Ahmeds grandparents are gone to his fathers sister for the weekend,  they will leave from her house. My mum was busy preparing lunch when I came downstairs. Saibah was still asleep, I was waiting for her to wake up so I could give her a bath before his khala and her family arrived. Ahmed was busy with some work, he hasn’t gone into work for the past week so he needs to finish his work before the weekend.

Ahmed came home just before his khala and her family could arrive. They were so excited to see Saibah. Saibah is the third grandchild on his mothers side and the first on his fathers side. His Choti khala mentioned that this was the first grandchild of the family that she got to hold in her hands. I don’t think she meant to say it but with all the excitement it came out.

I was glad that Saibah and I could change that for her. I asked her why she didn’t come see Saibah before,  we had told her if she ever wants to come to us she just has to call us and we will pick her up. I already knew that my mother-in-law told her not to come, I wanted to see what she had to say. She said they didn’t want to trouble us, she knew we would have alot of visitors.

I could see how uncomfortable they were feeling, she kept shouting her daughter for touching things, even when she got excited to see Saibah and she ran from her seat. I told her so many times to make themselves at home, not to worry about all these petty things. My mum told Choti khala to stop stressing and let the children enjoy themselves, my mum even suggested that after lunch the kids could jump into the pool.

After jummah we had lunch and then Ahmed showed his cousins around and then left them to play. We sat in the lounge and spoke to his khala and kaloo. Ahmed told them that he has found a house for them, he wants them to move by end of the month, he explained that it is a gift from us and no one has to know. We also told them that we would like to pay for the childrens education.

His aunty was in tears, she said she couldn’t accept anything we were offering but she is happy that we thought of them. We tried convincing her but she didn’t want to accept it. My mum did her magic and at the end his khala agreed. Ahmed said that the same agent we got our house from had another house and he wanted me to go with his khala the following week to go see it.

That just made me realise that it would be my first time out of the house since Saibah was born. The kids were enjoying themselves swimming and playing table soccer. They are Ahmeds youngest cousin, so they still in school, well the eldest is in university. Choti khala was asking Ahmed if he heard about the engagement that was taking place this weekend. He hasn’t decided as yet, he told her that I would be alone.

He asked her and she said she heard but they not invited. To her own nieces engagement, I’m shocked, that’s now taking it too far but what can you expect from them. We spent the rest of the day talking and relaxing. After Ahmeds Khala and her family left, we went to bed, Ahmed and I sat up and spoke. We haven’t had our bedtime conversations in a long time.

Saibah has been sleeping and eating well, that means a little more sleep time for me. Ahmed will be busy next week with his China deal and will be home late most of the nights. He has been stressing because I will have to take care of Saibah on my own and my mum will be leaving by the weekend. He stresses for nothing, I’m going to manage just fine.

Soon we have to start preparing for Yaseens wedding. We don’t have much time, his wedding is in September, his inlaws wanted the wedding before eid. I don’t know how we going to manage that. Eid is usually big at my parents, everyone gets together and slaughters at the farm but everything else is at my parents. It will be Humeiras first eid with my family.

Ahmed and I haven’t decided as yet where we spending eid but I’m sure at his parents. We had last eid at my parents so it’s only fair, but I will wait to hear what Ahmed says. My mum, Faheema and Humeira have done most of the shopping and we did some when Ziyaad got married so not much to do. It’s more last minute things that has to be done. My mum wants to have a meeting this weekend thats why everyone is coming over to my place.

Apparently it’s something really important, she hasn’t even told me although my siblings seem to believe I know what’s it all about. I did try to fish it out but my mum said she will tell us all at the same time. She apprently wants Raeesa also around and her parents won’t allow her to come alone so they coming along with her. I just hope it’s not something thats going to create problems.

I have been worried about Safiah, I hope she is doing okay. She is so far that I can’t just go by and check how she is doing. I don’t think it’s right to get strangers involved although I did think of getting Ahmeds friend to go check on her. I promised not to tell her parents, so I am left with waiting until she says something. I did tell her to maybe come to Jo’burg for a few days and we can take it from there.

I’m waiting on an answer from her, so until she doesn’t say anything I’m left worrying about her and praying that she is okay. I haven’t told Ahmed as yet and I don’t know how he will react. I wish she was closer and we could help her, I know if her parents find out they will be so upset with themselves because they introduced them and wanted her to marry Reeza.

It makes you think,  how easy some of us have it. Life is so easy for some and some go through so much of hardship. We never think twice to complain because we not aware about the difficulties others are having. We quick to judge and make statements like ‘she should just leave, it’s sometimes her fault,’ it’s not so easy to just walk away. Sometimes people have their reasons to stay in an abusive marriage.

I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, I guess I will never know unless it happens to me. I have had my share of problems but I’ve always had my parents and family by my side. I was always independant and even today when I have left my job to be with my daughter, I still am independant. I support myself and Ahmed takes care of the house expenses and everything for Saibah.

I made that deal with Ahmed because I don’t want his family to feel he is giving me money and not them although he fully supports them. His sisters don’t know what it is to work, they don’t have the experience of what life is out of their disney land. All they do is shop and spend money on unnecessary entertainment. If all their luxuries were taken away they wouldn’t know what to do.


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