We had to be at the hall before Maghrib. We all got into our respective cars and went to the hall. Ahmed hired a limo for Ziyaad and his friends. When we got to the hall, we made Ziyaad and his friends wait in the car. Ahmed called Humeira’s father and informed him that we arrived so they could get ready and we could walk in.

Ziyaad called to tell me that I didn’t have to walk with him down the aisle. He said that he knew I was sick and my health is more important but I insisted that I would walk with him after I walked with Ahmed. It was his only request that he wanted his sisters to walk in with him. I didn’t want to take that away from him.

When we got to the door,  Humeira’s mother fed Ziyaad  milkshake and then only could we make our entrance. The music started and my mum and dad walked in, then Faheema and Shuaib followed by Ahmed and I, Yaseen walked in with Raeesa, thereafter Zinat and Sameer walked in. Faheema and I then went to get Ziyaad who was patiently waiting outside.

We stood at the door and the music went on for Faaiza, Faeez, Moinudeen and Sabiha. Everyone commented on how cute and lovely they looked. Then we walked in with Ziyaad. Everyone turned to catch a glimpse of the groom. We walked in and Ziyaad’s friends walked behind us, while the song from Jodha Akbar played.

We walked him until the stage where my parents were waiting for him. He went to my Dadi and greeted her and then greeted Humeira’s parents and grandparents. Then my parents walked him up to the stage. Not long after Humeira walked in with her parents. She didn’t have a lengthy walk in like our family did.

She wore a lovely light pink Indian lengha with lovely work done in gold and pink. The dupatta was just as heavy which she wore half on her head and half around her one arm. She had a light pink scarf on to match her outfit. Ziyaad had a cream and gold sherwani to compliment her outfit, with a gold scarf around his neck.

She had four flower girls that walked in front of her. Miniature bride and groom behind the flower girls and then she walked in with her parents.  She is the only child so I think she didn’t want to take some cousins and offend the rest. Our two families greeted each other and then we were escorted to our seats.

Just in time because I would of probably collapsed, although I was wearing a flat sandal, I still felt a bit weak. I didn’t walk around and check on guests. I left that to Zinat and Faheema and my parents. I sat with my Dadi and then went to sit a little with my in-laws after supper was served.

Humeira’s parents came to greet me and see how I was doing. They even suggested that they would send Humeira and Ziyaad down the stage to greet me and take a photo with me. I wasn’t that sick that I couldn’t go up the stage to greet my brother and his wife.

After the guests had satisfied their tummies with desserts and tea and photos were taken. We left the hall to go to Humeira’s house. We didn’t take everyone with, we sent most of the family with Zinat to the house. It was just our family, my in-laws, Raeesa and her parents and my eldest uncle and his wife from my mums side and my uncle from my dad’s side with his wife.

We sat for a while and then they took Humeira to the room. All her family went to greet her in her room. They laid out a table outside with refreshments, but we were still stuffed from the wedding and it was quite late to put down coldrinks and cakes. After the bidai, we went home with the bride and groom.

They met all the family that were waiting at home and then Ahmed and Shuaib took them to the lodge that they were booked out at. The guest sat around the house all making themselves comfortable. The ladies taking off their jewellery and shoes and some of them even their scarves. I went upstairs and changed into something more comfortable.

Zinat and Sabiha made tea for everyone, the men sat in the TV room watching the cricket and the ladies sat in the guest lounge gossiping about the people at the wedding. “Did you see that women with the orange sari, she is so fat and the sari didn’t look good on her.” I wonder if half these women look at how they dress.

We have the walima tomorrow and everyone is sitting like we can wake up late. Slowly everyone started to leave,  thanks to my in-laws who made the start. We ended up going to bed just before 2 am. We were absolutely exhausted. I couldn’t wait to put my head on my pillow and just fall asleep. Well I was hoping I could, it use to be like that before my pregnancy.

Now it takes me at least and hour or so to fall asleep. I dont know what time I fell asleep but I was awake by fajr and couldn’t go back to sleep. I showered and got dressed and started sorting out the things we needed to take to the hall. Then I got things ready for breakfast.

I had Maria and the two shop boys my dad called to help us for the weekend, to set the tables for breakfast and put all the things that needed to go to the hall into the car. By 8am everyone was awake and ready. We sent Yaseen to fetch Ziyaad and Humeira for breakfast. Faheema and I quickly made breakfast for everyone and then we went with Ahmed and Shuaib to the hall.

We did the final touches and left the rest for the caterers. We were not long there,  we got home and all my mums and dads family were there sitting and chatting to Humeira and Ziyaad. The Walima starts at 11:30 am but knowing indians everyone will only pitch up after that. After breakfast, everyone went home to get dressed.

Faheema and I took Humeira to Ziyaads room and Ziyaad used Yaseens room to get ready. She wanted our help with dressing her so we stayed and helped her. When everyone was ready and came downstairs, the Moulana read a short dua and salaami and then we left to the hall.


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