Today is a big day, Choti khala is moving into her new house. They will be seeing the house for the first time so it’s extra exciting. The painters only finished off yesterday so they couldn’t go see the place. I took Thandi with to help us clean the house before their belongings could arrive. I’m glad we didn’t have to unpack anything just supervise, I hate moving, it’s just so tiring.

Most of our day went sorting where things should go, I didn’t stay until they finished because I had to pack and get things ready for our trip to my parents. We had to cart alot of things especially with Saibah, all her things took up one big bag. Lucky we not taking Nomsa and Thandi because we wouldn’t of fitted, Ahmed said the driver should bring them the week before the wedding.

After I got most of our things packed, I called Ahmed to see how far they were. He said they were going to be a while so I left Saibah with Nomsa and took food for them. We finished up and then went home, Ahmed’s cousins were very excited to be in their new house. I think they were more excited with the yard space and pool. It was so overwhelming just watching them light up when they entered the house.

His Khala and Kaloo were literally in tears when we were standing outside. It was just something else, that feeling, seeing them happy and excited and knowing that we brought them this happiness made me feel proud of Ahmed and his decision. When we got home Saibah was asleep, we tip toed our way around the room and got ready for bed. When we got into bed Ahmed huged me and said he is so proud of me.

This morning was such a rush, we had so much to do before we left. Ahmed had some last minute work so I had to do most of the sorting out. Luckily Nomsa and Thandi were around… I don’t know what I would do without them. Finally everything is packed into the car and we are ready to leave. This is our first long drive with Saibah, just as we were leaving Lenz she fell asleep.

After one and half hours we finally reach my parents. I can’t believe Saibah slept through our whole trip here, probably the drive. I’m so excited to finally be here, it’s just a different feeling being at your parents. We here for less then an hour and already Saibah is being spoilt. Tomorrow Saibah will be exactly 2 months old, I can’t believe my baby is growing so fast.

Zinat obviously couldn’t stop herself and came to see us the minute she heard we were in town. She also joined everyone in spoiling Saibah, she brought her a whole lot of goodies. This will be our first stay over at my mum’s after Ziyaads wedding, so Humeira will have us all to deal with, I hope she manages. Tomorrow Faheema and her family will be here so you can imagine what the house will be like.

I left Ahmed to look after Saibah and went with my mum to see all the things they organised with the caterer and changed a few things. I don’t know if the colour scheme was chosen by my mum or Humeira for the walima but I didn’t like the colours. I told them not to finalise the colours when Faheema is around we will change it. I also changed the cutlery and crockery. I like square plates, it looks more elegant at a function.

My mum knew that Faheema and I would change most of the things they chose, apprently she even told Humeira that. I just hope Humeira doesn’t get offended if we change anything she decided on. When I got back, I see Ahmed sitting outside and Saibah is not with him. I know it’s not her nap time so I panicked thinking he forgot he was looking after her.

Zinat… yes only Zinat can do this, she decided to take Saibah with her and went to her mother’s house. I left her, let her look after Saibah for a while, I wanted to see how fast she came back with Saibah. I know she won’t be able to handle it when Saibah cries. There was so much to do still, I thought my mum would be prepared like usually is, i guess because she spent all the time by me.

Well atleast we got this week to sort out thing, I’m definetely not going to attempt to do it all on my own. My dad fetched my Dadi on his way from the shop, she was spending the day with her friends at the old age home. I couldn’t wait to see her, last I saw my Dadi was when Saibah was born. I like to hear her stories about the family, her old days and friends… I’m sure we will get to hear alot today after her visit.

Yaseen and Ziyaad came home and looked for Saibah, they made me call Zinat and have her bring Saibah home. I don’t know what I am going to do when we get home, she is going to get use to being in the hands with everyone carrying her. I usually make her lay on her stomach or back or sit in her seat and play, I don’t want her picking up bad habits, even sleeping I rock her in her seat.

My mum was not joking, this evening was crazy with all the family and friends coming by to help with the wedding. We already started putting ribbons on the card that will go on the sookh mookh, tomorrow we will start with the parcel, I want to do that when there’s no one around. We having lunch and supper by us from next week so we also have to clean all the meat and chickens.

Humeira has baked already, but I’m not sure it’s going to last until next week with the amount of visitors we getting. We decided we will see by Thursday and see from there what to do. For the walima we got my cousin’s baking and making desserts and then there’s a lady who does front table with snacks and drinks. I’m going to see her tomorrow to see what we can do for the walima.

Gosh… I can already see this next two weeks being very adventurous and tiring. I might need a holiday after this just to recover. Actually that’s not a bad idea… maybe we can all go together while Yaseen and Raeesa go on honeymoon. We haven’t been on a holiday together in a long time and my parents had their last holiday two years ago…something to think about.

Maybe tomorrow when Faheema and them are around I can suggest it and I’ll speak to Ahmed tonight about it. Sometimes I surprise myself with the genius ideas I come up with. I just hope everyone thinks my idea is genius and agrees… otherwise down the dustbin goes my ideas and my excitement.


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