When we got home,  my mum said she had good news for us, Yaseen and Raeesa left and went to their flat. Yaseen couldn’t take her belittling our family and he was tired of seeing her treating us bad so he decided to take her and go. Apparently he told her that from today onwards she will never come near our family. He made a promise to my parent’s that he would visit them everyday and have a meal with them but won’t allow her here..

She doesn’t have a car of her own,  Yaseen uses his car for work so she will have to sit at home and do whatever she wants besides visiting our family. He doesn’t even want her near my dad’s family that are in town. I was happy that she was gone and we could enjoy the rest of our days. I want to spend some time with my family and be happy. Ziyaad reached safely and he called to say they busy sorting out the villa.

He will be staying a day or two just to make sure things are getting fixed. He is so inlove with the villa, he sent Humeira pictures of the place. We haven’t stayed at the villa as yet, it would be nice to have everyone go there for a few days. Ahmed is trying to sort out all our property so we have control of things. He sold his bachelor’s flat and had the money payed into my account, I didn’t know what was all this money for or from whom, I messaged Ahmed and waiting a reply.

It’s a big sum so I’m a bit worried, I called Ahmed’s secretary and she confirmed that it was for the flat. I don’t know why he put the money in my account, our estates have it’s own account. It bothered me that he did not even inform me and I was worried that it was done by mistake. I tried to get hold of him but I only got through to his voicemail box, I called the hotel he is staying at just to make sure he gets my message.

Yaseen called me to let me know that they okay, he said it is better this way. He didn’t realise that she was a kind of person who had all this hatred in her. He feels so deceived by her and now he has to live with her. She showed us a totally different side to her before they got married and although we saw it in thw last week before, Yaseen wasn’t ready to accept that the person he loved and wanted to be his life partner was actually not what he thought.

It’s just so heart sore to see my brother in this situation. I feel like I need to do something to make things better, maybe try and speak to Raeesa or even her parent’s. Maybe my parent’s should have a word with her parent’s and see what they say. We want the last resort to be a divorce not a first, if he can’t stay with her that will be his only option. We hoping we can make her realise her deeds and she will change.

The day has been so good, we all feel so free to walk around the house, we don’t feel like we need to watch what we say and do. Yaseen came over for supper, he came alone, he promised my parent’s and he is keeping to his promise. I feel bad that Raeesa has to stay alone and eat alone but she has done this to herself. We have to be patient and support Yaseen. He wants to take her to a therapist.

I don’t know if that will work, she has to want to go on her own, we can’t force her. Yaseen and I decided that tomorrow we will talk to her first and then take it from there. Maybe she has a problem and we don’t know about it. I am afraid that she will start arguing and get aggressive but I will have to try for the sake of Yaseen. After supper we sat a bit and discussed what we would do. My dad said he would contact her parents.

This morning I went to Yaseen’s flat, we sat down and spoke to Raeesa. She got really upset and went to the room, lucky Yaseen took out all the keys from the doors so she couldn’t lock the door. We went to the room and explained to her all the distruction she has caused. Yaseen also told her how he feel, he let her know that he can’t stay with her if she doesn’t change and if she doesn’t go for therapy.

After a few hours of talking to her and getting no where, we gave up. Yaseen called her parent’s and told them to come fetch her. I tried to stop him and told him to give it some time but he is frustrated at this stage. He knows no one can help her until she agrees that she is not a very kind person, until she realises all the harm she has caused us, especially Yaseen. I hope it all gets sorted soon and we can move on.

I went home ad told my parent’s what had happened, my dad called Raeesa’s father and told him to come and see him before he fetches Raeesa. Her father said he would be here in the morning. Her father said that she has never acted like this before so the are unaware about her bad behaviour. It has been a stressful night for us, Ahmed, Shuaib and Ziyaad are all not here.

I suggested that my dad call his brother’s to be here when Raeesa’s father comes. Just so that we have more people with ideas on what to do. We will have ro be prepared for the worst. My dad called his brother’s and we called my cousin Muhammed as well. He is an aalim so he will be able to help us with the right way to do things. We have to be very sensible but also hold our ground, We can’t be taken advantage of.

This morning my dad has been very stressed out, He has not eaten properly, we so worried about him. He is like me, we hate confrontations, we avoid it as much as we can. Uncle Omar (Raeesa’s Father) arrived around 10am, he did as he promised and came to see my parent’s first. As suspected he didn’t come alone. My mum, Humeira and I stayed in the tv room. My dad didn’t want us to get involved.

After their talked about the situation, my dad called us to serve tea. I’m so proud of the way my dad handled things, he had great support from my uncle’s and my cousin. He has dealt with the situation so calmly and peacefully, I expected uncle Omar to be upset and pick a fight but they spoke so nicely and got to an agreement and solution. I’m so glad that things are working out.

My dad looked really relieved after they left he said that he was glad things went the way they did and he is happy that he had his family there for support. We don’t know as yet what happened at Yaseen’s place, we don’t know if they left as yet or if her father decided to talk to her and stay for a day. I hope they speak to her and they come to some sort of an agreement.

Yaseen has had enough of Raeesa, he is angry at the moment and has no sense of thinking straight. I hope he doesn’t do anything that will make matters worst. We need to resolve issues not create more, I feel afraid of what is going to happen but I don’t want to tell anyone and get them worried. Ahmed called this evening, I was so relieved, I could finally get answers as to why the money from his flat got sent to my account.

Ahmed bought the flat from his own money, he didn’t use the family estate funds, so the money from the flat is his and he decided to give it to me. I am glad that he clarified everything and I can stop stressing about it. I told him all about Yaseen and Raeesa, he was not surprised at all, he said we should of known something like this was going to happen, it was clear when she started acting all crazy on us.



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