Ahmed called me to the room, he looked upset. When I walked into the room I heard him saying “she always knows how to mess up my life”. I knew it had to be something serious, why was he so upset and who was he talking about. He turned around and hugged me, I was confused, a few minutes ago he was angry and now he is hugging me. His mother told him she called me to ask if I was stopping him from coming.

He was happy with the way I dealt with the situation and that I didn’t even complain to him about her. I explained to him that it doesn’t bother me anymore, I know how she is and I don’t want it to come between us and I really don’t want to live in an unhappy environment. When we found out we were expecting Saibah, Ahmed and I decided not to let anyone come between us, he promised that he would not let his family harm our relationship.

My mother-in-law took a break while I was pregnant but it seems like she has started again trying her best. We almost married for a year and we have a child together and still she doesn’t give up. The best thing for us to do is let her do as she pleases and we should just ignore her efforts. That way she will hopefully stop and we are gauranteed not to be harmed, it sometimes gets though but we have to deal with it until it stops.

We didn’t let anyone in my family know what was going on, Ahmed said he didn’t want to spoil their weekend. After Raeesa and her parents left my parents were still discussing the move. My mum is still on the idea of having both my brothers move out. She only explained why when Raeesa and them left. She thinks that Raeesa and her won’t get along and before things turn sour they must move.

Yaseen felt a bit offended but we explained to him why my mum feels this way. It’s been a weekend of rollercoasters but finally everything is working out…well almost everything. Somethings I guess will never change or more like some people. As my Dadi always says ‘all five fingers are not the same.’ You can’t expect everyone to be the same, the world would be boring if we were.

Tomorrow everyone is leaving and Saibah and I can finally get out of the house so we decided to go out for lunch. We decided to go to Ocean basket, we haven’t had fish in a while and we getting tired of meat and chicken, I’m glad my mum was around, I got to eat all the lekker indian veggies made her way. Some of the veggies Ahmed hasn’t even heard of but he enjoyed them.

Saibah is already a month and 11 days old, she is growing so well. I’m so excited to take her out of the house, for her to get some sunshine, all she has seen was inside our house. Raeesa called Yaseen this evening and things got a bit out of control. Apparently her mother planted the idea that my mum doesn’t like Raeesa that’s why she doesn’t want to live together, she said that my mum had no problem living with Humeira.

Yaseen tried to explain to Raeesa that mum likes her and that it’s not what she thinks. I think we should just be honest and tell her, my mum actually feels that Raeesa and her won’t manage in one house. Humeira is easy going, she and my mum work out their weekly chores and they do things the same way. Raeesa has her own ways and my mum is also stubborn, we know she likes things her way.

Things got so bad, I thought our weekend would definetely end bad. My mum is very straight forward so she speaks her mind and sometimes people don’t like it. I know sometimes we feel she should could just remain quiet instead of letting things out but I have to say I like her being straight forward because people don’t try to walk all over her. For things to sort out, my mum had to do something.

So she decided to call Raeesa and her parents and spoke to them all about why she wants her sons to move out. She explained that she thought it wasn’t fair to only ask Yaseen so she asked both of them. Humeira and Ziyaad have just settled living with my parents so they don’t want to move. Yaseen and Raeesa can move from the start so they don’t wait for a problem. They didn’t say much but said they would let us know.

I don’t know what that really meant but I am glad our weekend was not spoilt. Yaseen was a bit down but got out of it once he spent sometime with his nephews and nieces. Alls well that ends well. After everyone went to bed, Ahmed and I sat in bed and spoke about not getting involved in my mums decision because it will create problems for us siblings and I don’t want that, my family is my strenght.

After breakfast we all got ready and left to the mall. It was so good to see something different then our house walls. I was getting annoyed just sitting at home. It is so nice to finally see different faces, different things, people would think I was getting out of jail. Saibah was so content, I guess it was the fresh air and change of scenery. I’m a person who can’t sit at home for too long, I like to go out and have fun and not just be stuck at home.

After everyone left Ahmed suggested we visit his Choti khala, to our surprise Ahmed’s parents were there. Actually I wasn’t surprised, we decided not to go in and just drove by. Ahmed said he doesn’t want to take Saibah to see them but they must come see her, I don’t argue with him because no matter what I say he is not going to listen to me. Eventually we ended up by Shiraaz and Sabiha.

Lutfiya was sick in the week, she was admitted to hospital, I couldn’t go see her but I did send my mum and Ahmed to see them. She is doing much better and is back home, lucky it was nothing serious. I called Nomsa and told her if Ahmed’s family come over, she must call us. I was hoping that they make a turn by us, Ahmed would be very upset if they didn’t. They probably decided while they around for the engagement to visit everyone.

I’m not giving it much thought but I can see Ahmed is irritated. He is not even playing with Ebrahim like he usually does, Ebrahim even asks why he doesn’t want to play. Shiraaz is planning a trip away for the weekend, they going to his uncle’s farm and he wants us to join them. Ahmed is not really interested in anything so I tell him we will let him know. 

It would be great to get out for a weekend, we will have to see when Ahmed is in his right frame of mind to decide what he wants to do. We go back home after 2 hours, it’s already past 8pm and his parents haven’t visited us yet. I just hope they come otherwise there’s going to be war, I can’t handle anymore stress. If it’s not my inlaws and their nonsense then it’s someone in my family or my friends that’s got a problem.

I made tea for us, we watched tv, it was past 11pm and they still didn’t come. When it got to 9pm, I knew they wouldn’t be coming but Ahmed was hopeful. He kept saying ‘I’m sure they got held up somewhere’. I didn’t say anything because he would of just got more upset. I took Saibah upstairs and then I got into bed, I left him to wait for them.

I fell asleep waiting for Ahmed to come to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Ahmed sitting on the couch in our room, he said that they didn’t bother to come. I don’t want us to argue so I just say nothing when he says something about his family. At the end our relationship will be affected and they will be care free and happy.


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