaseen but he put his phone off since last night so she decided to call the house. She asked to speak to my mun but I didn’t think it was such a good idea so I told her my mum was gone out. I don’t want my parent’s to suffer anymore then they are.

Ziyaad came home and wanted to know all the details of what had happened, Yaseen told him everything. Yaseen apologised to all of us again, he is feeling bad that we have to be put through all this and he feels it’s his fault because he didn’t realise what we did. As we sitting there my cousin Zaheer comes in with his friend , Zaheer was telling his friend about Yaseen and Raeesa and his friend Mubeen asked what was Raeesa’s surname.

So Zaheer told him and he freaked out, he immediately told Zaheer to bring him to see Yaseen, he had something important to tell him. Zaheer didn’t ask questions and just brought Mubeen to see Yaseen. This was scary, I don’t know why but I felt afraid, like I was going to hear something bad. I don’t think we can take anymore bad news. We don’t know Mubeen, he moved to town recently, it’s the first time we meeting him.

My heart starts pounding, I couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to tell us but I was afraid to hear it as well. He said he knew Raeesa from college, he never knew what she was doing there because she was never interested in studying. All she wanted was to have a good time and mess around with boys. She was addicted to drugs then but he’s not sure if she still does drugs but he knows she hasn’t stopped fooling around with men.

He gave us a run down on all the things she has done, she knew every drug dealer, she slept with almost all of them. She would meet guys on social media, she would talk to them, then give them her number, she would then make a date to meet them and take them to a hotel or any place she could rent for a couple of hours and then she would sleep with them. She did every drug that was available and she slept with the dealers to get what she wanted.

I couldn’t hear more of it, I felt sick to my stomach and could only imagine what Yaseen was feeling. I walked out of the room, I felt like I was going to vomit. How did her parent’s not know all this, she must of came home high and disorientated, could they not see this. My parent’s were finished, my mum looked like she was going to faint. Mubeen did warn us that it was going to be difficult to hear.

He knew a few guys that she was with and he said they would definetely verify everything. I think we need to get in touch with the guys that she has deceived. Apparently while she was busy getting involved with my brother she was fooling around with an old flame. Yaseen was in tears, he was angry and wanted revenge. He is not thinking straight, all he sees is how he was betrayed.

Our family feels betrayed not only by Raeesa but by her family as well. Obviously they know what was happening and they know who and what she is so why did they do this to us. I called my cousin Zunaid who is a lawyer, he can give us some guidance, we don’t want her in our lives deceiving us. We also don’t want this to happen to anyone else, we won’t let another family be ruined.

Zunaid suggested that we don’t have any contact with her family until he draws up the legal papers and then it will all be over. It will take time but we on the winning side because we got people who have been tricked by this family before who also want to get closure. We just want all of this to be over so we can move on, Zunaid is obviously going to do his homework before we do anything drastic because we can’t blindly believe what Mubeen told us.

This has been one long day, I’m glad it’s over but tomorrow is another day and it’s going to be just like today. Everyone is in such a gloomy mood, we all stressed and it’s not fun. I keep looking for ideas to cheer everyone up but it’s not easy. Saturday is going to be tough because my uncle is having a get together at his house and everyone will be there. They family, they understand but it will be awkward. 

People still tend to ask questions,  even if they know you going through a difficult time and sometimes it just hurts more when a stranger questions. It is more tough on Yaseen because he is the one going through all the heartache and betrayal. He has been trying to keep busy either with the kids or going to the shop. He still has a week of leave but he said he wants to go back on Monday.


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