We sent my parents early to the hall so they could welcome the guests. Zinat also went to hall instead of coming to the house, which helped alot. She managed to check on the caterers and checked if everything was still how we left it. Zinat called us and told us when the hall was full so we could come with Ziyaad and Humeira.

The walima went off amazingly well and everyone was happy. We were definetely exhausted but had to entertain alot of the guest after the walima. I don’t know how but alot of the guests ended up coming to the house after. Everyone left after Asr so we could finally change and be comfortable. Ziyaad and Humeira spent the night at the hotel and left to Mauritius this morning.

They came home first to greet us and then we had Ahmeds driver take them to the Airport. Their flight was for 3pm but they had to be there earlier. Ahmed decided that we should stay a few more days and then only go back home. He got Shuaib to also agree on staying a few more days. My parents were just too excited to have us all stay.

There was alot of sorting out today but I had no energy. I couldn’t do most of the things because most of the work required lifting things or pushing heavy boxes so I decided to just take it easy and do whatever I could in the kitchen. We all enjoyed the few days just being at home, relaxing and enjoying each others company. I think mostly it was just a recuperating time for us all.

Zinat and I went out for lunch today, just the two of us. We had alot of catching up to do. Her inlaws were coming soon to live with them for a few months. I don’t really know them on a personal level but Zinat says her father-in-law is a nice man with a big heart and her mother-in-law is a tyrant. She always looks for faults and wants things her way but she doesn’t impose her ways on Zinat.

After lunch we went to my mums and joined everyone for tea and a debate about soccer and cricket. I’ve noticed for a few days Yaseen hasn’t been himself and it’s been worrying both Faheema and I. I got Ahmed to speak to him but he didn’t say much. We decided to leave it for a few days and then see if anything changes.

Ahmed is enjoying himself at my parents and doesn’t seem to want to go back home. I don’t mind, I mean which married woman wouldn’t want to spend time at her parents place. Although my parents live in a small town we have everything to keep the young and old entertained and the community is also close. I think what makes it all the better is that our extended family are closeby.

Although we all were enjoying our holiday,it was time to go back to our homes. It’s always sad leaving your family behind especially after being together for so many days. Ahmed and I have been working on our marriage. It’s been a good few weeks, with no arguments or inteference from anyone. We getting into a routine like normal couples, although I must say somedays are more hectic then others.

We’ve gone through alot of problems and came out of them just fine, I wake up everyday praying that we stay the way we are now and nothing comes between the strong bond we’ve  built. Ahmed leaves to China soon for a few days,unfortunately I can’t join him, my doctor has advised me not to travel far. I’m okay with staying alone, I think it will do me good.

Sabiha and Shiraaz are just two doors away so I got nothing to worry about and Nomsa and Thandi are in the yard the whole time. Nomsa has been taking very good care of me recently. Ahmed arranges with my cousin to stay with me for the time he is gone, I don’t think its necessary but I don’t have the energy to argue with him.

Sabiha came over today, she invited Ahmed and I for Ebrahims birthday party, he will be turning two. It’s this weekend and we have no plans so we got no excuse to not go. She is having his party a week early because Ahmed won’t be around when it’s Ebrahims actual birthday, which is next week Friday. I offer to bake some goodies and help her but she refuses to take my help and tells me to rest.

I think I’ve been having enough rest to last me a lifetime. All I do everyday is rest, at home Nomsa and Thando don’t let me do anything during the day, when Ahmed comes home he doesn’t let me do anything. He even refuses that I go into the kitchen, which is one thing that gives me a break from resting. He complains but he enjoys when I cook or bake something special.

Ahmeds khala (mothers sister) came to visit today. I don’t tell her much because she reports everything to my mother-in-law. I keep our conversation on general topics like things i hear on the news, cost of living and so on. She always tries to get me to gossip about my inlaws  but I’m always alert. She has all my mother-in-law’s habits so I’m use to her ways and know exactly what she is up to.

Ahmed decided to stay home a couple days to spend time with me before his trip. We relax at home and then go for a little shopping. The prices of abayas are getting ridiculous, I really liked one but the price nearly had me faint. This weekend is a long weekend, Friday night we have a get together at Ahmeds cousins house and then Saturday we got Ebrahims birthday party.

Sunday and Monday we plan to stay at home and spend sometime together. Ahmed is leaving on Tuesday and will only be back the following Wednesday. I spent this morning baking and then after lunch got to packing Ahmeds bags for his trip, while he did some final preparations for his trip. Some of Ahmeds friends came over in the evening, they watched the soccer and left me sitting bored. Soccer is not really my thing, I prefer cricket.

I hate when his friends come over, the ones that are married leave their wives at home to look after the kids, they always pitching up unannounced and also make a huge mess in our house. I know, I know I’m not suppose to complain about visitors they bring barakah to you house but I can’t handle the noise and mess they make.

Finally the weekend is here, well Friday is here technically. We have a braai at Ahmeds cousin today so I made a pasta salad and my famous oreo dessert. It was a braai for only the cousins, non of the elders were invited so it was nice. All the cousins getting to spend time together and having fun. Ahmed completely forgot about me when he was with his cousins, I didn’t mind though I was having fun myself.

After the braai some of the guys played monopoly. I hate monopoly, it’s such a long game, I always end up bored and losing. Ahmed was still enjoying himself and i was tired and my mum warned me not to be out at midnight so I got one of Ahmeds cousins drop me off at home. On our way home, she told me something interesting but I don’t know if I should believe her. Sometimes they just tell you these things to create problems.

If it’s true then Ahmed will be upset, but to me it would be good news. At least it would keep one of my sister-in-laws busy and out of my business. I’m not going to tell Ahmed, it’s something his mother has to come forward and say.


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