We arrived late afternoon in China, we were exhausted. I needed to take a nap before I could do anything. Ahmed sorted out his files and prepared for the meeting he had later in the evening. Ahmed wants me to join him for his meeting, I have no clue about Ahmeds business.

I had a quick shower and took a nap, when I woke up, Ahmed was already dressed and ready for his meeting. I got ready and then we left. It wasn’t at all what I expected, all the businessmen there brought their wives along, some even brought their children. There was no business talk at the table so we didn’t get bored.

While the ladies had desserts, the men discussed business in a private lounge. I would of been so lost if the women never spoke English. It was a long day for us, Ahmed’s meeting only finished at 10pm. When we got back to the hotel Ahmed said that the deal got finalized, so we will have tomorrow to relax and tour China.

I can’t stop thinking about my mother-in-law, my sister-in-laws messages today to say that they don’t know what to do because my mother-in-law refuse to eat anything, she is very upset with Ahmed. To tell you the truth, I can’t even remember why they fought. It’s frustrating, this continuous fight and problems.

They just make life so much more difficult. You feel like you have to be on guard every time you around them. Every time we meet up, I pray that it’s a pleasant meeting, with no fights. Sometimes I feel like I’m asking for a miracle. I’m just so glad we not living together, I can just imagine how awful our days would be.

Anyways, we hadn’t planned to tour China, so we were a little lost on what to do. The hotel staff were really helpful in arranging a tour for us. We did a little shopping and sight-seeing and then headed back to the hotel. It was lovely spending time with Ahmed. Since we moved we haven’t really had time to ourselves.

Maybe I can use these two days to convince Ahmed to sort things out with his mother. I don’t want people to think that I’m such a bad daughter-in-law, I know it doesn’t matter what people think, but we live in this society and we have to follow some rules. We also have to accept that this same society has certain ways which can’t be changed.

Yes, we can try to make changes, but it will take a long time until others change. Also not everyone will change, a lot of people will not change no matter how hard you try. So that’s why I have to be and be seen as a good daughter-in-law. I need to do something so that mother and son face each other, even if they forced to.

We were invited by one of Ahmeds friends for coffee, he and his wife were meeting us at the coffee shop at the hotel. At 4pm we got ready and went downstairs to the coffee shop, I haven’t seen much of China, but I liked what I saw so far. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.

They arrived shortly after we did. They are a Muslim couple that live in China. I though it would be difficult because of the different cultures and religions, but they seem to be managing okay. They are both studying medicine, they spend most of their days studying and so have food arranged. I don’t think I would ever be able to live like they do.
We were so engrossed in our conversation that we didn’t realise how time flew. Before we knew it, it was already 9pm. Tomorrow we leave back to South Africa, we have a very early flight to catch. Ahmed and I spent the rest of the night chatting. I didn’t want to spoil his mood but this was my last chance to speak about his mother.
Out of the blue I asked him if he was going to sort out thing with his mother. I didn’t want to force an answer out of him, but I mentioned his family, his mother especially, a few times. He didn’t react when I mentioned his family. We got into bed and just as I turned to my side, he said that he would speak to his mother.

I know he doesn’t like to fight with his family and doesn’t want to be the cause of problems, but he felt he had to intervene this time before the matter got worst. My alarm rang, we woke up and got ready, checked out of the hotel and went to the airport. We finally got home, just after maghrib.

Today Ahmed is at home, he has been busy in the study most of the day. He only came out for lunch and Supper. Sabiha and Shiraaz came over to visit us. We haven’t seen them for a few days, with the wedding and our trip we didn’t have much time. As the days went by I finally got use to living in a huge mansion and got into routine.

I would never get use to the idea of just spending money. I still have the habit of asking Ahmed if I could buy something, especially if it was a big item. My mum called this morning, she remembered I had an appointment with my gynaecologist, I’m well into my third month of pregnancy.

Ahmed and I are still sticking to our promise of not getting things before my sixth month. Ahmed and his mother have not yet sorted things out and it’s put a strain on our relationship. It’s now a month and a half and they haven’t spoken. Ahmed had been really quiet and keeps himself busy with work, some nights I go to bed without seeing him.

I decided that this weekend we should go there. I haven’t told Ahmed where we going. I just told him it’s a surprise. I plan on blind-folding him and have our driver take us there. I have to intervene, it’s going on too long and it’s affecting us all. I just hope they give up their ego and apologise. I want Ahmed to apologise, I don’t care who was at fault.

I have arranged with Kausar and set out a plan, how we going to make them meet, what will happen. I hope that they don’t drag it until Sunday and we forced to sit them down and solve the problem. I can’t even have a talk with Ahmed because he will find out my plan.


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