My father-in-law was here early in the morning to fetch Kausar and Sumaya. Kausar was scared after last nights incident and so she called her parents and told them she didn’t want to stay by us. Ahmed really scared her,  he almost lifted his hand on her. I would of probably also been scared after his reaction. I felt so bad for them and for my father-in-law, he kept apologising.

I am just hoping my mother-in-law doesn’t create a fuss over all that happened. It will just create a sour scene between Ahmed and his sisters. After they left I woke Ahmed up and told him that his father was here to fetch his sisters. His father looked upset, I don’t know if it’s because of Ahmed or because of Kausar. He didn’t say much to me besides apologise.

Ahmed thinks I’m over-reacting, he is sure it’s nothing. How can he just ignore all that happened, his mother… she is going to be furious. I called later in the day to explain to my mother-in-law and to apologise for Ahmed’s behaviour. She just said they would come by in the evening, this got me more worried. I told Ahmed not to be late and to keep his calm when they come.

As time got closer, I become more nervous and prayed that things would not get worst. After supper Ahmed went to Shiraaz and Sabiha’s house,  he said he had something to discuss with them and I should stay at home incase his family came. Well they did, my mother-in-law came in and asked for Ahmed. Ahmed finally came and we could sort things out.

Before we could say anything, his mother made us sit down and then she made Kausar apologise to us for what she did. Then she apologised to Ahmed, she told him that his reaction was normal,  that she would of probably reacted the same way. She didn’t give us time to say anything, before we could she said they must leave,  they have an early morning.

I couldn’t believe my ears or eyes, it felt like I was in dreamland. My mother-in-law apologising, probably because it’s her son. Well atleast it ended well and everyone is  now happy. I’m glad it didn’t end badly and they have apologised to each other and forgiven each other. Maybe she has realised that we are not affected when she does something bad.

Today I’ve been busy trying to get things sorted out for our trip. Nomsa has been helping bake some goodies for breakfast and tea time, I marinated the meat already, now all that was left was to pack our bags and pack the food baskets. I will get to the bags later, I need to make sure that Choti khala and I have our conversation today and my inlaws are not around.

I thought it would be better if I had our driver fetch choti khala and then we could meet up at Sabiha’s house, that way it’s just us and we won’t be interrupted. When choti khala got here, we went to Sabiha’s house, I already informed Sabiha so she made sure we were left alone to discuss thing. So I was right Ahmeds mother told choti khala not to take our offer.

Apparently she found out when she went to their house and saw they were packing their things. She asked them where they were off to and one of the kids blurted out ‘to our new house that Ahmed bhai got for us.’ We didn’t succeed in keeping things a secret. Anyways I told choti khala that we had bought the house already, all that is left is for them to see the house and move in.

After a little persuading, she said she will speak to everyone at home and let us know. What are we going to do with this house if they don’t take it. I don’t know why my mother-in-law is getting involved, it has nothing to do with her. Ahmed said he would have a talk with his mother next week. Let’s hope it solves things and not make things worst.

When I got home my inlaws were there waiting for me. Lucky I didn’t have the meeting with Choti khala at home. They came to see if Saibah was doing okay, I couldn’t entertain them much because we had to be at the doctors for Saibah. Her doctor just wants to make sure she is not badly injured. She has cried everytime we touched her head so I’m a bit worried.

Ahmed got home and then told his parents that we had to go for Saibah’s doctors appointment but they could stay at home and relax until we came back. My mother-in-law first agreed then she said that they will rather finish visiting the family. Ahmed told the that we won’t be around from Friday, they staying until next week and he doesn’t want them spoiling our anniversary.

Everything went well at the doctor, the scan came out clear. We just have to be patient and wait until the swelling goes down. My poor angel, I can’t see her in this pain, even when she sleeps and moves her head, she wakes up crying. Ahmed is still so upset, he keeps telling me not to let his family near Saibah. It’s not like it was purposely done, it was an accident but he still feels we should be careful with them.

When we got home, Nomsa said that Ahmed’s parents came back after we left, they came inside for a few minutes and then left. I found that really strange, I told him maybe they needed to use the bathroom. I didn’t ask Nomsa what they did because Ahmed would get suspicious. Sabiha and Shiraaz came over for supper, we ordered take-outs and then watched a movie.

I checked with Shiraaz and Sabiha if we needed to take anything else or make anything else to take with. I showed Sabiha all the things I was taking with, she thinks I’m crazy. She didn’t even bake, she got meat that she marinated and then bought snacks like crisp and chocolates. I also had marinated meats, breakfast cereals and tea and coffee things.

I like to be prepared, I never go on a holiday without taking everything I need or might need. My family always teases me because I take my own dish cloths, dishwashing liquid, everything from home. I’m not as bad as some people, I know of people who take their own bedding, I must admit I hate using the hotel towels so I take my own. I’m  a very fussy person I know but Ahmed is worst then me.

I packed our bags before we went to bed, I left Ahmed to check on Saibah while I was busy. He sat in the room because he’s still not comfortable being alone for too long with her. Tomorrow is our anniversary, I’m super excited, I never thought we would ever make a year. I never thought I would have a baby in my first year of marriage, Ahmed and I only discussed once and at that time I didn’t think we were ready.


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