Safiah called today, she has been missing us alot. She misses Jo’burg and her parents alot. Reeza has been busy at the office and has been working until odd hours of the morning and sometimes doesn’t come home for a day or so. I find that very strange, how can they be working so much that he doesn’t even come home. She was saying that she has not spent one weekend with him.

He is always out and tells her he is at work. Why has she let it go this far, she should of asked him long ago. I mean really,  he wouldn’t come home for a change of clothes or a quick shower. Not even a call from him,  maybe it’s just my thinking but I don’t think things are what she says they are. I smell a rat and I’m sure it’s what I think it is but I don’t want to cause any problems for her so I didn’t say anything.

Sabiha has been coming around to give me tips on how she does things to make things easier when my mum is gone. I am at home the whole day and I have Nomsa and Thandi to do the rest of the work. It’s just taking care of Saibah and managing the house bwtween my battle to get some rest. I’m sure I’ll manage, I always stress before I even can try. Ahmed is also around to help, it’s not like it’s such a huge problem.

Ahmeds grandparents are coming to stay with us for a week. They will be here today, my mum’s busy in the kitchen cooking lunch and supper, Ahmed went to get somethings that his grandparents have, like his Dadi only drinks rooibos tea, his Dada loves cream crackers. My mum is stressing that she won’t do a good job looking after his grandparents. They so easy going,his Dadi does her own work, she doesn’t depend on anyone.

They were so excited to finally see Saibah, they love the name we’ve chosen. His Dadi is so overjoyed, She keeps saying she can’t believe she is now a great granny. They would of come earlier but she was cooking for Ahmeds family. His sisters are so big but yet they can’t do anything for themselves. They always clued to their cellphones, never pay attention to anything.

I feel my mum sorry she has been busy the whole day entertaining all our visitors. Ahmeds family have been coming to see his grandparents. I am not much help with seeing to Saibah and trying to get the door. Eventually I made Nomsa answer the door and I left Saibah with Dadi when I could. Ahmed had to attend an emergency meeting regarding the trip he cancelled to China.

The deal can only be signed by him and has to be done soon or they might lose the deal. His friends in China somehow finally got the paper to SA and he could sign them. He came home quite late, everyone was already gone to bed, I waited up as usual, I can’t sleep until Ahmed is home. It’s senseless even trying I would only get about 5 minutes sleep and then wake up worrying.

Ahmed was exhausted so he jumped straight into bed. Saibah just woke up then, I checked on her and then went to bed. I think Ahmed forgot he was suppose to sleep in the guestroom, he’s not going to get much sleep with Saibah. I hear noises in the room, I wake up to see what’s happening. I hear Ahmed say, “All changed and clean my angel, daddy loves you.”

His first nappy change, he is obviously all excited, Saibah was crying so he thought she might be hungry but decided to check her nappy and didn’t want to wake me because he thinks I need the sleep. It was so sweet and thoughtful of him. I had to wake up because Saibah needed to be fed as well, Ahmed brought her to the bed. He wanted to lay next to her after I fed her.

It was almost time for Fajr so it was no use going back to sleep. We sat and spoke about his China deal, his cousins upcoming engagement and then I thought I would give it a try and ask him to call his parents. Just to see how they were doing, I think it doesn’t matter anymore if they come or not. We did our duty and told them the news and it’s up to them to decide. Maybe his mum needs all the help she can get.

We not there, we don’t know the situation. It’s his parents after all, he has to speak to them at some point. He ignores me and starts playing with Saibah. She is wide awake enjoying dads attention, wrapping her small tiny fingers on daddys finger. I left talking to Ahmed about his parents he’s not going to take the first step, I will have to do it for him, let’s hope he doesn’t get upset.

I call my inlaws after breakfast, Ahmed is home today so he sees me on the phone. I speak to both my mother-in-law and father-in-law, they were doing good and were happy that I called, Ahmed also spoke to them. My mum and Ahmeds Dadi were so proud of me for taking the right step. I’m glad we got it over with and can now move on, it was something that was keeping us stressed.

It’s nice having Ahmed around for the day, he entertained his grandparents, my mum got some rest and I just enjoyed my day with my family. Imraan, Rizwana, Farzeen and Sakina came to see Saibah and I, Uncle Abdullah and aunty Rubina were here the weekend. I had fun catching up with them on all the exciting things that is happening in their lives. I miss the old days in my old apartment, our daily mischief and all the fun.

Ahmed thanked me for calling his parents, he said he felt proud of me. He didn’t know what to say to them and thought that if they cared they would of called. I don’t understand people and their ego, it complicates life and life is so simple. You don’t know something ask, want to know how someone feels ask, the problem is that we have gotten so use to assuming things that it clouds our judgement. 

We don’t think to confirm by asking the person, communication is a solution to all problems. Ahmed told his parents to come this weekend and spend few days with us. I hope they decide to come, Ahmed will be heart sore if they don’t come. Saibah will be a month old and his parents and sisters haven’t seen her, I can only imagine how he must be feeling.

I’m sure I can hear Zinats voice, I’m upstairs in my room busy with Saibah, I don’t know if I’m imagining her voice or if she is really here. I’ve been missing her alot these past few days, maybe that’s why it sounds like I can hear her. I carry on with Saibah and then there it was again my bestie shouting in my house, not giving a damn if anyone doesn’t approve of her loudness.

Yes it is Zinat, she was thinking of me for the past few days so she told, no she insisted that Sameer bring her to see me. She said even if she has to sleep outside she was still coming. She is one crazy friend, my life would be colourless and humourless without her. She doesn’t care that I’m busy changing Saibah, she just crabs her and Saibah teaches her a good lesson by weeing on her.

I just stood there and laughed and told her she deserved it. Zinat and Sameer were here for the weekend. Atleast Ahmed will have someone to help him take his kind of things. Shiraaz is around but Ahmed doesn’t confide everything to him. He feels somethings should be private or only shared with special friends.


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