After a relaxing weekend, the stress has hit us again today. We found out that Raees is here in SA for a deal with a drug dealer. We don’t know the exact deal. I told Ahmed not to get involved because these drug dealers are very dangerous. We should just cut ties with Raees and tell the family to do the same. Ahmed feels that if we keep quiet, then we allowing this crime to happen.

Also we will be just as guilty as them since we already know what is happening. Shiraaz comes up with an idea to anonymously tip off the police. That way only we know we informed them and we will do it from a new number that can be traced back to us. We all agree on this and the next day we buy a new some card and a cheap phone.

We inform the police and hope for the best. it’s been three weeks since we informed the police. We heard about a big drug bust that went down, my mother-in-law informed us that Raees had been arrested, his parents had made contact with them and asked for help. My father-in-law told them that they didn’t want to get involved.

Today we arrived at my parents, Ziyaad is getting married this weekend. We have functions from tomorrow, so we all came a day earlier. The house is full of family and friends, we haven’t had a minute free to relax. Everyone was here for lunch and supper, it was lots of fun. After supper, we sat outside in the garden and played antakshari.

This morning was such a rush, preparing for the khatam and Zikr. We ran around most of the day sorting out things for tonight’s function. The whole morning went with my mum, Faheema and I cooking for lunch and supper. Ahmed and Shuaib ran around getting the last minute shopping done, it just doesn’t end. Just when you think you finished with shopping and you have everything something crops up.

Zinat was making the salads and my cousins from next door were making desserts. Yaseen went to pick up the savouries for tonight, he dropped them off at Aunty Farida, she offered to fry and bake them for us. Everyone started to arrive just before Zuhr, well those who were off from work. We had lunch and then prepared for the khatam.

My Dad’s family are such a great help, they’ve all taken one responsibility off our shoulders so it makes it a bit easier to handle. For each day we have someone helping with something or the other. The ladies sat in the garden while the men read Zikr. After the Zikr, we served refreshments and then we got talking about our childhood.

This morning was such a rush, firstly being a Jummah and secondly because tomorrow is the wedding. We’ve been running around like headless chickens sorting out last minute details. Tomorrow we won’t have enough time to sort things out for the walima on Sunday so we did most of it today.

My in-laws are arriving today, Ahmed booked them out at a hotel, So is Sabiha and Shiraaz, they will be staying with us by my mum. Raeesa and her family will also be coming for the wedding. They will be arriving on the wedding day. They have also booked at the same hotel that my inlaws have booked at. We thought of offering them to stay by Zinat but we had to let some of my mums family stay there.

After Jummah we served lunch and then all the ladies got together and prepared the souvenirs that Ziyaad wants to give at the walima. Usually the grooms side only give chocolate at the wedding as sinni, but it’s something he wants to do so my parents agreed. Humeira is having her Mendhi tonight. We have to go there for a few minutes.

Tonight we having a function called Peeti, it’s when the groom’s family put haldi for him. There will also be some mischievous fun tonight. Faheema, myself and a few girls will have to sneak out for a little while to attend the function at Humeira’s house. The past two days we’ve been making more tea then we’ve made in a year.

It gets annoying when you have to make tea every five minutes, especially when it’s just for one or two people. I told my mum today that we not making tea every five minutes. We will make when there’s a crown at least 8-10 cups. The amount of dishes that comes out is unreal. I think only when there’s a function in your house do you realise how much dishes you actually have.

My Dad has been stressing so his blood pressure is on a high. We had to rush him to the doctor and my mum suddenly had diarrhea. I think also because she is stressing. It’s always at weddings that problems come up. Faheema can’t concentrate on the wedding because her mother-in-law keeps calling and telling her nonsense.

She hasn’t told Shuaib because it will spoil his mood and he would end up fighting with his mother. Her mother-in-law can’t handle the fact that they will be staying by my parents for two weeks. It’s like she thinks we going to steal her son away from her or he will end up having so much fun by us he wouldn’t want to go home.

Just before Maghrib everyone slowly starts coming in. One thing that delays any function is late guests. The men all read Salaah in the Namaaz room and the women read in the two guest rooms downstairs. After maghrib supper is served and then immediately the function is started.

Faheema, myself, four of my cousins, Zinat and my Aunty go to Hemeira’s house for the Mendhi.  We apply Mendhi to her baby finger and then let the professionals do the rest. She had two ladies applying Mendhi to her hands and feet. We sat for a little while, we were served refreshments and then we left. I couldn’t wait to get home, just so that I could take off my heels.

Zinat and I had been standing most of the time because they had brought two chairs short. Everytime someone saw us they said they would send chairs but never did. It was a good 45 minutes that we stood for. When we got back home, we started the Peeti. A few of my paternal cousins performed dances and small acts.

It was one of the most enjoyable evenings. I’m already in my sixth month of my pregnancy so I’m extremely exhausted. After the function, we cleaned up everywhere and then went to bed. Ahmed massaged my feet before we went to bed. I probably wouldn’t of slept if he didn’t massage my feet. The pain was unbearable.


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