The hall was draped beautifully in white and silver on the roof and walls. The stage was decorated in white, silver and lime green. It’s such an unusual colour to pick out, but looked lovely. The roses were sprayed lime green and we’re arranging in white and lime green. The entrance table had an assortment of sweets and snacks, and

The bride looked stunning in her lovely white lace gown with pink and silver diamanté work, the groom wore a black suit with a white shirt and a pink and white tie. The groom’s parents walked in and then his sister and brother-in-law and his brother  with one of the cousins, then the groom walked in with his groomsmen. 

The bride’s parents walked in, her sister and her cousin after that, then the miniature bride and groom and then the bride walked in with her brother. The father of the bride fetched her halfway, then he handed her to the groom who then brought her up to the stage. Supper was served shortly after the bride arrived. 

They had two starters Chicken tikka skewers and sheekh kebab, main was roast chicken and creamy veggies, pepper steak and pasta with salads and desserts there were a few to choose from. While tea and desserts were served people went up to greet the couple and take photos. 

After the wedding everyone left to proceed to the bride’s house. The groom was fed Mithai’s and given money as a gift from the elders and the siblings and elder cousins of the bride. This is a small tradition followed amongst some Muslims, it’s called salami. It’s also practiced for the girl when she goes to the boy’s house. 

Afterwards Dua and salami are read and the bride went off with her husband to his family. We got home a little after midnight. I was absolutely exhausted and tomorrow we have all ahmeds cousins for lunch here with us. The Walima will be tomorrow and only the elders are invited.

At 5 this morning I could hear Nomsa busy downstairs. I woke up for Fajr and fell asleep waiting for the Azaan to finish. I feel so guilty, I haven’t read one salaah this whole weekend. I went downstairs to begin cooking and getting things sorted before Ahmed could wake up.

After getting everything and myself ready, I woke Ahmed up. While he got ready I made breakfast for us, at breakfast, I attempted to talk to Ahmed about the argument he had with his mother. He gave me a deaf ear and continued to have his breakfast. He didn’t wait for me to get done and went to the study.

I resolve to not get involved in their problems and allow them to sort it out on their own. I could end up being the bad one at the end. Just before Zuhr everyone arrived. The men went to the mosque and we ladies read at home. I put the food up to warm and Nomsa and Thandi set the table outside.

Most of his cousins were seeing our new place for the first time, I let them take a tour on their own so I could get done in the kitchen. Nomsa and Thandi are such a great help, they take care of everything without me telling them to. I couldn’t have asked for better help. The best part is they never complain. It makes it such a pleasure to work with them.

When the men got back from Salaah, they had made plans to go for a swim before lunch. The ladies had lunch and we delayed lunch for the men until they were ready to eat. My sister-in-laws made as if they were visitors in our house. Everyone else made themselves at home and helped themselves, I had to literally be behind them all the time to make sure they were okay.

By the time the walima was over, the men by me were knocked out. The men all fell asleep in the room downstairs. Some of them slept wherever they found place. The ladies, some sat in the lounge talking, some watched a movie and others decided to get into the pool. It was a long, tiring weekend for us.

Ahmed and I will be leaving tomorrow to China, I don’t know how we are going to manage to travel when we so tired. My in-laws are going back tomorrow as well. I hope ahmed and his mother sort out their issues before we leave. My Dad always says never go to bed angry with your spouse or family and never leave on a journey angry with anyone.

You might end up regretting that you remained angry, when you could of just said two simple words “I’m sorry.” By Asr everyone left and my in-laws came for supper. I told Ahmed to sort out things with his mother her. Nomsa helped me pack our bags on Friday, so I wasn’t too stressed with last minute packing.

After supper I checked our bags and documents and made sure we had everything in order. My Mother-in-law started with her performance after supper, one of the reasons why I decided to keep myself busy. She kept bringing up things from the past that happened.

They left without either of them trying to solve the issue. The rest of the night Ahmed and I sorted things around the house. We went to bed just passed 11 without even having our usual talk. I was too tired to be bothered about anything besides sleeping. We had a 11am flight and I needed to get enough sleep because I wasn’t sure if I would sleep on the plane.

This morning was such a rush, we are going to china for just a few days. I don’t even know why I’m going on this trip when its a business trip. Ahmed will be stuck in meetings most of the time and I would be left bored in the hotel room. Well, I agreed to join him on this trip so I guess I have to just suffer it out.

We finally got to the airport, our flight was delayed by an hour, which didn’t go too well for Ahmed. I also like to be punctual, but he takes it to another level. After our long wait, we eventually board the plane and were on our way to China. It was a long 15hr flight, I didn’t get much sleep on the flight, too much noise for me. Ahmed on the other hand slept for atleast 10hrs of the flight.



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