It’s been a hectic few days, everyone is upset and emotional. Yaseen has been looking for a house to move into, he only found a flat and decided to take it. Raeesa is throwing tantrums because she won’t be living with my parents. She doesn’t even realise the tension she has caused our family in this past week. Humeira is caught in the middle because Raeesa keeps sending her all nasty messages.

Gosh… this woman is a real devil, we can’t even say anything to Yaseen because he feels we being to harsh. Since all the drama started I’ve kept myself away from the wedding dealings. I’ve basically sat at home kept the visitors company and made sure there’s food on the table for everyone. Ahmed and Shuaib has been helping Yaseen alot because the rest of us said that Raeesa should come plan her own walima.

I know it’s my brother’s wedding but I don’t even feel like attending. I’m praying something happens so I don’t have to attend it. Faheema is so furious,  she is not wven speaking to Yaseen, she wants him to call off the wedding. My parents have been miserable the whole week,  Humeira has cried a million times because of the nasty messages.

It’s not even Humeira’s fault, she is just doing her duty as a daughter-in-law,  she even helped Yaseen with the things for the walima even after all the nasty, horrible thing she was told. One minute we all excited about this wedding and the next we all feel it shouldn’t take place. We not going to be here and if she lives with my parents she will just make their lives miserable.

Yaseen asked Faheema and I if we would be at his flat when his furniture arrived. Faheema was not up to it but I dragged her and Zinat with me. I needed to fish from Zinat if she knew about Sameer fooling around. We got there just in time, the guys offloaded the furniture and then we left. We went to have breakfast at the mall, while sitting there Faheema and I got to work.

We made a story about someone we both know but Zinat doesn’t know, it was a story about Zinat and Sameer but we changed the characters. We just added a horrible end to the story, at first Zinat just sat there and listened but by the time we ended the story with how the wife was now a maid while the mistress ruled the house, Zinat was ready to tell us everything.

She was in tears and didn’t know what to do, she confronted Sameer, he didn’t deny anything. He told her everything about this lady he has been chatting to and what they have been chatting about. I was angry at Sameer and I felt so bad for Zinat, no one else knows anything as yet but in a small town like ours it won’t take time before everyone knows.

Faheema suggested that Zinat should give Sameer an ultimatum, either he leaves her or that lady. I don’t know if that’s the right way, there’s no one you can ask but Allah. I advised her just that and told her to take it from there. If she is open to polygamy then maybe he can marry this other woman as his second wife. I know I wouldn’t stay in such a relationship and from what I know about Zinat she wouldn’t either.

We didn’t stay long at the mall because we left Humeira and my mum with the kids including Saibah. When we got home, Yaseen was on the phone with Raeesa. He was telling her everything that been going on the last few days and that his family are now going to come to his walima as guests. My dad said he will make an announcement to our family and friends at the thursday night zikr about the walima.

I feel so bad for Yaseen but he is also not making it easy on any of us. I spoke to Faheema and we decided we will help where we feel we won’t be judged or accused of anything and we will have everything approved by Yaseen even if it means before or during the walima. Faheema and I tell Yaseen we will help him out with conditions though. I think he was just glad he had extra hands.

This evening my dad had a talk with all of us about what is going to happen from the wedding until the day Yaseen and Raeesa go on honeymoon. So after the wedding we have them booked at a lodge in town, they will stay there until they leave for their honeymoon. When they return they can move into their flat, my mum arranged for an aunty to have lunch and supper for them for the two days before they leave.

After our meeting my parents went to their room, they both looked upset. I know they are not happy and it breaks my heart to see them like this. I just want my parents and my brother to be happy and if the solution is them living separately then so be it. I know it’s difficult for all of them and Humeira will probably be hit the worst because from the looks of it she is already being targeted. Ziyaad will have to support her in this fight.

Our family has always been close, we did everything together, Shuaib has also started spending more time with us and now we might loose it all, I guess that’s life for you. Anyways today I decided to bake for the weekend, so Humeira and I got busy baking while Faheema and my mum cooked. From today everyone in the family will be coming for supper to our house.

So much for the wedding spirit, everyone beside our house seems excited about this wedding. Honestly I feel that Raeesa and her parents owe us an apology and until they don’t realise they caused a problem we all going to sit with a problem. I hope she doesn’t get married into our family thinking we all going to jump to her tunes, that’s not happening ever.

Ahmed decided to take Sameer to play golf and talk to him about his affair if that’s what you can call it. I just hope they come through to some solution and Sameer sees what he is doing is wrong. He has a beautiful wife, who does so much for him and he can’t appreciate that. He runs off to the first woman who shows some interest in him, his wife also shows interest in him but I guess he is looking for something else.

When Ahmed got back,  he said he spoke to Sameer,  he made him realise that this woman he is chatting to is married,  she is cheating on her husband and he is cheating on his wife. Also if she can cheat on her husband what makes him think she won’t cheat on him. Sameer called her to the club and told her that they can not be friends anymore and he doesn’t want to have contact with her.

I just hope this last and he doesn’t go back to his old habits. It’s going to be a working process for them, they will have to work on their marriage and Sameer will have to gain Zinat’s trust again. Without trust in a marriage it is very difficult to move forward,  she will have to learn to trust him and not doubt him.


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