Tonight we having zikr at my parents, tomorrow we having a get together with all our family and friends and Yaseen’s friends and work colleagues,  Saturday is the wedding and Sunday the walima. Tonight is going to be a tensed night, my dad wants to tell everyone that we not hosting the walima but Yaseen and Raeesa are. I don’t think he has to tell anyone,  we still trying to convince him not to tell anyone anything.

Maybe if he wants and feels relieved if he does privately tell who he wants to know. I’m so worried about this weekend, I can feel someone is going to explode. Shuaib told Faheema that if there is any tension he will leave the wedding and go to my house, I’m sure Ahmed would do the same. After the zikr there it was my dad decided he wanted everyone present to know. He said they all family and friends and should know.

After my dad’s announcement, we served refreshment which gave everyone the opportunity to question and talk about Yaseen and Raeesa. My eldest uncle asked my parents if they think it’s a good idea to let Yaseen marry Raeesa. We just two days away from the wedding day, he is sure this is what he wants so we can’t stop him although we all would like to.

My uncle’s had a talk with Yaseen and he tells them how he feels and that he is happy. I have not discussed anything with anyone, I’ve tried to keep away or just change the topic. I don’t want to be the person they heard things from and I can’t sugar coat her character or the situation. My brother is getting married and we just have to accept it and move on.

This morning has been a nightmare, everyone is so quiet. Ziyaad, Faheema and my parents are not talking to Yaseen… I don’t know what happened last night when I went upstairs. Ahmed did tell me that there was some commotion last night but he didn’t want to get into it so he came upstairs. After breakfast I asked Humeira what happened, why everyone is so quiet.

She gave me the run down, Raeesa sent Humeira a message telling her that Humeira has been scheming and coming up with plans to ruin Raeesa’s life, that she must of put the idea in my parent’s mind that Yaseen must move out, basicly she blames Humeira for all that she has done. Ziyaad told Yaseen a whole load full and even went as far as saying that he and Humeira will not be attending his wedding or walima.

My parents are in the middle because they can’t take sides although we all know Ziyaad is right. I messaged Ziyaad because I didn’t want anyone to know, I told him not to take such a decision that he might regret later. If things go back to normal then he will beat himself thinking why he didn’t go for his own brother’s wedding. He didn’t want to listen to anything. Faheema was upset because she tried to defend Humeira and Yaseen told her off.

Humeira is being targeted because she is accepted by us, she has done nothing to not be accepted. I can understand what Ziyaad is feeling because it’s something similar to what Ahmed and I went through with his family. I’m proud that my brother is siding with his wife when she is right. Faheema also doesn’t want to go for the wedding but she has to come with.

Tonight we having a braai for all Yaseen’s friends and colleagues and all our family and friends. Before everyone came my Dadi called us all and had a talk with us. She suggeated we don’t talk about the tension between the family and just enjoy the night with family and friend. We having guests over and we should entertain them with love and welcome not our family drama.

We had a few people trying to get the story out of us but we all stayed calm and never spoke about it. We didn’t want Yaseen’s friends to feel out of place and find out all this drama. We want people to make their own conclusion about Raeesa, we don’t want to be blamed for filling stories into their ears and trying to make her look bad. Saibah has been crabby today so I mostly sat upstairs with her.

Humeira and Ziyaad came to speak to me about my suggestion to go on a holiday after the walima. They said that they want to go and we should definetely plan it. Later that night Faheema also came to tell me that she and Shuaib would also like to go. So we decided to book with a friend of mine that does timeshares. We booked in Durban for the week, my parent’s haven’t said anything yet but we booked for them as well.

Some of Yaseen’s friends brought gifts for them, we had my cousin drop them off at their flat. After everyone left we sat in the lounge discussing what will happen tomorrow for the wedding. We tried to convince Ziyaad to come but he refuses, he said we can just say he is busy at the house. Then we discussed our holiday, we told my parent’s that we all going and we booked for them as well.

Yaseen told us that he told Raeesa about getting them a flat and that they will not be staying with my parent’s and she is upset. I didn’t care if she was upset, she has shown her true colours the past week. I’m just glad we found out before they lived with my parents and made their lives miserable. My Dadi told him to be patient, everything will work out for the best, I hope it does.

I went upstairs, I needed to get to bed otherwise I would be a zombie with so little sleep. Saibah has been sleeping less the past two days, I don’t know what it is but it’s catching up with me. Ahmed came upstairs and said our flights and everything else for our holiday is sorted out. He has arranged for Raeesa and Yaseen to be taken to the airport on tuesday with our driver.

I heard someone shouting, I looked at the clock and it was 4am, still too early for fajr, so who is awake and shouting. I went out of the room and see Yaseen and Ziyaad standing in the passage. Raeesa sent Humeira a message and this time Ziyaad read it before Humeira could delete it. Really now, few hours before the wedding, instead of trying to sort things out she is making things worst.

Soon everyone was awake trying to sort things out. My parents called Raeesa’s parents to try and sort things out, they obviously didn’t want their daughter’s wedding to be called off at the very last minute. Her dad said he would have a talk with her and get back to us. My parents decided we wouldn’t leave until they sorted things out, my dad gave her father a deadline of 11am.

Finally things got sorted and Raeesa called to apologise to everyone. Ziyaad was still upset and not accepting her apology but my parents decided we would leave anyway because he did decide not to come and we could sort out the rest when they got back. We finally managed to get everyone to leave by 11:30am, we reached Jo’burg by 1pm. My mum’s cousin opened her house to us, so we all relaxed before we could dress and go to the wedding.


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