My Diary Affair Summary

At my best friend Zinats wedding, I met Asad, he is Zinats cousin Muneers friend. Asad is attracted to me and makes it known, at first i don’t take a liking to him but later start liking him. We get back from the wedding and my sister and her family come over to visit. My brother-in-law announces that he has a good suitor for me and has taken it upon himself to invite this boy Ridhwaan and his family over. Ridhwaan and his family come over, hearing this Asad calls my dad and arranges to also come with a proposal.

Ridhwaan came over to my house to get to know me a bit more, Asad found out and we have a huge argument, so I decide not to see Asad again. Ridhwaan and I start spending more time together. Asad decides he wants to be part of my life and gets his parents to call mine and arrange a time to come see us. My brothers and I plan a weekend with Zinat and her husband Sameer, we invite Ridhwaan and Zinat invites Muneer and Asad.

Things don’t go to well, Asad and Ridhwaan were upset at me and me at them. Asad and Zinat meet at a coffee shop and I spot them but ignore them, which causes Zinat and I to have an argument. I call Asad and Ridhwaan and tell them I want nothing more then friendship. I have a business trip that I go on and meet our client Mr Khan and his wonderful family.

When i get back my boss offered me a post in our Jhb branch, i take the offer and move to Jhb. I stayed in a company apartment, next to my dads cousin Uncle Abdullah, wife Aunty Rubina and 3 children Imraan, Farzeen and Rizwana. Mr Khan comes to Jhb for business and we meet up, we spend a few days together and realise we have feelings for each other. We tell our families about our feelings, soon Ahmed brings his parents with a proposal.

My brother Yaseen comes to visit with the intention of meeting his girlfriend secretly, I find out and tell my parents. An ex-girlfriend of Ahmeds finds out about him getting married and decides to get him back, which causes problems between us. Ahmed was leaving to Australia for a month for business, he spoke to my dad about having our engagement when he returns.

After a misunderstanding caused by his ex, Ahmed decides to come back to SA earlier and sort things out, so he gets a restraining order against his ex, which his family didn’t approve of and started to blame me. Ahmeds sisters caused trouble and Ahmed and I were upset at each other. I decided to disappear for few days and have no contact with anyone. We finally sorted out our differences and three days later we were off to my parents for our engagement.

We return to Jhb after our engagement, the following week was my friend Safiah and Reezas engagement and wedding. Before we know it problems knock on our door again, we left to decide between family and us, at the end we choose my family. Ahmed decides to teach his ex a lesson, she was in town, so he pretended like he broke things off with me to be with her, he told her the truth after playing with her feelings, which taught her a lesson.

Ahmeds father found out about all the horrible things his mother and sisters did to me and decided to meet at my parents to sort things out, a huge argument occurs and makes me decide to call off our engagement, but Ahmed refuses. Ahmed tells my dad that he wants us to get married before any other problems come up. My family have a meeting and everyone agrees. After two weeks Ahmed and I get married.

Ahmeds parents come stay with us for a few days which turned into a nightmare, their surprise to buy us a house and have all our belongings moved turns out to be a disaster and causes problems between Ahmed and I, we sort out things as usual. My dad decides that my brother Ziyaad should get married to a girl of my dads choice, we all disagree after meeting her and Ziyaad confesses about his feelings for my dads friends daughter. Ziyaad and Humeira get engaged, Ahmed and I went on a holiday, his mother got sick so we had to go back home.

Yaseen and Raeesa also get engaged. Ahmeds parents come again to stay for a few days, this time leaving me to take a drastic step and decide on a divorce. I get sick and hospitalised, Ahmed comes to see me, the doctor tells us that I’m pregnant. Ahmed and I sort things out. Ahmed wants me to resign so I do and become a full time housewife. We buy a new house and move to lenasia. Few weeks after we attend a wedding in Ahmeds family, where Ahmed and his mother end up having and argument.

They don’t speak for 1 1/2 months. I take him to see his family and apologise to his mother, and they finally apologise and forget their differences. Ahmeds cousin from London makes an entry into our lives. He freaks me out and leaves us in a dangerous position. We get rid of him by anonymously tipping off the police. Ziyaads wedding finally comes and so does the sixth month of my pregnancy.


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