We got dressed while the men went to the mosque for the nikkah. When they got back we left to the hall, when we got there only a few of Raeesa’s aunt’s and uncle’s were there. They didn’t know who we were so we just went in and sat while Yaseen sat in the car and waited. Raeesa was not having a big walk in with her family or friends and she didn’t want Yaseen to have one either.

We waited about 30 minutes before her parents could arrive and then had to wait 15 minutes more for Raeesa. Yaseen walked in with a few of our cousin’s and friend’s and then Raeesa walked in with her father. Everything was delayed, we had supper only after esha, the kids were getting hungry so Shuaib and Ahmed arranged take outs for all the kids in our family.

We ended up leaving the hall only at 11:30pm, my dad told them that we wanted Raeesa on the road before 12 so they rushed a bit and got her things brought to the hall. They greeted her at the hall and we were off back home. I was exhausted, I slept all the way back home,  we finally got home at 2am. We had Yaseen’s friend drop them off at the lodge and we went straight home.

Everyone went to their house,  lucky no one came home, I think everyone was too tired and just wanted to get in bed. We all just went to our rooms, Saibah was knocked out so I took advantage of the time and tried to get as much sleep as possible. I thought she slept through the night for the first time but Ahmed actually woke up and fed her. She woke up at fajr again so I didn’t go back to bed, I went to see if anyone else was awake.

The walima is only at 11:30am so we have enough time to relax. All the work is being done by the caterers and a lady we got last minute to do the things we suppose to. After the problems we had we had to get someone else to do the things,  just to avoid being blamed for anything. Raeesa and Yaseen came for breakfast around 8am. She was already dressed and ready for the walima,  we were still roaming in our pj’s.

It was not like any of our other wedding, the atmosphere was horrifying, I was too busy with Saibah and Faheema with her kids, my parent’s were packing for our holiday and Ziyaad and Humeira didn’t come out of their room as yet. Raeesa just sat in the kitchen looking at us rushing around and Yaseen went to get some of his things packed and to speak to Ziyaad.

Faheema and I went back upstairs leaving Raeesa by herself. My Dadi was still asleep so we didn’t make much noise in the house. I woke Ahmed up and then we met everyone downstairs for breakfast. My Bhadima from next door was making breakfast for us so we didn’t have to worry. We were too tired to even set a big table, we all just dished breakfast and sat where we found place.

No one said anything the whole morning, Yaseen looked happy but unhappy as well, I guess because he got what he wanted but no one in his family is happy and well he has now realised how awkward things have become. I have never felt so miserable before, I feel like I’m loosing my brother. I felt like I couldn’t pretend anymore to like Raeesa, I mean my brother’s are not speaking.

Ziyaad and Humeira have not even come down for breakfast, I had their breakfast sent upstairs. Humeira messaged me and said that Ziyaad doesn’t want her to be anywhere near Raeesa. After breakfast we all lazed around in the lounge. Raeesa asked where Humeira was and I didn’t find it necessary to lie so I told her the truth which lead to Yaseen telling me nonsense and it created a commotion.

My parent’s came down to see what happened, surprisingly my parents didn’t sugar coat their feelings and told Yaseen that if he wanted to attend his walima alone he should let us know instead of picking a fight with each of us. Everyone got ready and left for the walima, after our fight Ahmed and I didn’t attend the walima, we stayed at home with Ziyaad and Humeira.

My Dadi was not feeling well so she came home early. She was very upset, she said that she asked for Raeesa and Yaseen to come greet her and Raeesa said my Dadi must come to them. I told my Dadi to ignore her, for nothing she is going to get upset while it will have no effect on Raeesa. After the function Yaseen and Raeesa went to their lodge. Faheema gave us the run down of the function.

Apparently most of our family left after lunch, only Humeira’s family and a few of our friends stayed until the end. My parents were quiet, I knew they were not happy but now that things are done we can’t change it. I just never expected Yaseen to go through with the wedding after the past week events. He has changed alot and it breaks my heart to see that he doesn’t even care or takes things seriously.

After supper my dad’s family all popped over to check on how we were doing, alot of them were worried because Ziyaad and I didn’t attend the walima. I was doing fine and so was Ziyaad, we decided not to let this spoil our days. Raeesa probably wants to see that reaction and I don’t want to give her that satisfaction. My parent’s have been upset ever since we got back from the wedding.

I asked my uncle and his wife to speak to them, maybe they will feel better to get their emotions out. They understand my parent’s and what they going through because not so long ago my uncle and aunt went through the same thing with their son so they know how to deal with this situation. I’m so glad we have decided to take my parent’s away on a holiday, they really need it and deserve it.

It’s been a while since my uncle and aunt went up to speak to my parents. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m getting a little worried. I just hope they okay and speak out how they feel, they need to deal with it instead of holding it all back. We afraid that all this tension is going to affect their health and that’s not going to be good. My dad already suffers from diabetes and has a pressure problem, my mum’s anxiety will flair up she is going to end up in hospital.

They finally came down and seemed a bit more relieved, my uncle said they were upset but spoke out and he thinks they will be okay. The holiday will do them good, so we shouldn’t worry. Ahmed suggested that after our holiday I stay a week or so just to check they get back into routine and are doing well. We not going to tell anyone until we return from holiday so Raeesa and Yaseen don’t get to know.


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