I didn’t get much sleep last night and nor did Ahmed, we were awake every few hours for Saibah. I don’t know if I’m going to get use to this but I need full 8 hours sleep otherwise I’m going to be a walking zombie. It’s already 7am and I can’t go back to sleep, we getting a whole lot of visitors today and there’s so much to do. I quickly get into the shower before Saibah wakes up again, I go downstairs to see what I can do.

Humeira, Faheema and my mum were already busy working. I hear Ahmed calling out for me, his going all hysterical, Saibah is crying and he doesn’t know what to do. I want to laugh but I don’t want to discourage him before he even learns what to do. Ahmed gets ready while I see to Saibah, then we go downstairs for breakfast. Thanks to our huge dining room, otherwise I would be left eating alone inside.

My uncles will all be here at 11, so we don’t have alot of time to get things sorted outside. Shiraaz and Sabiha were here just after breakfast to help. Humeiras parents and Raeesa and her parents will also be coming today. We having a big lunch thing happening since everyone is from out of town. I had a lovely lady that a friend told me about to do the sinni, She was anyways going to drop it off today so it worked out perfect.

While Saibah was asleep, I tried to get some sleep too before everyone could arrive. I fell into such a deep sleep although I barely got 2 hours of sleep with all the noise in the house. My mum came to see if I was awake, all our guest have arrived and were eagerly waiting to see Saibah and I. Yaseen came to help me cart all Saibahs things downstairs so I didn’t have to go up and down the stairs the whole day.

I decided to use the toy room downstairs as  a nursery as well. It helps alot, otherwise I would be running up and down the stairs all day long. There’s only one benefit to that, I would loose all the baby fat. We were showered with hugs, love and gifts the whole day. It was so nice having everyone around. With all that’s happening I forgot to ask Ahmed if he has had contact with his father.

I sent Yaseen to call him but he didn’t come, I haven’t seen much of him today, his been so busy entertaining everyone and making sure everyone is comfortable. After everyone left I got a chance to speak to him. He has been trying to get hold of his family but he always misses them. His Dadi said that his mother is doing much better and will be discharged soon.

My mum will be staying with me for a while so I told Ahmed that he could go see his mum if he wanted, even when she gets discharged. Baby and I can’t leave the house for 40 days, so we can’t go with him. I guess he will decide when everyone is gone. My dad and brothers are leaving tomorrow, Faheema and her family will be leaving on Monday.

These past few days have been a rollercoaster. We haven’t yet gotten into a routine, no one said being a mum is so draining and difficult. I haven’t slept for more then 2 to 3 hours at a time and I haven’t had a moment to myself. Some times you just go to do something and baby cries, either a nappy change or for a feed. I’m glad my mum is here to help and Nomsa and Thandi are such a big help.

We’ve decided for a few days Ahmed will sleep in the guestroom. He has been having just as little sleep as I have been getting and he is finding it difficult to concentrate on business. My dad, Ziyaad and Humeira will be coming to visit this weekend, Yaseen is staying behind to take care of the shop. Ahmed and my mum go do all our monthly grocery shopping, I sat at home hoping it wouldn’t turn into a disaster.

While they were still out shopping my dad and them arrived. It was so nice to see them. My family have been such a strong support to Ahmed and I, they always ready to help us out. I must say that although being a new mum is draining but I’m enjoying every moment of it and I think it’s made easier with all the help. I am so grateful for all the special people I have in my life, including my domestics who are a blessing to me.

My inlaws haven’t contacted us as yet, Ahmeds Dadi called to tell us that his mother was discharged but that was last week. Ahmed has tried to call but there was no answer and he sent messages but got no replies, he says his father or sisters should of atleast called to congratulate us, It is their first grandchild. It’s been bothering me because I expect atleast one call to find out how we doing at least.

He is becoming very protective of Saibah, he feels if someone can’t give her the attention they not worth his attention, I don’t think that’s right though. He appreciates all that my family has done and even spoke to my mum telling her how much he appreciates all that she has done for us. I’m thinking of giving Ahmeds parents a call, maybe they waiting for us to take the first step.

Humeira has been helping alot today, atleast I’ve gotten more then 4 hours of sleep, I feel so much better. I have to start managing on my own, soon my mum will be going back. I’m sure I’ll manage but I have this fear at the back of my head that I’m going to be a disaster. My mum keeps assuring me that I will have everything under control.

Ahmeds Khala came over to give us an invitation to her daughters engagement which is taking place in two weeks time. We haven’t decided as yet what we going to do because I still am under house arrest and will be at the time of the engagement. It’s not taking place in Lenzs, it’s something we have to think about. My mum will be going back and I will be home alone if Ahmed goes.

With all the drama in my life I have forgotten to mention, three month ago Sabiha gave birth to a beatiful baby girl Lutfiya. She is such a beautiful baby just like my Saibah. It will be so nice to see them grow up together. Ebrahim has been jealous of both Lutfiya and Saibah, he says straight he doesn’t like them. He now doesn’t come anywhere near me when I have Saibah in my hand.

Ahmed has been getting annoyed at everything and I don’t know what it is. At first I thought it was because of lack of sleep but he has had two full nights sleep since he started sleeping in a separate room. I haven’t asked him because we’ve had a busy weekend and I don’t want him to take it out on me. Ahmeds grandparents will be coming tomorrow. They haven’t seen Saibah since she was born, it’s already three weeks.

My inlaws won’t be coming, apparently my mother-in-law is still weak. I don’t want to say anything to Ahmed, but at least his sisters should of came. I feel that they don’t want to come and they don’t care. As much as I would like to ignore their actions and say I don’t care, I can’t because they an important part of Ahmeds life and now Saibahs.



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