It’s our first Sunday at home since the year has started. It’s been a lazy and relaxing morning. Faheema and her family were enjoying the pool with Ahmed. I was  not in the mood for a swim, so I just sat at the pool side on the chair reading a book. This weekend was full of fun, take outs and relaxation.

In the evening Sabiha and Shiraaz joined us. Ebrahim really enjoyed playing with the kids, he was glad that he was not the only child around. We had supper together and then played a game of monopoly. The kids played in the toy room downstairs. We haven’t bought much toys as yet, I’ve turned the spare room downstairs into a toy room for when we have kids over.

Before we knew it Monday was already here. I woke up for fajr and then got into the shower. I went downstairs and prepared for lunch and kept everything ready for breakfast. Ahmed left after fajr to fetch his cousin at the airport. They were back just in time for breakfast. His cousin was a bit reserved at first but warmed up to us.

I don’t think he expected a house full of people. After breakfast, Ahmed, his cousin Raees and I sat in the lounge, while Faheema and them got ready. We spoke about his flight, his parents, how they related and what he came to SA for. He seemed a bit weird though, a strange weird. I couldn’t figure what it was but he sometimes gave me this evil look. 

Faheema and her family left just after lunch. Sabiha came over to invite us for supper that evening. I offered to make the salad and dessert, so I got busy in the kitchen leaving Ahmed and Raees to entertain themselves. Ahmed had to attend to some work just after 5, leaving me alone with Raees. Which I obviously dreaded.

I kept myself busy in the kitchen and asked  Nomsa and Thandi to stay in the kitchen with me pretending they were busy with work. I told Nomsa how uncomfortable I was around Raees and the looks he gave me. She knew I was not just telling her stories to keep her busy because she knows I am a good judge on character.

Ahmed was running late so Nomsa and Thandi helped me with the things to Sabiha’s house and also I didn’t want to walk alone with Raees. I was glad I had Sabiha and Shiraaz around. How am I going to stay with this man in my house? I can’t tell Ahmed anything as yet because I don’t have proof of anything and he hasn’t really done anything besides give me strange looks.

Ahmed finally got here and we could have supper. I told Shiraaz to speak to him because I know he won’t believe me and say ‘it’s my imagination.’ We sat outside under the lapa, the men smoked hookah and Sabiha and I sat and spoke about my pregnancy and her experience with hers.

It was quite late when we got home so we went straight to bed. Ahmed told me that Shiraaz had spoken to him. He said he would stay at home and work for the few days that his cousin was around. He didn’t want to cause a problem and he knew his mother would make a big issue out of it so he asked that we rather take precaution but don’t mention it to family.

The whole week went by and Raees still didn’t say for how long he was going to be staying. I asked Ahmed to ask him, I didn’t make much conversation with him and when he tried to make conversation with me I didn’t entertain it. He was still giving me those strange looks but only did it when Ahmed was not around.

I wanted Ahmed to see him doing it so I planned to record him. We had cctv camera’s installed a few weeks ago but didn’t switch them on as yet. I decided to have them put on and record what he was doing. That would be enough evidence to get him out of my house.

I don’t know if he knew what I was up too but for two days he never did anything and stayed most of the time out of the house. It was Saturday already and he told Ahmed that he should leave, he has overstayed his welcome. I found it strange that all of a sudden he felt that he was not welcome.

Raees said he was leaving in the afternoon and would be going back to London. I was glad that he was leaving although I wish I knew why he was suddenly leaving. Ahmed had the driver drop Raees off at the airport. I couldn’t of been more relieved, it was like the evil was leaving my house. 

This morning Ahmed decided we should go out. We packed a picnic basket and went to the zoo lake. Sabiha and Shiraaz joined us. We left just after 11 and spend the whole day there just relaxing.  We then went to Sandton, while walking to the coffee shop, I spotted Raees. I thought it was my imagination, he didn’t notice us as yet.

I stopped Ahmed and showed him, Raees was standing with some white lady. At first Ahmed didn’t believe his eyes. Because we know the driver took him to the airport and we even asked the driver. I didn’t want a confrontation at the mall so I told Ahmed to leave it. Raees didn’t see us and that’s what matters. He shouldn’t know we saw him, that way we have a upper hand.

Ahmed wanted to contact his parents and find out why exactly his cousin came to SA. I stopped him because I know his mother would make an issue of this. She is waiting for an opportunity. We carried on with our plans but I in my mind I still worried what Raees was doing in SA. When we went to bed Ahmed told me that he was concerned as to why Raees was still here.

He got someone to check up on Raees so we should know something soon. I’m just praying that it’s nothing bad. I can’t even imagine, someone enters our life’s for a week and suddenly we feel he left us with such a tensed feeling. Ahmed hasn’t been to work for a few days. I don’t know much about his cousin and neither does Ahmed.

A storm has just hit us and we don’t even have an idea what it’s capable of. Ahmed found out that Raees is here on business. We don’t know what business as yet, there’s a deal he will sign on Tuesday.  Why did he lie to us? What is up too? Once we know exactly what he is up to, we can tell the family. 


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