Everyone was sitting outside, I was busy with Saibah and then decided to take her out for a bit. As I got to the door I heard Raeesa telling Humeira that she would never allow Yaseen to leave her alone and go away to sort out someone else’s mess. Before I could turn back Humeira tells Raeesa that Ziyaad is not going to sort out someone else’s mess but he is going to sort out his brother’s problem.

She doesn’t mind being alone while her husband is helping someone, whether it’s family or a stranger. He is doing a good noble deed and she couldn’t have been more proud of him for helping Ahmed when he is away and it is an honour to know that Ahmed thought of Ziyaad as being capable to do the task. Raeesa asked if they all suck up to Ahmed because he is rich, I was shocked at her.

‘Ahmed might be rich but he is the most simple person. They might live in a lavish house but they never spend unnecessarily. Ahmed is the most down to earth person, he never flaunts his riches and never makes anyone feel that they below him,’ lashed out Ziyaad and then he walked into the house and saw me standing by the door in tears. He called Humeira inside then he held my hand and pulled me to the sofa.

He made me sit, told me to stop crying and then told me not to worry what other’s thought about Ahmed and I. We know who we are and how hard we work for what we have. I calmed myself down, took Saibah and went to my room, I stayed in my room for the rest of the day. Ziyaad didnt tell Yaseen why I was upset, he just said I wasn’t feeling well.

Raeesa made a comment that I was being rude and childish hiding in my room. I heard her and so did Yaseen and Ziyaad, Ziyaad was already upset with her from earlier so her comment just made him more angry. He called her out of Yaseen’s room and told her nonsense and told her why I was in my room. Yaseen was shocked, he didn’t know I heard her earlier and that I was left in tears.

Humeira asked my parent’s to tell Yaseen and Raeesa to move to their flat. It is sorted out and she is just creating problems in our house. I went downstairs and my dad told me what Humeira asked them to do and that he decided to tell them to move tomorrow. I didn’t want Yaseen to be kicked out of his own parent’s home, I don’t want him to feel bad.

I asked my dad not to do that, I told them that I decided that tomorrow instead of Ziyaad I would go with Saibah to Cape Town to sort out our villa problem and then I would go home from there. My dad was not happy sending me alone with Saibah so he refused and Ziyaad was upset that I even suggested he not go. He feels that I think he also feels the way Raeesa does. He got upset and yelled at me for thinking that.

They all said they not letting us leave, if anyone has to leave it is Raeesa. Yaseen heard us talking and agreed with us, he said he doesn’t know why she is being like this but she is only doing harm by being here. I can’t believe her actions, to make her comfortable I invited her to a day out with Humeira and I, I put us in an uncomfortable
situation and here she was criticizing my husband. 

Humeira made the food hot and brought it to me, I didn’t want to eat, I was too upset and my family know I don’t eat when I’m upset. She forced me and made sure I ate. We sat and watched a movie, Raeesa and Yaseen were upstairs, he told her that she is causing problems here so they have to leave. She started screaming at him, we could hear her in the tv room. She blamed our family for not accepting her.

She feels she didn’t need to apologise and he forced her to do so, she feels that they don’t have to live separately because this house is as much his as it is ours. She actually told him if they have to live in a flat then she wants his share of the property. What she doesn’t know is that the house is only on my parents name until they alive, after that the house is Ziyaad’s. He bought the house from my parents.

Yaseen explained that to her but she was too clouded by her ego that she started saying things like she could buy this house over and if she wants she can have our family bought out. I don’t think she realises that she actually has no money to support herself where is she going to buy this house let alone buy our family out. I just figured out this woman, she is one of those all talk no action people.

We didn’t interfere in their argument, after it was finish and all the screaming stopped we all went to bed. Then I heard a door bang, I checked out of the room and saw Yaseen going to sleep in Faheema’s room. This morning Ziyaad left to Cape Town, the driver was here early, he needed more documents signed by me and Ziyaad. They left and we had breakfast finish then only Raeesa came down.

With no remorse or even shame she walked through the kitchen like she owned it. Everytime she touched something she asked Humeira if it was okay, Yaseen saw what she was doing and told her to stop her nonsense. She is so childish it’s unbelievable, I don’t know what he saw in her. I think at this stage he is thinking the same thing. Usually people like her don’t show their true colours until few weeks in the family.

She is dangerous because she has shown us her true colours before and now it’s too late because he decided to marry her knowing how she is. My parent’s are sad because he could of chosen better they feel and could of avoided getting into this mess. This woman is like a devil, she has no shame and walks around the house like she is boss and we should all be afraid of her. What made things worst was when she found out that Ahmed helped Ziyaad buy the house.

Now she feels that he is doing this favor for us because we helped him. She told Humeira they were silly to take money from us because now they will be putty in our hands. I was tired of this woman and there’s only so much you can take. She went too far when she suggested to Humeira that they kick my parent’s out because She and Ziyaad own the house. She doesn’t know about the clause we added, the house only becomes theirs when my parents are no longer around.

I couldn’t handle her, Humeira was not keeping quiet she told her a mouth full. Yaseen got angry and left the house, I didn’t want to waste my time on her and decided that Humeira and I should go out for a while. I asked Humeira if she wanted to join me and she said she wanted to just get away from Raeesa. We got ready and then went to visit my cousin Aneesa and her husband Faheem.


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