Before I left for work, Ahmed reminded me about my resignation. I feel so down today, how am I going to tell such a lovely boss that I’m resigning. I have to do it though. The whole morning I thought about what I would say. After lunch the first thing I did was call my boss and tell him, I’m resigning, he was not happy but after I told him why, he understood and was happy for me. 
He said I didn’t have to work for a month, I should just wait until the manager from our other branch comes this side. Ahmed called to check how I was doing, I told him the good news. He was very happy that I didn’t have to work anymore. The other manager will be here on Monday, my boss will explain to him about all the clients here in gauteng. I will just have to go in on Monday to welcome them and then I can leave.
I must admit it will be nice to be at home and take care of my family. I always admired my Mum for sacrificing her career to look after us. My Mum is actually a lawyer by profession, when my Mum was pregnant with Faheema she decided to quit her career and be a stay at home mum. She always says she never regrets giving up her career. 
Ahmed called and asked me to pick up his mum’s reports from the hospital, so I picked them up on my way home. Ahmed’s parents have been really stressed the past few days so we decided to take them out for supper. So we went to Rosebank, the food and company were both lovely. When we got home Uncle Ashraf said they were going to Lenasia to visit family and wanted to know if we wanted to join. 
I thought it was a great idea, I haven’t really met any of Ahmed’s family, besides for the wedding day, I don’t remember any of them though. Sabiha and Shiraaz came to visit, All of a sudden Ebrahim refuses to come to me. Aunty Shenaaz said it’s because he is jealous, he senses that someone is going to take his place. I don’t know how true that is, it’s weird though. 
After they left, we all went to bed, Ahmed said we should leave early so we can do some shopping and visit everyone. Today like everyday, Ahmed and I sat and spoke first before we went to bed. Ahmed wants to move, he said we should buy a house and he has seen one, Shiraaz told him about it, it’s two doors away from Shiraaz. 
I like where we living but it is small for us, when everyone comes over its a bit cramped, we all can’t sit in the lounge together, it’s too small. So we decided we would go and see the place on Monday together. I told him to make an appointment with the agent for Monday after lunch. With the baby we definitely need a bigger place. I’ll be sad to leave Aunty Rubina.
We left to Lenasia this morning around 8am. We first went to my mother-in-laws sister Choti Khala, she has two daughters, she invited us for breakfast. She is nothing like my mother-in-law. She is so welcoming and warm, she is also very sweet and not chicky like my mother-in-law. They not very well to do, they live in a two bedroom flat. 
Ahmed said he didn’t know how his mother agreed to have breakfast there, she is very particular and never goes to them for meals. She visits them but usually they all sit outside. She always complains about their house being small and crowded. I felt so bad for his Choti khala, she was doing her best but my mother-in-law kept putting her down. For Ahmed and his father this is normal, for me it’s not. 
How can you go to someone else’s house and complain and comment on how they live. She didn’t even leave the children. “Some habits die off hard.” Choti khala is the only sister that’s not rich, so I don’t think my mother-in-law will have a problem at her other sisters. After breakfast we left to do some shopping. My mother-in-law wanted to go to the Islamic shops that sell Abayas and scarves. 
After we shopped we went to visit Ahmed Nana and Nani. We spent some time with them and then we went to see his father’s sister. Ahmed’s Amina Phoopi, she is the only sister, so she gets spoilt by the brothers. She has three children, two sons and one daughter, sons are married. I fell in love with her house, it’s just so beautiful. Her kitchen is something out of a magazine. 
We had lunch with them, which was a five star course. After lunch we went to Ahmed’s cousins house. I was exhausted by then, I just wanted to go home. My mother-in-law still wanted to go few places so we had to just drag along. Shew I didn’t know they had so much family in Lenasia. It took us the whole day just visiting. 
We finally got home just after 9pm. I was exhausted, I just needed my bed. Luckily tomorrow is Sunday so we can relax at home. Ahmed said he confirmed with the agent about the house and we don’t have to wait until Monday, we can go tomorrow to see the house. I’m excited but sad to leave my place. I’m so comfortable in my place. The company will also need the place for the new manager so I will have to move soon. 
This morning my mother-in-law was awake before everyone, she made breakfast for us. I felt so bad that she made breakfast. She is not well and she is busy working in my house. After breakfast we went to the mall to get some things for my mother-in-law, she will have to be admitted to hospital on Monday morning. 
On our way back from the mall, we decided to go check out the house. The kitchen had shiny wooden floors, dark brown cupboards, silver appliances on one side is a round counter top with a basin and cupboards around, then on the other side is a breakfast nook, the kitchen is huge, the rest of the rooms were also huge. 
The lounge, you can fit three sets of lounge suites in it. There are 5 bedrooms, all the bedrooms are nice with built-in cupboards and all with ensuite, there’s a separate bathroom downstairs for guests. The bedrooms are all upstairs. I love the big windows and the view from the rooms at the back, the bathrooms got both shower and bath tubs, two bathrooms got jacuzzi’s.  
Just walking around the house, I’m already in love with this house. It’s huge though and we just two of us. Ahmed definitely wants to buy this house, he keeps saying, ‘This is the one, we buying this one.’ I would need three domestic workers to clean this house. I love the neighbourhood and location of the house. 
The property is huge as well, it has a pool, my problem is the price. Ahmed has no problem with the price. I told the agent we would let her know, we need to discuss this. When we got home, My Father-in-law asked if I liked the house, I told him I did, then he wanted to know why did I tell the agent we would let her know. If we like the house we should buy it, he said. 
I’m not sure if spending so much on a house is a good idea. My Father-in-law said I should not think about now but about the future. If we have more children we will need a bigger place. The rest of the day we spent relaxing. Ahmed kept talking about the house though, he wanted me to say yes to the house. I have never spent so much money on anything. 
My mother-in-law came to speak to me about the house when I was alone in the kitchen. She tried to convince me to take the house, she shared with me how she felt the same when they bought their house. But she gave in knowing they will need a big house. I still wasn’t happy spending so much on a house. Ahmed said money is not an issue, we can afford to buy the house. 
Later on I told him okay, I spoke to my mum and she said I should take it if we can afford it and if we like the house. We won’t be happy seeing another house. I think she is right, I don’t think I will find another house like this and one I love so much. Ahmed called the agent and by the evening we had the papers for the house to sign. We just had to go to the bank for some formalities.  

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