This morning my mother-in-law had to be admitted at 6am, so we all went with her, Ahmed dropped me off at work after she was admitted, then he and my Father-in-law went to the bank to sort out the paper work for the house. Today is my last day at work, a very emotional day for me. I just had to fill out paper work and then my boss organised a small farewell for me. 
I left the office around 11am and went straight to the hospital. My Father-in-law was there alone, he was waiting for Ahmed, who was still busy at the bank. After visiting hours we went home. I cooked supper for us and packed some for my mother-in-law, as well as some snacks. She doesn’t like the food or the things the mobile tuck shop has. 
I didn’t go to the hospital in the evening, I’ve been getting tired very quickly, I don’t know why, my Mum says it’s the pregnancy. I have an appointment tomorrow so I will have to check with my doctor. It’s such a strange feeling, usually after supper I get my clothes and things ready for work the next day, today I’m sitting watching TV. 
Ahmed and his father went to the hospital, they didn’t stay long because the doctors wanted to do some test on my mother-in-law. They looked worried when they came back, I asked what was wrong and Ahmed said, ‘We can’t get the house.’ I asked him why, he couldn’t handle it,he burst out laughing. They were trying to trick me but they couldn’t keep the secret. 
All the paper work has been sent in, now we just have to wait for it all to be finalised. Ahmed’s had his lawyers working on it, they say we can move in within two weeks time. Ahmed said he would get the same movers they hired the last time, they do all the packing and shifting for you. They also unpack how you want things. 
I don’t mind that, I hate the packing and unpacking. It’s the worst of moving and so tiring. Tonight’s discussion before we went to bed was whether we want a boy or girl and names. I think it too soon to choose names, I still haven’t even gotten use to the fact that I’m pregnant. I want a boy first, Ahmed wants a girl. 
From today I’m a housewife, it’s weird, I’m so use to my routine. Anyways I prepared breakfast and then my father-in-law went to the hospital. I had an appointment with the gynaecologist, so Ahmed came with me. On our way to the doctor, something came to my mind, I will be all alone in that big house when Ahmed is away on business. Although Sabiha and Shiraaz are two doors away, it still will get lonely. 
At least in the complex I have Aunty Rubina and them and my friends. I will have to get use to being alone during that time. My doctors appointment went well, I just have to be careful. My resistance is low and I lack energy because of lack of vitamins. I have to watch my diet, take vitamins and take special care, especially around those who are ill.
When we got home, we had lunch and then went to the hospital. My mother-in-law is being discharged today. The doctors will give us the test results in a few days. By the time we got home it was already maghrib, Ahmed and his father went for salaah, my mother-in-law laid in bed, she was exhausted from all the tests. 
I read my salaah and then set the table and then warmed the food. My Father-in-law wanted to visit one of his friends, so Ahmed took him after supper. I cleaned up and then went to check on my Mother-in-law. She was on the phone with someone so I left. Ahmed and his father only came back after Esha. 
With all the running around I needed to just get in bed. My Mother-in-law seemed a bit different today, I don’t know what it is but she was acting funny when she got off the call. I didn’t ask because I’m avoiding any conflict. At the moment all I’m focusing on is my marriage, my baby and the new home we getting. 
I didn’t tell Ahmed anything, I will if it happens again. I don’t want  to create a problem if it’s not there. Anyways Today Ahmed had to go to the office so I was alone with his parents. I spent most of the day in the kitchen, I cooked for lunch and supper and then I baked. My Inlaws went to the mall so at least I had some time alone. 
After lunch I went with the driver to the Oriental plaza to do some wedding shopping. We don’t have much time left so I want to get as much done as possible. Ahmed met me at the plaza and then we continued shopping. Then we went to the mall to meet his parents for coffee.
After coffee, we walked around the mall. Ahmed only wanted to see baby things, I think it’s too early to start buying things for the baby. Ahmed’s parents are leaving tomorrow so I decided to get gifts for his sisters. We got home, had supper and then Ahmed and I went to meet the owners of the house we buying. 
They wanted to show us a few things in the house. When we got home, my mother-in-laws some family was there. They came to see them. I didn’t know but they stay in the complex down the road, well I’m not that bad Ahmed didn’t know either. When they left we spent some time with my Inlaws since they were leaving in the morning. 
I’m going to be home alone from tomorrow, well Nomsa will be here. I gave my mother-in-law the gifts for my sister-in-laws. Before we could go to bed, my mother-in-law asked if we were going to attend the wedding that’s coming up in two weeks. Ahmed’s cousin is getting married, the wedding is in Roshnee. 
Ahmed told me about the wedding and I want to go but he doesn’t like the boys family so he doesn’t want to go. He did business with them once and they did him down. Ahmed didn’t answer and walked out, I told my father-in-law why Ahmed doesn’t want to go. I will have to get him to agree, it’s his father’s brothers daughter, his first cousin, he can’t not attend. 
This morning my Inlaws left, I must say although it was nice having them over, it was stressful as well. I didn’t know if my mother-in-law would react to anything or pick a fight, so I was on my nerves. Anyways tonight Ahmed and I are going to speak to Uncle Abdullah and Aunty Rubina about Imraan and Sakina.  
I was telling Nomsa that we going to be moving and I want her to work there as a stay-in domestic and I need her to find someone who is trustable to work with her also as a stay-in. Last night we got the keys to the house, so we will be moving soon. My mum said she will come stay by us until the house is sorted.  

I’m not really worried about packing and unpacking because we getting movers. It’s just sorting the things out, seeing to the movers, all the odd work. Ahmed will be around but I don’t want to pressurise him, he has to prepare for a presentation he is having in a few weeks time in China. I will be going with him to China, it’s just for two days though. 



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