This evening was the Mendhi function, the bride to be looked stunning in her classy, elegant red crepe lengha with gold zardosi embroidery. She had her hair done in loose curls that fell out of her dupatta and caressed her face, he make up was lightly done and looked stunning. She had a lovely shade of red lipstick that was not too bright or too dark.

The function took place in their back garden which looked like something out of a fairytale. Light shade of blue and purple lights on white sheets that were draped around the garden. White roses were arranged in huge round vases and put on long white pedestals. The garden area was covered with white fluffy carpet.

I never met most of the people before, besides for a few close family, I didn’t know anyone else. Ahmed himself didn’t know most of the people because he hardly mixed with extended family. Everyone asked my mother-in-law about Ahmed and I. By the end of the function everyone knew all the drama that took place in the last few months of our marriage.

My mother-in-law couldn’t keep her stories to herself and went along telling everyone shamelessly how she turned our lives upside down, only she made it look like it’s was all my fault. I ignored her actions, I was not going to create a scene at someone else’s function. I hate the fact that everyone thinks I’m such a bad person.

What my mother-in-law didn’t realise is that people who knew the truth were around her. She also didn’t realise that the story she told never added up. She told a story but had got caught up in the lies that she sometimes slipped up and mentioned that she had done all the horrible things. Which worked in my favour.

The function was lovely, The bride sat on the stage and had a lady apply Mendhi to her hands and feet, everyone got to watch. There was another lady that applied for all the other ladies. I remember my mum telling me that Mendhi is cold and I shouldn’t put when I’m pregnant so I didn’t put. I don’t really like the smell from the Mendhi but I like the design and colour when the paste is washed out.

They had a live band playing songs related to weddings, love, marriage, they played old and new songs. Some of the men and women got up and danced. After all the fun they had a small ceremony called sehra, it’s where the singer sings songs about the close family members and friends, it usually suits the persons personality or role they take in the family.

When your name is called you have to give the singer some money. To make it fun people dance their way to the stage, the rest clap hands and cheer the person on. It’s a lot of fun and brings a lot of laughter and playfulness to the environment. During and after the function refreshments are served, there’s usually a special dish called chana chatpatti that is served.

We left the function just after our names were called for sehra, Ahmed was tired and I was annoyed at my mother-in-law. I didn’t tell Ahmed what had happened as yet. I didn’t want to be complaining to him for everything his mother does. I mean no one wants to hear anyone else say bad things about their family and a husband definitely doesn’t want to hear his mother is a mean, bad person.

Ahmed and I woke up very late this morning, Ahmed is exhausted from work and late nights, I just needed to catch up on my sleep. I don’t think we would of woken up if Nomsa didn’t make noise while cleaning. While I was making breakfast for us, my mother-in-law called to say they coming to us for lunch.

The nerve of this woman, just last night she was making up stories about me and today she wants to come have lunch by me. She is like a sociopath, she  has no remorse of her action, she can do anything and then act as if nothing happened. It’s not even worth wasting time on her.

After breakfast I quickly got ready and then went downstairs to prepare lunch. We decided to recruit Thandi, so that it’s not too much work on Nomsa. Lucky she stayed, so she cleaned up and Nomsa helped me in the kitchen. I trained Nomsa to do most of the things, but because Ahmed is very particular I don’t allow her to handle the food.

She uses gloves when she helps me, she usually cuts the onions, tomatoes and potatoes for me and washes up the dishes. I made Mutton karai, butter chicken, rotis and salads. I didn’t bother to make desserts and all that. They cannot expect to call last minute and get a five course meal. I know my father-in-law loves to have something sweet with his meal so I made vermicelli.

I’m dreading having lunch with them, I don’t really have a choice, I have to deal with it. Anyways when they came my mother-in-law acted all sweet, this woman seriously has thick skin. She doesn’t have a conscious. I also pretended like I was unaware of her doings.

We had lunch and then Ahmed told them to come by us and get ready for the wedding because his auntie’s house will be so hectic. Sumaya and Kausar went with the driver to fetch their clothes. While we waited for them to come back,i went upstairs to take out our clothes. Ahmed sat and spoke with his parents.

Everything was fine, when I left the lounge they were laughing and talking about how Kausar performed just to get a new outfit for the wedding. I suddenly heard Ahmed shout, I got a shock. Just when I thought thinks are okay between them, here things go back to fighting. I ran downstairs to see what happened. All I could hear from upstairs was Ahmed telling his father that he hates his mother.

I walked into the lounge and asked what happened. My mother-in-law walks towards me and says, ‘See what Ahmed is saying, he says last night I bad mouthed you to so many people, if it was true don’t you think people would of told you.’ I knew this women would act like nothing happened, seeing Ahmed so furious I didn’t want to make the matter worst.

I told Ahmed that nothing like that happened, everyone was nice to me, even his mother, why would anyone say anything to me. Ahmed was very upset, he didn’t believe what I said nor what his mother said. I told his parents to ignore him for now. We will sort things out tomorrow when the wedding is over and he is calmed down.

I know I shouldn’t be lying to Ahmed, but I don’t want my children growing up not knowing their father’s family. My mother-in-law was sulking the whole time, she refused to go to the wedding, then she refused to stay by us, she wanted to go home. Ahmed should of chose a better time. I don’t know how to handle any of them.

I called Ahmed to the room, I made him relax a bit and then told him to get ready for the wedding. We somehow had to keep him and his mother apart. I messaged Sumaya and told her the plan to keep mother and son away from each other. We went in separate cars to the hall, Ahmed gave me strict instructions to stay away from his mother.

How can I possible stay away from her, everyone keeps asking her, ‘where’s you daughter-in-laws.’ How am I going to ignore her. I tried explaining to him but he didn’t listen to me. I’m stuck in the middle of the battle between my husband and my mother-in-law. It can’t get worst then this. What I can’t figure out is how does Ahmed know what his mother did.


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