This morning Yaseen called and said Raeesa was not feeling well, she has been vomiting whole night. My mum told him to call our house doctor and get her sorted. We had breakfast and got ready to leave to the airport, my mum called Yaseen to see how Raeesa was doing and to let him know we were leaving. They were leaving to Jo’burg later today and would leave from there for their honeymoon.

Finally we were in durban and relax mode was on for me. We didn’t plan anything, we decided we would just go with the flow and take each day as it come. My parent’s looked so relaxed and happy, they played with the kids and just had fun. We decided to stay in today, we would order lunch in and then go out for supper. We unpacked our things and then we all lazed in front of the tv.

Sitting there infront of the tv, all of us here laughing and having fun, I missed Yaseen. We haven’t heard from them, he turned his phone off when Shuaib tried to call earlier to see if they left. I did message him before that to find out how Raeesa was and he said she was okay. We all decided that we were just going to leave them until they decide to open up and be part of the family but not with all the hatred that she has now.

This morning my dad got a call from Raeesa’s dad, he said he tried calling them but they were not answering, my dad told him we also tried but their phones are off. Ahmed decided to call the hotel they are staying at to find out if they reached. Raeesa’s father was rude on the phone, he made it sound like it is our fault he can’t get through to them. Ahmed got hold of the hotel and they confirmed that they had checked in about 45 minutes ago.

We left a message for them to call her parents and us. After breakfast we went for a walk on the beach, the kids played in the water a little and then we went to Ushaka. We spent most of the day there… Yaseen called us finally, he said they were okay and were enjoying the place. I was just glad they reached safely and were okay. Humeira’s khala invited us for supper so we got back to the flat, got dressed and then went to their house.

She has two sons, they both in school one is in grade 11 and the eldest is in matric. They only came out for supper, they were busy studying so we didn’t disturb them. The kids were exhausted they fell asleep before supper so Humeira’s khala packed some food for them. We were exhausted when we got back home, I just needed the bed and my pillow.

So today while we were shopping I got a call from Ahmed’s mother, she called to invite us for eid. I told her I would speak to Ahmed and let her know, I actually want him to tell her. We had already decided we would spend eid at my parents especially now that they going through a rough time. Ahmed also enjoys eid at my parents over his parents but I don’t want them to feel we not giving them time.

I told Ahmed about his mother’s call and maybe we could split our day, he is not happy with splitting the day but he will think about it. Then to add more tension to our day, Raeesa’s father had a heart attack and they couldn’t get hold of her. My parent’s wanted to go home to see Raeesa’s father but Shuaib stopped them. He said that we going there is not going to help her father, we should make the most of our holiday and on our way back home we can stop to see her father.

We all agreed with him, luckily my parents agreed as well, otherwise we would of all had to go back. Few hours later we get hold of Yaseen and give them the news, Raeesa was so casual about it like it was nothing. She said,’he just had a heart attack, we will see him when we get back.’ I was shocked, if it was my father I would of been on the next flight back, I guess we all different.

I just wanted us to enjoy the rest of our days without any tension and drama, we decided just take it easy for the rest of the day. I just relaxed infront of the tv, I watched movies and cartoons with the kids, Saibah was so relaxed and didn’t trouble at all. She found a new place to sleep, i put her in her  bouncy seat and she bounces herself to sleep.

The rest of the week went so well, we went out and enjoyed our holiday, we had loads of fun and everyone was happy. My parent’s looked like themselves, relaxed and happy, enjoying time with their children and grandchildren. My parent’s offered to look after the kids tonight and suggested we go out. So we went for a movie and then supper at gateway. It was nice to go out as a couple although we were worried about my parent’s and all the kids.

When we got to the flat, the kids had a bath and were in bed already, including Saibah… which was strange because she usually is awake this time. My mum said she hardly slept earlier, she was fighting her sleep to play with everyone and my dad wasn’t helping because he kept making stories with her. I’m glad that my parent’s managed and were okay.

Our holiday has come to an end and it’s time for us to go back home, Saibah has been a bit crabby today, she has a slight fever. We decided not to go straight to my parent’s so everyone came to us and then we went to see Raeesa’s father in the evening. He was doing much better, it was his second heart attack, the doctors were doing more tests so he had to stay in hospital a few more days.

This morning Faheema and Shuaib left to go back home. It’s a three hour drive from Jo’burg so it was not soo bad. My parent’s and Ziyaad and them were leaving in the afternoon and I was going with them. I’m going to spend a few weeks with them and then Ahmed comes for eid I will go back with him. My mum was excited that I was spending sometime with them, Humeira and Ziyaad were also happy, they can spend more time with Saibah.

Humeira really enjoys to spend time with Saibah, she can play with her for hours. We suggested we offer Yaseen and Raeesa our help to set up their flat just to try and make things better between us. He is our brother after all and maybe we have been a bit too harsh. Ziyaad has been feeling the same, our problem is not with Yaseen and we at a loss if we take it out on him. Raeesa will have to learn to live with us and respect us.

They get back tomorrow and will be coming to the house, they going to be spending the night here and then will get to sorting out their flat. They hoping it all gets sorted out in one day. It will be awkward but we will have to try to be okay with her around with the current situation but we will have to give it a try. I know I still want my brother in my life, I don’t want Saibah to grow up and seeing very little of her uncle and not know him.

It’s just sad how families break up and it breaks my heart thinking that it could happen to us and all because of one person and their nasty habits. To think that we could lose our brother or my parent’s could loose their son just makes me feel so sad. I can’t believe that because of one person we could probably lose our brother and because of that we have to be so careful, we can’t be carefree.


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