Zinat and I sat in my room, catching up on all the gossip. I told her about Safiah and how worried I was for her. Safiah has never had a good life, she has always struggled in life and when she finally got some happiness,  it’s being snatched away. Zinat also agrees that there is something strange in her story. I feel so helpless, I’m so far away from her. Zinat suggested I speak to Ahmed, maybe he could do something.

I haven’t considered that, maybe I should speak to him and see maybe he has a solution. I was thinking of telling Safiah to come to us for a few days, maybe that will be best. She hasn’t told her parents so she can’t confide in them. I feel so bad for her, all she has done is love this guy and in return he cheats on her. She has given up her life with her parents,  her job,  her independence all for a man who doesn’t  care.

Sameer and Ahmed go out for a bit, Ahmed is getting worked up being at home all the time so I told Sameer to take him out. They went to play some golf,  that always relaxes Ahmed. Ahmeds grandparents went to his fathers sister to spend the day with them,  so my mum, Zinat and I sat and spoke. They were telling me all about the town gossip, who broke up with who, all the new drama around our neighbours engagement.

My mum has been away for just over a month so she doesn’t know the latest news so Zinat was filling her in. That’s life in a small town, everyone knows everyones business. You can’t hide anything, if you want time away you can’t go to the mall or coffee shop, you have to go out of town. I heard my dad last weekend talk about a few youngsters who were caught dealing in drugs. Zinat gave us the whole load down.

When Ahmed and Sameer got back we ordered takeouts and then sat to watch a movie or atleast they sat to watch a movie. I haven’t had time to sit and watch a full tv programme, I don’t even know what’s happening in the indian series. I sit for few minutes and then Saibah cries, it’s like she just knows the right time to perform, we finally getting into a routine and I’m getting use to working around her sleeping and eating times.

Zinat has been enjoying playing with Saibah, Ahmeds Dadi told her she must have her own soon because she can see that Zinat loves children. “You don’t want to grow up old and children, rather grow with your children,” she said. Zinat has been having difficulty falling pregnant,  they’ve been to many doctors and all of them say that everything is fine. I think she just needs to be patient and let things happen on it’s own.

I have thought of something since our first trip to meet Ahmeds family here in lenz, the trip we made with his parents made me see how his Choti Khala was treated and even at the wedding we attended a few weeks after our wedding. They are struggling and none of the sisters have helped them. They live in a house which its 20 years existence has taken a toll on it. They don’t have money for repairs and it’s not their own place.

Their landlord doesn’t care if the roof would collapse on them. He doesn’t do any repairs and told them if they wanted they should do it on their own. They barely make enough to get through the month and he expects them to pay for repairs. I haven’t spoken to ahmed as yet because we’ve always had our own set of problems. Now that things are settled with us, I think I need to speak to him.

Ahmed has been out all day, he had to attend to some work. I spoke to my mum about his Choti khala, just to get her advice to see if I’m doing the right thing. I made sure his grandparents don’t hear us talking. We have to be very discreet about it, I don’t want my mother-in-law to know about it because she will never approve. I know she use to give her brother money but that was supporting his gambling habit.

Ahmed put a stop to that so she might take objection to us getting his aunty a decent house. His aunty is such a humble person, she is so sweet and lovable, I don’t know why my mother-in-law dislikes her own sister. It could be something from their past and I don’t want to get involved in all that. I just want to do something nice for his khala, she deserves that much after all that she has gone through and so does her kids.

Ahmeds grandparents and Zinat and Sameer left today. The house is gone so quiet, we have had a full house everyday for the past few weeks and now all this silence. I don’t know how people handle silence, I like at least some noise, I usually leave the tv on just to have that noise in the back round. My mum says that I will want the silence from now on but I doubt it.

Ahmed got home just after Asr, we had tea and then I spoke to him about his Choti khala, obviously not in the presence of my mum. My mum took Saibah for a nappy change so it was the perfect time. I told him that I would like us to get them a decent house that they can live comfortably in and they don’t have to stress about rent and can use that money elsewhere.

Her kids are intellegent and work hard to get bursaries but I told him that we can offer to help them with their education as well. He said he thought it was a good idea but will think about it. He is worried about his mothers reaction. My mum came into the kitchen so we changed the topic. I didn’t want Ahmed to know I discussed everything with my mum.

I hope he decides to help his khala, I know if it was one of my family members, my family would help long time ago. I really don’t understand his family, they will support the wrong but not the right. They too worried about class and what people will say. My mother-in-law always criticises others, she has to take a good look at herself and her daughters.

While we were sitting in the lounge Ahmed told my mum about what I want to do for his khala, my mum listened like she never knew about it. Then he asked her what she thinks he should do. She said she didn’t want anyone to know that she has said this because it would create problem but she feels that he should help his khala and her family, it should of been done long ago. My mum also suggested we make her know it’s not any form of charity because it would just hurt her.

We decided to call them friday for lunch and then tell them. Ahmed called his khala after supper and invited her over. She first refused and said how can I come to your house, but he insisted until she gave in. She hasn’t come to see Saibah as yet, I heard from Ahmeds uncle that his mother told her not to go near their grandchild. Really,  their grandchild,  they’ve shown us enough about how much they care for their grandchild.

Ahmed wants my mum around when he tells his khala, he feels if she refuses atleast my mum will help us persuade her. My mum doesn’t want to be in the way and feels Ahmeds aunty will be uncomfortable. I also think my mum can be of help to us.


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