After a great enjoyable weekend, we back to our daily routine. It’s been a great week, I’ve spent most of the week shopping for Ziyaad’s wedding. I didn’t get much for Yaseen’s wedding. The wedding is in a month, most of the things are done, it’s mainly the last minute things which always make you feel like you haven’t done anything as yet.

Faheema and Shuaib are visiting us this weekend. Saturday we going to fordsburg to do some shopping, the rest of the weekend we just going to relax. They staying until Monday so maybe we can squeeze in some visiting. They arrived just before Jummah, Ahmed was not home as yet. Shuaib left to the mosque and said he would meet Ahmed there.

We had lunch once the men got back from namaaz and an hour later the kids, Shuaib and Ahmed jumped into the pool. The kids refused to come out of the pool, they ended up only coming out past 6 and then rushed to the shower and got ready to go out for supper. Sabiha and Moinudeen were asleep before we got to spur at mall.

Faheema was like a real mother to me, making sure I’m extra careful because of my pregnancy. It’s sweet but can get a bit annoying at times. I was telling Faheema about our trip to my inlaws and how differently my mother-in-law behaved. She would understand because her mother-in-law is similar to mine.

She told me to be careful because it could be an act and sometimes a plan. That scared me, I’m so not use to people carrying on like this. I always avoid confrontations and prefer to keep quiet. I usually keep quiet and ignore the person. I began to worry a bit, thinking what more harm could be done.
After supper we went to visit my mums sister, The kids were awake by then. When we got home, Nomsa said my mum had called. I called her back immediately to see what she wanted. She wanted to speak to Faheema, it’s one of the times she and Faheema can speak freely. When Faheema is at home her mother-in-law listens in on the conversation from the other phone.

It’s been like this for years, we usually just ask her the usual, how’s she and Shuaib , how’s the kids and school and how are her inlaws. Which she usually speaks replies with we all good, then says a little about her mother-in-law and father-in-laws health. Nothing more or less is asked or said unless we inform her about something.

She usually calls when she goes to the shop , then Shuaib will tell her to call or when they alone she calls from her cell. It’s a nightmare that my dear sister pulls of so well. I feel her pain and frustration when she speaks about Shuaib’s family. At the same time she feels love and respect towards her husband and seeing her kids makes it all worth it in the end.

I put the kids to bed while Faheema was busy on the phone with my mum. We sat in the lounge speaking for a while and then Faheema and I went to bed. Ahmed and Shuaib stayed awake playing playstation and watching sports. Ahmed was awake before me this morning, he was downstairs playing with the kids.

They all seemed to be enjoying him taking them for horse rides on his back and make funny facial expressions. Seeing Ahmed with the kids made me feel so good and relieved to know that he will turn out to be a good father. I knew Ahmed is happy about the baby, I just wasn’t sure if he was ready to be a father.

We did speak about being parents but I always thought that he needed more time. When everyone was awake we made breakfast and got ready for our day of shopping in fordsburg. We had already decided which shops we wanted to go to so we could spend less time running around and more time shopping.

We had lunch at mochacho’s and then took a walk around fordsburg flea market. I hear someone scream out my name, I ignored it thinking it could be for someone else. As we got closer to the end of the stalls I felt a tap on my shoulder and someone grabbing my hand. I jumped in shock and turned around to see who was so rude.

It was non other than Asad. Meeting him twice in such a short space of time was not pleasant for me. I knew Ahmed would be furious. Faheema distracted him away from me and kept him busy with her talks. Ahmed  took my hand and squeezed it, I squeezed his hand hand back letting him know that he should calm down.

I told Shuaib to call Faheema and we would meet them at the car. They were not too long but didn’t come alone. Asad was following them to us, he insisted on walking them to the car. I don’t know if he knew these things annoyed Ahmed. I knew that the rest of the day was not going to be pleasant.

I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or if he planned to bump into us twice. Ahmed was highly annoyed for the rest of the day. He spoke to Faheema and Shuaib normal but spoke to me very harshly. How is it my fault that we met Asad there? I didn’t know he was going to be there, I got no contact with him. 

After shopping and lunch we decided to take the kids to the zoo lake to feed the ducks. We stayed for an hour or so and then headed back home. The kids fell asleep in the car, we carried them to the guest room and laid them on the bed. We ordered take outs for supper and then relaxed in the lounge in front of the TV. 

My mother-in-law called. She wanted to speak to Ahmed and said it was very important. I handed the phone to Ahmed and waited anxiously to hear what was wrong. Ahmed didn’t say much on the phone, mostly nodded his head and looked at me. When he got off the phone, he said that his mother wanted to tell him that his cousin from London is coming to South Africa.

We have to fetch him from the airport on Monday and he will stay with us for a few days. My mother-in-law offered him to stay by us until his work is done. I don’t mind but she could of asked before committing. At least we would of willing told him yes. Ahmed was still upset about Asad so I didn’t complain or say anything against having his cousin over.



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