We waited the whole of yesterday but got no apology, I was under the impression that Raeesa wanted to apologise. Humeira came to see if I was awake, I callled her into the room while I changed Saibah. I had to ask her what she makes of this whole situation. I just feel that I can’t look pass all that happened and I need an apology otherwise I won’t be able to accept Raeesa as a part of the family.

Humeira feels that if Raeesa wants to apologise she should just do it and if she doesn’t we shouldn’t bother with her and should carry on with our lives. Maybe Humeira is right, Raeesa is not worth more then ourselves especially if she doesn’t care to apologise and doesn’t realise the damage she has done. After breakfast we got ready and then went to Yaseen’s flat to help them unpack their stuff and get their flat sorted.

We were 5 of us so we made alot of progress, then Zinat came to help and we did even better. I left Saibah with my mum so I wouldn’t be busy with her all the time and could get more done. We finished around 4pm, I was tired and hungry, Yaseen and Raeesa went to get us lunch and anyone knows men don’t know how to buy they either over buy or under buy.

I don’t know whether Raeesa was in dreamland when they placed the order but you can’t order 1 medium chips and few pieces polony for 5 people. Especially with two healthy eating men, she has been around us when we eat and she should know that Yaseen himself can eat that amount of chips. We just kept quiet and ate what we got, we didn’t want Yaseen to feel bad.

When we got home Ziyaad, Humeira and I went straight to the kitchen and attacked the pots. I think it was the first time we appreciated food and the most we’ve ever enjoyed khuri kitchri. I went to take a shower before I could go anywhere near Saibah, she looked so happy to see me. My mum said she was okay the whole day, my dad played with her then my cousin’s son came by and he played with her.

She was so cranky, she cried everytime I left her she cried. My mum said maybe it’s because I left her the whole day and she thinks I’m going to leave her again. While we were sitting in the lounge Ahmed messaged me to hook my laptop to skype. I was really excited to finally chat to him, I last spoke to him just when he landed in China. He called a few minutes later, I put Saibah infront of me, I know he’s missing her.

He was so happy to see her, he didn’t even greet me he just went on talking to her and she enjoyed seeing her dad, she made noises making him know she is enjoying having a conversation with her. Finally he took note of me, he misses us and home but has to stay a week or two more to sort things out. His office in South Africa had made a big mess of a business deal and he wasn’t around for three weeks so now he has to deal with it.

He is so angry at his staff that he wanted me to go fire some of them but I don’t think that is fair on them and he knows it’s not professional and ethical. Although I am his business partner and I do have authority to do so I just feel that he needs to deal with the staff. After he gave me that stupid idea and he cooled down, we could finally tell each other about what we’ve been up to the last few days.

His business associates and their wives that I met the last time I went with him to China, sent gifts for both Saibah and I. It’s so thoughtful and sweet of them. Ahmed spoke to my parent’s as well and then he wanted to speak to Ziyaad alone so Ziyaad took the laptop to the study. I don’t know what it’s about but it must be serious because Ahmed won’t just tell anyone anything, he sorts his promblems himself.

Ziyaad didn’t tell anyone what he and Ahmed spoke about, I did ask but he didn’t say. Ahmed’s secretary called me and asked to speak to Ziyaad, I knew something serious was up. When the men came back from mosque Yaseen called Ziyaad, Humeira and I into the study. He apologised to us for his reaction and behaviour the week of his wedding, he apologised for arguing with us and creating tension.

He was stressed out and didn’t want to lose us or Raeesa. He was afraid and he didn’t know what to do, how to sort things out, how to make Raeesa realise she was wrong. We accepted his apology and all was well between us siblings. We had supper and then decided to watch a movie after esha. Zinat’s parent’s and Humeira’s parents came over after esha so we cancelled our movie idea.

We made tea and enjoyed a few good laughs at my dad and uncle Riaz’s (Humeira’s father) expense. Uncle Rashid (Zinat’s father) told us stories about my dad and uncle Riaz, their school days and how the three of them always got up to no good. They were always in trouble, if not at school then at home. Humeira joked about her kids will turn out to be naughty because her father and father-in-law were mischief. 

This morning at breakfast Raeesa apologised to us including to my parent’s for the way she behaved. She said she doesn’t know what got into her but she was being irrational about silly things and made a mountain out of a mole hill, in her word. My parent’s told her it was okay as long as it never happens again. We lived as a happy family, we never hate at each other or do anything to harm each other or other.

We would like to remain one happy family, keep the peace and be happy and make everyone happy. That’s the only way everyone will respect, love and accept you. She promised it will never happen again, I hope it never does. Although we know not to trust her just yet, my parent’s might forgive her and forget about this but Humeira, Ziyaad and I know not to take her so lightly and won’t drop our gaurd so soon.

Humeira and I decided to go for some retail therapy, we invited Raeesa to join us. We didn’t want her to feel that we didn’t accept her apology and that there is still tension between us. I took Saibah with me because she still cried everytime I left her and she was not at ease as yet. We shopped alot and then went for lunch to ocean basket and then I wanted dessert but not the ice cream and baklava they serve at ocean basket, so we went to the coffee shop next door.

When we got home I see my car in the drive way, how can my car be here? I went inside and see that our driver is here, he was here with documents for me to sign and he was staying over so he could take Ziyaad to the  airport tomorrow. I was confused why Ziyaad was using our driver to get to the airport and where was he going. Humeira didn’t even know.

Ahmed didn’t want me to know thats why he spoke to Ziyaad alone yesterday. Our villa in Cape Town had a problem, it rained and the lightening hit the pipe so the water got all into the room messed up the carpets and everything. The caretaker was away for few days and then when he got back he saw all the mess. The insurance doesn’t want to help him so Ziyaad needs to fly to Cape Town to try to sort it out.


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