Back to work today, I’m so not in the mood to go to work, especially knowing that Ahmed is at home. Luckily the work load is not too much today but will start from tomorrow. I might have to take work home, which Ahmed hates. I’m so not in the mood to eat all alone. Lunch most of the guys go home but I stay too far to make it home and back. 
Also I don’t have a car, Ahmed refused to let me drive, so he sent me with the driver. Although I said so many times I can still drive. I can’t let the driver sit around here the whole day, so I sent him home and told him to come only when we close. The whole morning I kept thinking what Ahmed was up to, was he managing at home. 
Our domestic Nomsa returned today, so he doesn’t have to do any house work. But Ahmed gets bored easily and he gets annoyed when Nomsa is around because he says like he feels like he is in her way. I’m not worried about lunch, I left food for him, although I know he can sort himself out. I know I’m worrying for nothing.
Everyone left the office for lunch, some went home and some went out. I was offered but I refused, didn’t feel like going out. Ahmed surprised me and came to the office with lunch. It was amazing and the best surprise ever. It was just what I needed. After lunch he waited in the Conference room for me until I was done with work. 
On our way home Ahmed tells me that his parents will be coming tomorrow, he told them to stay at his apartment. I felt bad that they have our place and he told them to stay there. When I got home I called my mother-in-law and told her they must come stay by us. Why increase the distance between us when things look like they going on the right track. 
I cooked supper for us and then prepared what I could for tomorrow, Ahmed said he would take his parents out for lunch, so I only prepared for supper. I called my mum after supper to check how they were doing. They set the date for Ziyaad’s wedding, it’s so soon, we got just three months to prepare. 
My mum said they want to have it soon because we need time to prepare for Yaseen’s wedding as well. My mum hates pressure, she can’t work then. Ahmed went for Esha salaah, I read my salaah when I got off the phone. I went straight into bed after Esha. Ahmed came home and also got into bed. I was exhausted, being awake since 6am, especially after waking up later during the holidays. 
Ahmed and I started talking about his parents coming tomorrow and how will I handle being around his mother. I don’t have a problem with her. She had a problem with me, so it’s going to be difficult for her. Then we started speaking about the baby, Ahmed wants me to leave work from now. He doesn’t want me to stress about anything. 
I can’t just leave, I want to leave when the baby is born, I want to be there for the baby, not leave the baby with a nanny. I will have to want until a replacement comes in my position. Ahmed suggested I give a months notice and then I can leave. I will have to also get most of the shopping for the weddings now, I will do shopping for both weddings one time. 
I woke up a little earlier and put the food on to cook, I made the salad and rotis. The driver was already waiting for me, I quickly got ready and left for work. Ahmed was still asleep so I left him, his parents were only going to be there around 11am so he didn’t have to rush. I called Ahmed around 9:30 to wake him up, He was already awake, he said Nomsa makes so much noise he had to wake up. 
He said his parents were almost there, he called them and they left earlier so they will be in Jo’burg in about 30 minutes. I had Ahmed call me when they were there, so I know they reached safely. I made reservations for them at a restaurant not too far from the house. They were tired so I didn’t want to have them driving around Jo’burg just for lunch.  
When I got home, Ahmed’s parents were relaxing in their room. Ahmed was gone to the shops. I didn’t disturb them, I went to see Aunty Rubina. She was busy baking cakes for the cake sale that taking place tomorrow morning at the mall for the orphanage. I’m baking after supper, Aunty Rubina will take them for me. 
When I got back home, Ahmed was back and my Inlaws were awake. We greeted, my mother-in-law was all so lovey dovey and concerned. After supper, I went to my room to get something, next minute my mother-in-law is behind me. I turned around to ask her if she needed something, she had gifts in her hand. 
She asked me to go inside the room, She made me sit down and then sat next to me. ‘These are for you,’ she said. ‘What are these for?’ I asked. She said it was for all the times she was bad to me, for all the times I gifted them things and never got return gifts, for not getting a proper welcome to the family and one is for Ahmed as an apology. 
Although it was not needed, it was a good gesture. Maybe she has changed. I’m not 100 percent convinced but just maybe she has. I won’t let my guard loose until I’m sure. Aunty Shenaaz has her first appointment tomorrow, her appointment is at 4pm so I said I would meet them at the hospital. It’s not far from my work place. 
My father-in-law said I shouldn’t be around the hospital but I insisted. After I finish all my work, I left to the hospital and met them there. My father-in-law waited outside while I went in with my mother-in-law. The doctor did a check up, sent us for a scan and blood tests. We have to wait until tomorrow to get the results. After the appointment we went back home. 
I cooked supper and prepared for tomorrow lunch for them, its Jummah tomorrow and Ahmed also comes home for lunch. Ahmed helped a bit in the kitchen. After the men got back from maghrib we had supper and cleaned up, then it was time for Esha, after Esha I made tea for everyone and then we sat and watched some TV. 
It was nice to spend some time with Ahmeds parents. I got to know a little more about them and they got to know about me. We went to bed after watching the soccer. When we got to the room, Ahmed asked me if I have handed in my resignation. I haven’t as yet, he was not too happy, he said I should do so tomorrow, he typed it out and printed it. I told him I would call my boss tomorrow and let him know. 
If I give up my job, I will be dependant on Ahmed. Although I do have my own savings, I still don’t want to be asking him for money for everything. I’ve always been independent, so it’s a bit difficult. Also to leave work and sit at home, I will get so bored. I love my work, even though life has gone a bit hectic with running a household as well but I still enjoy it. 

I don’t really have a choice, I want to be there for my baby as well. I am not comfortable with leaving my baby with a nanny. You hear so horrible stories about what nanny’s do to the children. I’ve watched a video recently of an incident where the nanny hit the child because of revenge from the parents. 


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