Ahmed got back in the early parts of the morning, I was asleep when he got home. I woke up this morning all excited for Ebrahims birthday party. This child has been such an important person in our lives, he is just the most lovable person. I got ready and decided to go over to Sabiha and see what I could do to help her. Ahmed was still asleep so I left him.

Sabiha was really organised, she had everything already sorted out, all that was left was to set the tables with all the lekker goodies. The party was at 2pm so we had enough time, I told Sabiha I would be back later to help her set the tables. I went back home and Mr was awake, screaming at Nomsa for not knowing where I was.

Me: Shew! Some people can cause havoc and make a fuss over nothing. What happen? Why you screaming at Nomsa?

Ahmed: Saaj, you can’t leave the house like that. I was worried sick, Nomsa didn’t know where you went and I couldn’t find you around the house.

I calmed him down and then shouted at him for over-reacting, I mean really, I can’t  even go out for a few minutes and he starts shouting at everyone. We have breakfast and then go to Sabiha and Shiraaz. Shiraaz’s parents were coming today from durban, so he had to fetch them at the airport, leaving Sabiha to do all the work.

After lunch all their guest started to arrive, Ebrahim was over-joyed especially with all the attention he was receiving. The party went well, we had loads of fun, their families were so friendly and full of fun and mischief. When we get home Ahmeds cousin is waiting outside, I wonder what they want because I did tell her last night when she was dropping me off that we won’t be around.

I hope she hasn’t come to tell Ahmed what she heard or find out if I told him. I don’t want any problems between us. Ahmed welcomes them in and I get them some snacks and juice. Nomsa tells me she called the house phone three times to find out if we were home and they told her we not and she has been waiting outside for the past hour.

Thats craziness, I go to the lounge and hear her telling Ahmed about what she heard and she also tells him that she told me about it. Ahmed looks at me like he questioned me in his mind as to why I didn’t tell him if I knew. I walk in the room and immediately say, if this new is true then it’s up to Ahmeds parents to tell us themselves.

I wasn’t going to let some third peraon with such a disgusting thinking to ruin things between Ahmed and his family or Ahmed and I. I can’t believe this woman, oh wait I can, she has the same blood running through her veins as Ahmeds mother. I should of known that she was out to make trouble. We don’t tell Ahmeds parents or anyone for that matter all our matters so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

I call Ahmed to the kitchen and tell him that we should wait until his parents personally tell us that they looking for a boy for Sumaya and that his cousin did tell me last night and she is here to make trouble between us. Ahmed went back into the lounge and told his cousin that his parents will tell him when they want and it doesn’t bother us. She is shocked and leave, I don’t know what I would of done if Ahmed reacted with anger.

Ahmed and I make plans for tomorrow, we decide to go for a picnic in the afternoon and then relax at home in the evening and Monday. I pack our picnic basket with what I can, put the ice packs in the freezer and drinks in the fridge. We sat in bed talking about how Ahmeds cousin tried to make trouble for us, we also spoke about how we would like to bring up our child and the values and morals we would like to instill in our child.

I hear the phone ring, I look at the clock, it’s three in the morning. Who could be calling at this time? I pick up the phone, it’s Ahmeds father. I wake Ahmed up and pass the phone to him. While Ahmed was speaking to his father, I sat in bed thinking what could of happened that his father called at such a time. When Ahmed got of the phone I asked him what had happened.

Ahmeds mother had a stroke and was being admitted to hospital. I tell Ahmed to leave immediately, unfortunately I can’t go with him. I packed his bag and he left, I called my parents later in the day to let them know. My mum was worried about me being alone so close to my due date. I told her i would be okay and that Ahmed was returning by Monday.

I called Ahmed during the day, he said his mother was not doing too good and that he will have to cancel his China trip and stay with his family for few more days. I was anyways going to be alone from Tuesday so I didn’t have a problem with it. I didn’t let anyone know otherwise my family would be here on the first flight. I didn’t contact him after that, I know with all the running around he must be tired.

It’s been four days now and finally Ahmed messaged me this morning saying that the doctors were doing some more tests, they have to keep his mother for few more days and then move her to a rehabilitation centre, which could take up to a month. I didn’t  want to pressurise Ahmed into a decission, so I didn’t ask if he was planning to stay there any longer.

My doctor has given me a due date for next week. Ahmed has probably forgotten and with all this tension I don’t want to bother him. I will have to manage on my own, I have family and friends around who would help if I needed it. My mum is planning on coming this week, she said before that she would come a week before my due date. I haven’t told them that Ahmed is still at his parents place.

Its been two weeks already and we’ve spoken to each other thrice in these two weeks. I don’t even know whats happening with his mother and what are his plans. I don’t know if I should ask him or not. Today I have this uneasy feeling, I’m stuck and don’t know how to get out of a hole I probably made myself. How am I going to explain to my parents that my husband hasn’t been home for the past two weeks.

I know they will understand that his mother is sick but my mum will only focus on me being pregnant and at such a stage where he should be around. So Ahmed called me this morning, they moving his mother to rehab and he wants to stay until she is settled. He asks me if it’s okay, what does he expect me to say? Yes his mother is sick and he had to go see her, him being there is not going to change anything not like he can do anything for her.

I tell him to do what he feels is right, before I can remind him that our child will come into this world any day soon, he cuts the call. I’m guessing he is upset because I didn’t give him a straight answer. Sitting in bed I decided to tell my parents to rather come the weekend instead of Monday. I will call them in the morning and see what they say.


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