Today I went to see Choti Khala, I had to apologise to her for how she has been treated. It’s not right what the family does to her. She was in tears when I apologised and told her that she didn’t need to ask permission to come see us, she can come whenever she wants to. She said that she has never been treated so nice by anyone in the family before, because of her husband being poor, her family always put her down.
Her brother-in-laws and nephews and nieces all witnessed how she was being treated and also treated her and her family the same way. I couldn’t believe my ears, it was like a nasty dream. How can people treat others like this, just because they got no money. I bet if Choti Khala has to get a smart car or buy a smart house then everyone will treat her different. 
When I got home, my Mum said that Ahmed’s cousin had dropped of the salads and some baking for the night. I invited my neighbours also for the khatam and braai, I hope they all make it. Sabiha came over to see if we needed any help. The khatam was after Asr, so I wasn’t stressing at all. Shiraaz brought take-aways so we didn’t have to stress about lunch. 
I’m glad Sabiha and Shiraaz are around, when Ahmed goes away I won’t be so scared to stay alone. After Asr everyone started to come. I was panicking but wasn’t showing it. The ladies all sat in the TV room and the men sat in the guest lounge. I was glad we started on time and everything went smoothly. 
Just before the khatam could finish my Inlaws pitched up. I knew they would do that to us. My mother-in-law came in and the first thing she said to me, ‘ Don’t worry, we staying at my sisters place.’ That was not even an issue, our house is so big, we can cater for both families. Ahmed and I bought mattresses and each room besides our room has a sleeper couch. 
I didn’t want to say anything to her because everyone was sitting in the room. I thought I would just tell Ahmed to tell her that they don’t have to stay somewhere else when we have space. Anyways we were only using three rooms, there are still two rooms available. Unless they staying there, because we have my parents over. 
Eish, Inlaws and their drama’s. I really don’t have the energy to deal with all their drama’s. I’m going to leave Ahmed to deal with it. Anyways, coming back to the function, my brother read a few naats and then he read salaami and my cousin read the dua. While all this was happening we had the caterers start the fire and get everything set up.
By the time we finish with the khatam it was already maghrib. The men read Salaah where they were and ladies read in the lounge. The meat was put on while we read Salaah. I don’t know about anyone else but I was hungry. The braai was lovely, the meat was well marinated and the caterers did a lovely job braaing. 
After the braai we served desserts, tea and cakes and biscuits. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Tomorrow we had planned to go shopping with Ziyaad and Yaseen but now my inlaws are around and I don’t think we will end up going. I spoke to Ahmed, I told him what his mother said and that he should suggest that they sleep here. Ahmed said I shouldn’t tell them to sleep by us because they will just spoil our plans for the next day. 
When he saw his mother, this is what he said to her, ‘Mum, how can you’ll just come without telling us, you know my inlaws are here and you just pitched up, now they thinking that they should rather go, I can’t let them go, we have made plans with them tomorrow, I can’t just tell them we not going because you came, you tell others to let you know when they come to you but you couldn’t tell me. 
He could be making things worst, I feel he shouldn’t of spoken to his mother like that. But I know what he is trying to do, he is trying to make her see how she makes others feel, especially her sister. After everyone left, my mother-in-law said they were leaving, my Mum told them to stay but Aunty Shenaaz said no, they had to go stay by her sister because she promised them. 
I didn’t want it to seem like I told Ahmed anything or like I didn’t say anything, because I know she will turn around and say, ‘You didn’t stop us when we were going to stay by my sister.’ It will then become my fault and blame will be put in my family. So I told them to stay, I even said we not short of space, they will have their own rooms. 
They didn’t want to listen so I left it, when they left my Mum asked Ahmed why he didn’t stop them. He told my Mum that he asked his mother to go and the reason behind why he did so. Nomsa and Thandi cleaned up and washed all the dishes. Nomsa said I should leave the inside, she will clean up in the morning. 
I was too tired anyway to do anything, I was just dragging myself through the night. Today I just wanted to put my head on the pillow and fall asleep, I didn’t want to talk. Ahmed was exhausted himself so he also wanted to go straight to bed. My family will be here for a few days and then they will go back. 
We just need to get the most important, their clothing sorted and then we can shop for the rest as I can get the rest when they gone. Good thing about being in Lenz, a lot of the things I need are sold around here. I might just have to go out of Lenz for the things I don’t get here. Sabiha and Shiraaz are joining us for shopping. 
They have become a part of our family, my Mum asks Sabiha about things more than she asks me. My mother-in-law called and asked Ahmed what we were doing today, it’s strange because he told her last night that we got plans with my family today. I don’t know what is on her mind or if she just forgot. 
Slowly I’m getting to figure out that my mother-in-law puts an act of innocence on a lot of the times. I will have to learn how to deal with it, I’m not use to people like her, I’ve never been exposed to such people. I haven’t told Ahmed how she carried on when she came, in front of everyone she made like I didn’t want her around or I had a problem with her. 
Today we left early and had breakfast in Fordsburg, we went to see if we can get anything for Ziyaad and Yaseen. They don’t even know what they want to wear. I thought maybe we should go to Sandton, we went to a few shops at the Oriental plaza and then I suggested we go to Sandton. It would be easier to get something there. 
I’ve been with Ahmed to Sandton and he does all his shopping there. We decided to pay a visit to Carlo Pignatelli and Eurosuit. They saw a few things they liked but were not too happy. Ziyaad wanted a Sherwani, Yaseen wanted a suit but at the plaza he saw a few Sherwanis and liked them. I told them not to be in a hurry, we would visit other stores in lenz also and see from there. 

Sabiha, my Mum and I were checking for other things we could get for the wedding. I saw a lovely sari material that would look stunning on Humeira. Ziyaad didn’t like the colour so much, so we had to leave it. I can see my task is not going to be a easy one. I will have to work very hard for both these weddings. I will wreck Faheema’s brains in two weeks time when she comes. 


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