I woke up to noises made with dishes, at first I thought that someone was in the house. I turned to wake Ahmed, so he could check but he wasn’t in bed. I went downstairs only to find Ahmed attempting to make breakfast. I didn’t want to spoil his afforts so I messaged Nomsa to come inside and help him. He knows how to make simple things like salads and how to clean veggies and meat but to prepare a meal, he hasn’t done himself alone.

Nomsa came inside and helped him make pancakes and helped him set the table. He cut the fruits, whipped the cream and made a chocolate sauce. After all the racket stopped, I went downstairs. “Surprise! Happy anniversary love,” Ahmed shouted out. I pretended like I didn’t know what he was up to. We had a lovely breakfast, although it came with all the mess but it was tasty.

After breakfast, I prepared for lunch and then Ahmed went to mosque for jummah. We had lunch and then relaxed upstairs playing with Saibah. Later on Saibah will be staying with Sabiha and Shiraaz for a couple hours. I didn’t want to but Ahmed said we wouldn’t be long. I have no idea where we are going or what we are doing. I was just told to dress up because we going out.

At 5pm Sabiha came to fetch Saibah, I felt so bad leaving her. I told Ahmed ahead of time that I didn’t want to do anything hectic, maybe just supper and a movie or something simple. So we went for a movie and then he booked us a table at one of his friend’s restaurant. He had a special private section just for us, it was lit up with candles and rose petals all over the floor.

We got home just after 9pm, we were then a couple of hours. Saibah was asleep, Sabiha said she didn’t trouble at all, I guess she will be okay with anyone she knows and as long as she has her feeds, gets changed and sleeps. When we got home, I put Saibah down, then Ahmed and I sat in the upstairs tv room. We sat and spoke for hours, just spending quality time with each other.

Before we knew it was 1 in the morning, we had to be awake for fajr and we were going on our trip with Shiraaz and Sabiha. Ahmed and I never spoke about anyone besides ourselves. From the time we met and became friends, our fun and exciting times and even the times we were put through tests. All the family inteference from his family and how we almost never ended up together and then finally having each other, to being where we are today, 1 year later.

It was a rollercoaster experience but we got through it and we now have a little family of our own. We are happy and we have learned how to deal with every situation. We have come out stronger, we no longer let minor or major problems caused by others come between us. It’s great and we finally enjoying life and we happy about that because it allows us to enjoy being parents to a beautiful little girl Saibah.

When Ahmed got back from fajr namaaz we had breakfast, then Thandi and Ahmed got the car packed and Nomsa helped me get Saibah ready. We were a bit delayed so Shiraaz and Sabiha came over. After a two and half hour drive we finally arrived at the farm. It was the most peaceful and beautiful place, I’m glad we decided to join them. We unpacked the cars and then went to freshen up in our rooms.

Sabiha and I got straight to work on lunch so we didn’t have to worry last minute what we were going to eat. We spent the day exploring the farm, in the pool and relaxing in front of the tv. At night we sat around the fire place talking about many things. Nomsa and Thandi were taking good care of the kids so we didn’t have to worry about them. Shiraaz and Ahmed mostly discussed business which annoyed Sabiha and I.

After supper the men decided to go back into the pool. I didn’t want to go in, incase Saibah woke up, I couldn’t leave her with Nomsa the whole time. Sabiha and I sat inside talking about Yaseen’s wedding that is taking place in two weeks time. When we get back a day or two after we will be leaving to my parents and will stay with them until Yaseens wedding.

We have alot going on when we go back, Monday Ahmed and I will be taking choti khala to her new house. She already packed her things, Ahmed is having movers do the rest. I’m just glad his khala changed her mind, I don’t know why my mother-in-law got involved. Anyways this morning we went for a nice hike, I didn’t take Saibah because I didn’t know how far it was.

We got back an hour later, had breakfast and then went to see the little petting farm. It was so nice to interact with all the animals especially the lion cubs. The rest of the day we spent relaxing by the poolside and just after 4pm we went on a game drive. I felt so relaxed this weekend, I really needed this getaway. Tomorrow we go back home, although I enjoyed this weekend and I’m always screaming to get out of the house, I miss home after a few days.

Saibah refused to sleep for most of the night, she barely got 2 hours of sleep. I left Ahmed in the room and took her to the lounge. She didn’t make any noise… just didn’t want to sleep. I was so tired in the morning, I could barely keep my eyes open. I don’t know how I made breakfast, got dressed or helped pack all our things. Lucky I was not driving back, I would have probably fell asleep.

When we got home, I made Ahmed look after Saibah while I went to sleep. I needed at least a couple hours of sleep to function, I was a walking zombie. I slept for about 4 hours, the best sleep I could have. I called my mum today, they all excited and getting ready for the wedding. She says the weekend they had so much visitors, all the town people coming to offer their help.

It’s so nice to have a wedding in a small town, everyone is invited and the atmosphere and love is just something else. I can’t wait to be with all my family and friends, wedding vibes are such a great feeling. My mum is still stressing over Raeesa, I think she should stop stressing and walk into this with an open mind, let things happen as they should.

My mum suffers from anxiety so she always stresses when she doesn’t know what life has in stores for her. She likes to know things beforehand so she can prepare herself for the worst. It comforts her if she knows what is happening. I understand where she is coming from and how she is feeling, all we can do is comfort her and be by her side but most of her comfort is going to be in Humeira because they together all the time.


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