After supper Ahmed and I went to speak to Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina. We told them about Imraan and Sakina wanting to get married, Sakina is a nice girl and they know that, they’ve met her before. We didn’t have to do much convincing, both of them agreed to meet Sakina’s parents and take it from there. Uncle Abdullah wants us to go with them to see Sakina’s parents. 
Today Ahmed took off to spend the day with me. We planned a picnic at the botanical gardens and then decided to go for a long drive. It was really romantic and absolute fun. We haven’t done something like this in a long time, last I think was Cape Town. Since I’ve left work, Ahmed and I have been spending more time together.
Ahmed is really excited about the baby, we decided already on the nursery for the baby. We chose neutral colours, we have a artist come in and draw some trees and stuff on the wall. Ahmed wants to go tomorrow to buy the furniture and things. I’m really excited, we deciding to get a few things for the new house as well. 
We need a new lounge suites for the guest sitting room, we need coffee tables and side table and all that. We want our house to be fully furnished before the baby comes. After the baby comes we probably won’t have time to go shop for things. I saw some really cute baby clothing the other day, I wanted to buy all the things but I remembered my promise to myself.  
We will not buy anything for the baby as yet. We have both decided that we will only buy things between my 6-8 months pregnancy period, Nothing before and nothing after. My mum will be here by the weekend to sort out and help me move and also to sort out all the wedding shopping. 
Oh My God! I just realised,i will need something to wear for the wedding because I will probably be showing by then. I initially thought I would wear the white and red outfit Ahmed’s mother gave me the wedding time. That would definitely not fit me. This evening, I told Ahmed about my dilemma and he laughed. He clearly doesn’t understand what we women go through.
The whole day out is fun but tiring also. I need all the sleep I can get because my mum will be coming tomorrow and she won’t give me a chance to sleep early. After Esha Ahmed and I sit in bed and spoke about the baby and about our China trip. With children going back to school, everyone is complaining about covering books and how expensive schools have become.
I can’t believe how times have changed, I don’t entirely blame the schools. To provide proper facilities and maintain them it costs a lot. Some parents can’t afford it though and it’s sad. We went to the mall in the afternoon and this lady was in the store buying stationery. The child was reading out the list of things he needs and the mother just kept complaining.
She complained about how the school is taking advantage of parents. How she has to work two jobs just to pay for things. So Ahmed and I were discussing if a person should think bout children only if they can afford the expenses that come with a child. I feel only Allah can give you a child and when He wants to.
I guess we will experience everything now that we having our own child. It will be so different for us by the time our little one is all big and ready for school. Anyways Today I prepared lunch because my mum is coming, Ziyaad is dropping her off. I don’t know how my they going to manage at home without my mum.
Nomsa was here early, she knows my mum is coming so she came in earlier to get things done. Ahmed only woke up at 10am, He went into the shower and then I made breakfast for him. My mum was here shortly after that. Next week we will be sorting out the new house, painting and all that is being done. Then we will move in only after the painting has been done.
My mother-in-law called to see how the things with the house was going on. She tells Ahmed she can send his sisters to help, I was so annoyed because she knows my mum is here to help and Ahmed’s sisters don’t even do work in their own house how will they do by me. They got workers for everything, my mother-in-law does her things on her own but the girls are use to the workers.
Few days has gone by and we have packed all the necessary and important things. Ahmed had the movers come in and move our belongings to the new house. We will be moving in tomorrow, tonight we sleeping by Aunty Rubina. Tomorrow we will be in our new house, Everything will be sorted out and in place by the evening.
Then we can get on with the wedding shopping. Ahmed and I are married only a few months yet we have so many things. Our new furniture has arrived already and we will set up everything tomorrow. That’s when we will know exactly how much things we have. Ahmed’s family is more excited at the fact that we moving closer to them. 
We bought a house in Lenasia, a Indian town in Jo’burg. I am happy that we moving to a Indian town. I grew up in a small town and all my life spent my time with my Indian friends. Being in a white area was always strange for me. My Afrikaans has never been good, so it was always a struggle to speak to Afrikaaners.
One thing which is good, we both have family in Lenasia, yes I haven’t taken Ahmed yet to my family but when we there we will invite them all over. Sabiha is absolutely excited because she is also new to Lenasia, so at least she will have a friend around. We basically neighbour’s since I’m only two houses away from her.
My mum is relieved that I am moving closer to her family. I’m sad because I will be losing out on the weekly community get together. Im going to miss Uncle Abdullah and his family and most of all I am going to miss my friends. I will have to find new friends, I’m actually afraid of the change. 
It’s a big change and so much is happening, the baby, the move, the wedding shopping, the wedding, my Inlaws. I might just end up going crazy. Enough of complaining, I got so much to do tomorrow, I need to plan for that, I doubt I’m going to get much sleep tonight so I better get an early start to it. 


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