Back to routine, long weekend is over, everyone has gone back to their homes. Ahmed has to go back to work, and I take over my housewife duties after a whole month. I woke up early today, before fajr, Saibah woke up and refused to go back to sleep. So I came downstairs with her, I sat a little while playing with Saibah and then Ahmed woke up, he went to mosque and I read my fajr.

When Ahmed came back I made breakfast for us. At the table Ahmed said that his choti khala called him last night and said that we must not buy the house for her. We already bought the house, it is just for us to take them to see the house. I asked him why and all he said was ‘there is only one reason for them to take this decison’. Which is obviously my mother-in-law, it seems like she has my father-in-law under her ruling.

He just dances to her tunes and so do her daughters. I decided to go and visit his khala and find out what is the whole story and also try to convince them to take the house. It is such a nice house and just what they need, they must stop thinking about others and listening to other people. I prepared lunch and then got ready, I called his khala to see if she would be home.

When I got there, my inlaws were there, they were sitting outside so I couldn’t just drive past. I left Saibah at home so atleast Ahmed wouldn’t be upset with me if his parents saw her. I greeted them and then sat for a few minutes, choti khala knew why I was there but she didn’t say anything and I didn’t want to discuss things infront of my inlaws. I just made an excuse that I was passing by and saw their car so i stopped.

I excused myself saying that I left Saibah at home so I should leave. They didn’t bother to ask about Saibah, they showed false excitement when we told them we were expecting. If they were really that excited, they would of came to see their only grandchild. When Ahmed got back from work, he asked me about his choti khala and what she had to say, I told him what happened.

The first thing he asked if they saw Saibah, lucky I didn’t take her with otherwise I was in trouble. I would of loved to take her with and say to them this is your grand daughter but I don’t want to cause problems in my marriage. They will have to put their pride aside or Ahmed will have to agree to them seeing Saibah out of our house. I don’t know for how long he thinks he can control the situation but if they don’t come see Saibah at home then they bound to see her elsewhere.

Ahmed decided about our weekend away, so we finally going away. He already told Shiraaz so I just have to discuss with Sabiha what we going to take with. I’m so excited, we are going to take Nomsa and Thandi with us, they can look after the kids when we busy. We still have a few days until we go on our trip but I’m excited from now. I already told Nomsa to take out our suitcase and gave them instructions what needs to be done for the trip.

I am glad today Ahmed forgot about what happened yesterday and he is not sad and upset. He has been playing with Saibah the whole afternoon and even changed her and made her sleep. He is such a good father, he takes so much care of Saibah. My only worry is that he is over protective, he gets offensive if I mention his parents seeing Saibah. He has this thing in his mind that everyone must give Saibah attention and if you don’t, he won’t give you time.

I tried so many times trying to explain to him, things don’t work like that. You have to put your pride and ego aside and still be nice and do for people even if they not nice to you and even if they don’t do for you. He knows what I try to tell him, it’s not like he doesn’t but he chooses not to take heed. I gave up on explaining him all the time because I end up wasting my time.

Something exciting besides our weekend trip is happening this week, Friday is our anniversary. Ahmed has taken the day off and planned something for us, well we will be at home until after jummah and then he has his surprise. I tried fishing it out but he won’t tell me and I hate surprises, I like to always know what’s going to happen, I guess I will have to just wait until Friday.

After supper we planned on watching a movie that Ahmed brought last week, we had so much visitors last weekend and my mum was around as well so we didn’t get to watch it. We had supper and locked up the house, then we went upstairs to our room. Saibah was asleep and we could at least get to watch a movie between her nap and feeding times. We just started the movie and we here someone hooting.

Ahmed tells me to ignore it but I feel so bad, so I went downstairs to see who it was. Nomsa had already gotten the door, it was Ahmed’s parents. I greeted them and made them sit while I went to bring Saibah and Ahmed down. I’m sure he has already checked out of the window to see who it was and that made him not come down immediately.

When I went upstairs, Saibah had awakened and Ahmed was trying to make her sleep again. I grabbed her from him and told him to go downstairs to see his parent’s while I changed Saibah, he didn’t want to at first but eventually he went. They were happy to see him and he also didn’t be nasty to them. I guess when you see your family infront of you, you forget and forgive everything and everyone.

I came downstairs with Saibah, my sister-in-laws ran to see her. There it was, that’s all you need is for them to show that they care. My mother-in-law held back for a while but my father-in-law was excited. They did apologise for not coming earlier, they did give excuses so it was easier to forgive them. They sat for a while and were going to Ahmed’s khala but we asked them to stay with us.

My mother-in-law allowed my sister-in-laws to stay but she said that she and my father-in-law had to go stay by her sister because they expecting them. I don’t understand… actually I don’t want to understand why would she stay at her sister when she has her sons house. They know exactly how to make people talk bad about them. They play with Saibah for a little while until she starts crying like she’s never before.

I don’t know what it was, I took her upstairs and made her quiet. Ahmed came to check if she was okay, he called our pediatrician to see if something was wrong. He panics very quickly for no reason, he even had the doctor come over. Lucky his mother had already left otherwise we wouldn’t of heard the end of it. The doctor came and checked on Saibah, she said she was fine but had slight swelling on her head.

She wanted to know if we had knocked her head or she knocked something into her head, nothing like that happened with any of us and we even asked Nomsa and Thandi. After the doctor left Kausar told me that she accidently dropped the ornament on Saibah’s head. I told her it was okay and she shouldn’t tell her brother but it was too late, he heard us talking already. He was very upset but I pulled him away before he could do anything.

Ahmed is very hot headed and can’t see straight when he’s angry. He would of probably hit Kausar if I didn’t stop him. It was an accident, I agree she was careless but she never took care of a child before and I left them alone with her thinking they big enough to be with her alone. I never thought that they would be more interested in their phones and playing with our ornaments. He warned me not to leave Saibah alone with them.


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