Surprisingly Saibah slept longer last night, she only woke up twice for her feed. I guess she was tired from fighting her sleep the whole day with all the attention she was getting. I am just glad to have gotten the extra sleep. For breakfast my mum made my favourite pancakes with strawberries and cream… I love getting spoilt by my mum,  I think even when I’m older I will still enjoy it.

After breakfast,  we just lazed around waiting for Faheema and her family to come. Ahmed went out with Sameer to play golf, at least he didn’t sit at home and get bored. Faheema and them arrived just after 11am, the kids all went straight outside to play and we sat and had a good chat about what we’ve all been up to. After lunch we left Ahmed and Shuaib to look after the kids, I took Saibah with me because it would of been too much for the men.

We went to sort out the colour scheme and dishes with the caterers and the food with the cook. Then we had to go and see Sameera, the lady that does the front table with snacks and drinks. Tonight we having a family meeting, my dad called the meeting to sort out last minute orders and checks for the wedding. All my cousins and uncles from town will be here.

So tea-time I spoke to everyone about my idea to go away together for a small holiday. Ahmed said last night if everyone else agrees he doesn’t mind going. After I told them my idea they all said it was a great idea although no one gave me an answer. I will give it until tomorrow and then see what they say. My Dad’s brother from next door and his family came over for supper.

After Esha everyone came over,  my dad discussed everything about the wedding and walima. Who will be going to jhb, who will be staying behind and everyone where given their chores to do. My mums family unfortunately live too far so they will attend the wedding and walima and then go back. I know it all just started but after the day I had today, I can’t wait for this wedding to get over and done with.

When we got to bed Ahmed told me something Sameer told him which really disturbed me. I never thought he would think of such a thing, I don’t know if I should tell Zinat or not. Why… why am I always the one in the middle. I tossed and turned most of the night, I kept thinking how Zinat would react if she found out. On one hand I’m trying to deal with Safiah and her problems and on the other I am sitting with a new problem.

I think he was taking it too far when he actually showed Ahmed who the lady is who he has been chatting to. She knows he’s married and still she chats to him, how desperate can you be. I’m not blaming her solely, Sameer is also at fault, he shouldn’t of made friends with this lady. I don’t want to create any problems now when it’s Yaseens wedding but I don’t know how long I can keep quiet.

I get through the day just fine. I told Ahmed not to let Sameer know that he told me, I’m goping that I will manage tonight because Zinat and Sameer are coming over. For some reason Yaseen has been avoiding me today, I don’t know what his up too. I don’t know if it’s just me or is he doing the same with everyone else. I left it until Faheema came to me and told me that Yaseen is upset with me.

Usually when we upset we let each other know, speak about it and solve the problem. So what is different this time, it bugged me alot after Faheema told me. At first I decided to ignore him and also play the game of I’m not talking to you but then it felt childish so I went to speak to him. It was such a trivial matter which could of been sorted out if only he came to speak to me.

Also it was not only my decision but a mutual decision of all us ladies in the house. Apparently Raeesa chose the colour scheme for the walima, I don’t even know why she chose the colours because it’s our function given from the boy’s side, not like we telling her what to wear and what colour to use for the wedding. We just felt that her colours didn’t match and we liked a different colour.

Yaseen heard my mum and Humeira speak about how they love the new colour scheme and that they were so relieved I suggested other colours. So naturally he told Raeesa and she made an issue out of it. I knew she would be difficult, I didn’t even know she chose the colours. Why was she given the option to pick in the first place? Humeira felt bad that Yaseen was not talking to me.

She blames herself for speaking her mind to my mum. I called Yaseen and told him that it is our function, Raeesa has no say in it. Since when has a girl told her inlaws how she wants a function they hosting to be like. I also showed him that I could get upset, maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do but he needed to know that she doesn’t have a say in everything.

After a huge talk and a couple hours later he called Raeesa and told her that I am right and it is our side function, we not telling her what to do in her functions. She was upset and all moody but that didn’t bother me. My mum looked at us all at supper and asked if we finally understand why she feels that she and Raeesa won’t be able to live under one roof.

No one said anything because they know that after today, there is going to be alot of trouble coming to this house. I don’t know but I have this strange feeling that I can’t shake off. Like Raeesa is going to seek revenge over this… I just hope all goes well. I actually feel like I’m dealing with a gangster, I know it sounds ridiculous but she gives such threats you would think she is one. Most of her decisions come from the influence of her father.

I wonder if she ever takes any decision on her own, imagine what their marriage will be if her father controls everything. So my dad gets home from the shop today, he’s home later then he usually is. Raeesa’s father called my dad and asked him why we not doing things according to what Raeesa want. I flipped when I heard that, I literally am done with this nonsense and just want to go home.

It furiates me that they think they can rule us and that she has a say in everything. I told my mum that I was done… I didn’t want to have anything to do with this wedding anymore. I will be there but I will not do all the hard work and take orders from Raeesa and her family. If this is how things are now, I can only imagine how things are going to change in this house.

This morning at breakfast my dad said he wants Yaseen and Raeesa to live separately, he said that they too old to deal with her. Yaseen was upset but he understands and sees that it’s affecting our family. I hope he is ready to live a life with a dictative wife, he is definitely not going to be spending as much time with us as he does now. I can’t believe this woman is already causing tension in our lives.


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