Today Yaseen and Raeesa are returning from their honeymoon. They will be stopping at her parent’s home before they come home. My mum has been on her nerves ever since last night, my dad said she didn’t sleep much last night. I’m worried about their health, I just hope they take it easy. We’ve all been supportive and we’ve let them know that we are around, they shouldn’t stress.

Yaseen and Raeesa got here just after lunch, we were all sitting outside in the backyard when they came. Yaseen was suppose to call us when they arrived in town, I don’t know why he didn’t. Anyways they seemed okay, they were talking to us normal like nothing is wrong, like there was no tension. Raeesa spoke to all of us, I don’t know what brought the change but it’s good, let’s hope it lasts.

We sat and spoke about their honeymoon and the places they got to see. While we were having tea, Humeira and I offered to help them sort out their flat and they took us up on our offer. Raeesa looked happy that we offered, Yaseen came to us later in the day to thank us for offering. He seemed different from the last week of his wedding, like the old Yaseen.

All my dad’s family came over to see them in the evening. Ahmed called and said he has to make a trip to China, I feel so bad I’m not around. Faheema called also to find out how things are going, she was just as surprised as we were in the behaviour change. Humeira and I was busy making tea for everyone and Yaseen came to the kitchen and invited us for breakfast.

He said it is important and we must meet him at the mall and we shouldn’t let anyone know. We will have to come up with some excuse, he already told Raeesa that he has to go to work for something. I don’t know if hiding away from her is such a good idea but he said it was important. I just hope it’s nothing to do with their relationship. I guess we will have to wait till morning to know.

After everyone left, my parent’s went up to their room, so did Yaseen and Raeesa. Humeira and I told Ziyaad about Yaseen wanting to meet us, he told us to go, maybe Yaseen needs our help. We sat and spoke for a little bit about Raeesa and how we wish things were different. Ziyaad locked up and then we went to bed. Saibah has not been sleeping properly in the afternoon because of all the attention.

I just realised something, Raeesa hasn’t even played or carried Saibah the whole day. She has always said to me when she saw me while I was pregnant that she loves kids. Humeira jumps at the first chance she gets to hold Saibah. Maybe Raeesa is scared, like Ahmed when Saibah was born, he was scared to carry her and be alone with her for too long.

This morning was a mission to get out of the house. I told my mum that I was meeting Zinat for breakfast and I was dropping Humeira at her mums house. I messaged Zinat to tell her about my little lie and Humeira called her mum and told her to also warn her. I feel so shady doing this, I just hope no problems occur because of our little lie. We get to the restaurant and Yaseen is already there waiting.

As soon as I sat down and put Saibah down I started questioning him, why we here? What is he up too? So Yaseen had a talk with Raeesa on their honeymoon about how she behaved and how she treated our family. He said he realised when he got to his walima and his brother and sister were not there that he was wrong. He knows us too well to know that we would never be angry if it was not serious.

He started questioning himself and the situations that lead to him arguing with us in defence of Raeesa. When they were on honeymoon, she badmouthed our family and he didn’t like it, he realised she was the problem. He loves her and he is already married to her and he loves us and we not going anywhere. So he spoke to her and told her how he felt, he asked her how would she feel if someone badmouthed her family. 

She wants to apologise and doesn’t know how to, so he asked us to help him with an idea of how we would expect an apology from her to be and if we would accept her apology. All I said was if she wants to apologise she should come forward and apologise. There is no wrong or right way to apologise as long as it’s sincere and the right words are said, all you do is say sorry.

After breakfast Humeira and I went to Zinat, we spent sometime with her. I spoke to her about her relationship with Sameer, she said he has been behaving like the old Sameer. She has not yet started trusting him fully, she has her doubts when he goes out, eapecially for golf or when he says he is meeting with the boys. She says she checks with his friends to see if he meets them.

I wish things go back to normal, they don’t have kids yet so they should sort out their problem’s before they have kids and enjoy the time they have together. I hope Sameer learned a lesson and isn’t just fooling us. Ahmed will be furious if he found out he is fooling around again, Ahmed has been protective over Zinat since we got married. He says she is like a sister to him and won’t tolerate even Sameer hurting her.

When we got home Yaseen and Raeesa were sitting outside, It looked like they were having a serious conversation so I decided to pull into the garage and go in through the kitchen. I didn’t want to disturb them or be in the way and I knew that with Saibah it wouldn’t be a quick walk pass them. My parent’s were having tea in the lounge with my Dadi. My Dadi heard I was around so she came to see me and spend time with Saibah.

I left Saibah in the lounge while Humeira and I went to prepare lunch. My mum came to tell us that Yaseen and Raeesa are spending a few more days with us. They very tired from the travelling so they want to relax today and start working on their flat from tomorrow. Personally I think he is buying her time to apologise, the longer she takes the more awkward it will be and it won’t seem sincere.

We had lunch and then I went to visit all my friends. I stopped at my dad’s shop to see how my cousin was doing, Asad was at the shop with his wife and Muneer. It was awkward to see them but I kept our conversation to the minimal and tried to keep the topic general.  We spoke a little about Saibah and what they were doing at this point in their lives. Asad heard my cousin ask about Ahmed and his trip to China.

So he came up to me and said, ‘He just leaves you with a baby and goes overseas, is he not concerned for you?’ I was shocked, who is he to question me about my husband? I didn’t question him about his wife. I ignored him and left the shop. When I got home I told Humeira what happened, she said she would of slapped him and then walked out.

My cousin called and said that he took of with Asad when I left. He told him to mind his own business, he said that I’ve moved on in my life and I’m very happy and that Ahmed is always around and when he goes for work he always takes me along if I can go and takes good care of me. I don’t think Asad deserved an explanation, it’s my life and I don’t need to tell anyone about it. I do appreciate my cousin standing up for me.



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