So finally the day has arrived, we are finally moving to our new house in a new town. It’s a total change compare to the complex. We will have our own yard, we will probably only see our neighbours when we meet outside. Here in the complex I met my neighbours everyday. But I’m excited to move and experience new things.
We got ready,had breakfast and then left to our new place. The movers said they would be at the house at 7am, so we had to be there before them. I didn’t have to worry about making food or anything because Lenasia or as most people say Lenz, has so many Halaal places we can eat at. 
When we got to the house, the moving company was waiting outside already and so was my Mum’s cousin and her daughters. They told my Mum they were coming to help us. My Mum didn’t want me tiring myself so she agreed to their help. Nomsa came a bit late this morning, Ahmed had her fetch all her things from the place she was staying at. 
She helped me set up the kitchen and then I sent her to get her things sorted out. The rest of the house the movers were sorting out and my Mum and everyone else was supervising. I had everything organised and planned where I wanted things to go, so I didn’t have to be all around at one time. 
We finished unpacking everything and packing by 5pm, I was hoping we finished early so that we didn’t have to work till late and carry on till the next day. I’ve been thinking about a holiday after this move, I really don’t feel that the holiday we had was a real holiday. We fought most of the time and had to cut it short because my mother-in-law got sick. 
I think I have to speak to Ahmed about this. We got Romans pizza for supper, I was too tired to do anything. I must admit the house looks stunning. I never dreamt of having such a house. My favourite is the kitchen of course and the  chandeliers in the guest lounge, the dinning room and the passage at the entrance. 
My bedroom and the baby’s room are my special places. Ahmed has really made me feel like a queen, being in this house is any women’s dream. I’m glad I am experiencing all this with Ahmed. Another day that ended in exhaustion, but it’s all worth it. Ahmed says that this is the start of our life. 
My dad and my brothers are coming over for the weekend. My Mum will go back with them. They will be coming later today, but will be here before Jummah. I’m so excited to have them at our new house. I woke up early, cooked and baked also. I can’t believe there was no baking in my house yesterday. We had shop bought biscuits for the first time in my house. 
My Mum never bought biscuits ever, it’s like a sin for her. I’ve grown up with the habit of baking every few days, I’ve been maintaining that same rule since I moved to Jo’burg. With the move I didn’t get a chance to even think to bake. Ahmed is so use to eating biscuits with his tea that he went to buy biscuits. 
Luckily he didn’t buy a lot and most of it got finished by the workers. My Mum would of freaked, if it stayed over and we were forced to eat it during the weekend. Ahmed decided that since my family is around and we have family in Lenz, we would call them all on Saturday for a small khatam and then a braai. 
I think it’s a good idea, this way we get to invite everyone at once. Before Jummah we went to the butcher with Sabiha, we bought all the meat we need for the braai and I bought a little for the house. With places so close to us, I don’t have to stock up on meat and things for the whole month, I can buy as I need.
My Dad and my brothers got here round 10am, Ahmed took them for a tour of the house, they all were very happy for us. I gave Ahmed the task of calling his family and inviting them for the khatam and braai, my Mum said she would call her family. I didn’t want all the work to be left for one day so I decided to make three desserts today.
The salads I decided to leave to everyone to bring. They all offered so it wasn’t so much for me to do. We catering for 40 people, it’s something big. I’m not worried about the space but to entertain 40 people and since in a panic freak, I will not be at ease until the function is over. Ahmed hires tables and chairs from Kings Function hire in Fordsburg. 
I asked Nomsa to bring someone to work by us, she can’t handle such a big house on her own. So today she brought her friend, they come from the same Township. Ahmed sat with her and interviewed her, he took her ID and details and told her to work for the two days and then we would let her know. We have to do a police clearance, reference checking and so on. 
My Aunty said she will bring her domestic to help by me for Saturday night. My mother-in-law called today, she wanted to know about the khatam and what braai and what times it was and so on. I know when they said they won’t make it but I somehow feel they coming. I told Ahmed I have a feeling they coming, they just not saying. 
After Jummah, my mums cousin Uncle Luqmaan and his family came to visit us, his my Mum’s first cousin, so we pretty close. My Mum’s family is just as close as my Dad’s family, although they live far from each other but they share the same bond my Dad’s family has. My Dad’s family majority stay in the same town. 
Since we moved, our house hasn’t been empty for a minute. I guess because my parents are around all my mums family are coming to see them. Ahmed’s Choti khala called to ask permission to come see us. I felt it strange that she called to ask if it was okay with us if she came to visit us. I did tell Ahmed about it, he didn’t seemed bothered that his Aunty had to call to see if she could come. 
When she came, I had to ask, it was bothering me why she called first, it’s one thing to phone and check if a person is home, but to ask if you can come. Do people really do that? I asked Choti Khala if she calls everyone she visits to find out if she can visit them. She changed the topic, which I found strange. I didn’t ask again, I could see she didn’t want to answer. 
Before we went to bed,i asked Ahmed what’s up with the whole thing of asking if you can visit someone. I told him I asked his Aunty but she changed the topic. So here’s his answer, his mother has always made it clear that people must call them first before they visit so his Aunty must of felt that the same rules apply at his house. 
I felt so bad that his Aunty had to feel like an outsider, it hurt me knowing people treat their family so badly. People only come visit or think of visiting you because they care. I had to make his Aunty know that she is welcome at our place anytime, she doesn’t have to call. 

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