The wedding day has finally arrived, I’m not feeling too good today. I think it’s all the exhaustion. Ahmed and my mum told me to not overdo things and to relax during the day but I feel so bad that everyone else is busy doing something. Plus it’s my brothers wedding, he did so much for me and for my wedding it’s the least I can do.

My mum orders me to sleep for a little longer. She says maybe I will be a bit okay if I get more sleep. I layer in bed not able to fall asleep, someone knocks on the door. My mum told Ziyaad that I wasn’t feeling too well so he came to see me. He told me to get rest and some sleep. I woke up in a shock, remembering I had something very important to do.

I looked at the time and it was already 11:30 am. I could hear everyone outside speaking, I felt a bit better but still in a daze. I didn’t want to go in front of everyone looking like a ghost, so I messaged Ahmed and Faheema, in case one of them never read my message which said, “come to the room.” That obviously sent them both to the room in ligtnening speed.

I didn’t really think before sending the message to actually say why I was calling them. The both entered the door in such a speed, asking what was wrong. I aplogised after realising that I had them in panic. After we were settled, I explained to them that I didn’t want to come out as yet because I was still feeling a bit dazed and that I didn’t want anyone seeing me looking like a ghost.
Ahmed sat with me, Faheema went downstairs and prepared breakfast for me and brought it to my room. Everyone asked where I was and she told them not to disturb me, I was not feeling well. While I was having breakfast the news of me being ill spread and before I knew it everyone was in the room checking how I was.

After breakfast, I went to shower, Ahmed waited in the room because he was afraid I would fall or injure myself. He refused to leave me although I told him there’s so much work to do. He said, ‘ there are plenty hands to help.’ I couldn’t argue with him. I decided to go downstairs and sit with everyone,maybe I would feel better. Ahmed helped me downstairs and made me sit in the lounge.

I sat there listening to the old auntie’s gossip about people I didn’t really know. I so much wanted to go outside but the minute I moved my Mum or my Dadi would shout at me. All the fun was happening outside. Moinudeen was looking for me since he woke up, his father had to eventually take him out because he wouldn’t listen that he couldn’t come to my room.

So when he came back to the house, Faheema told him I was sitting in the lounge. He ran to me telling all about how he was crying for me and his mother didn’t want to let him in my room and cleverly said, ‘I know Abba took me out because he didn’t want me to trouble you, Abba wanted to bribe me. ‘ I laughed at his intelligence.

He sat on me, laid his head on my shoulder and told me how much he loved me. I knew he wouldn’t change his behaviour towards me while I was pregnant. On the hand Sabiha doesn’t even want to come near me or talk to me. She tells me straight, ‘I don’t like you, because you got another baby.’

Strange that she doesn’t want to be around me but she has told Faheema and my Mum that she wants the baby to come soon because she wants to play with the baby and she loves the baby a lot. I don’t force her to come to me or tease her because I think it just makes a child miserable and they start hating you.

After lunch I was feeling a lot better, although my mum didn’t allow me to do any work. Since Ziyaad couldn’t go out of the house so he sat with me, keeping me company. Ahmed was missing in action for a couple of hours but checked on me once he got back. The house was quiet after lunch.

Everyone went to the hall to check what last minute things needed to be done for the walima and then went to their houses to relax and get dressed for the wedding. I sent Ziyaad to change at 3 pm, the nikkah was after Asr which was at 5 pm. Sabiha and Shiraaz arrived just after lunch, I felt bad that I couldn’t welcome them properly. My in-laws arrived just after 3 pm.

I called Ahmed to come see them but he said he would see them later. He was very busy at the hall and they had to finish up. Most of the work at the hall was mine and I felt so bad leaving on Ahmed,Yaseen,Shuaib and Faheema to do. It was one thing I wanted to do for Ziyaad, It was my special thing to him. The whole day I was feeling bad about leaving them.

My mum and Zinat entertained my in-laws and Sabiha and Shiraaz, they brought them refreshments and made small talk. Zinat took Sabiha and Shiraaz to their room and I gave my in-laws my room to use. Maria helped me take Ahmed and my clothes out of the room. I was hoping they would be done before he got back so we could use my room.

The men got back just past 4:30 and rushed to get ready. We ended up sharing a room with Yaseen. I was the slowest out of everyone, I got ready last and then needed help to get down the stairs. Ziyaad insisted on waiting until I was ready,he didn’t let the Moulana start with the dua before I came. I finally managed to get to the lounge where everyone was waiting, all beautifully dressed.

I could see the look on my mother-in-law’s face, indicating that she thought I was delaying everything and that she didn’t believe I was sick. The Moulana read a dua and then read Salami, my mum started crying which left everyone in the room in tears. I couldn’t believe my big brother was finally getting married. My Mr Fussy was finally bringing home a bhabhi for us.

The men left to the hall and the ladies sat at home waiting for the men to return. We heard the nikkah take place over the receiver. It was a beautiful nikkah, it was so overwhelming and amazing. I kept stressing that my mother-in-law would create a scene or get upset about something and then would be upset.

I sat with them most of the time, I didn’t want them to feel out of place. Although all my family made them feel so welcomed. After the nikkah, the men came home, we all greeted and congratulated Ziyaad and everyone congratulated us, his family. It felt so strange, my Bro was now a married man.



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