My Inlaws finally arrive, my mother-in-law is not in a good mood and I figure it’s because I’m around. Ahmed is paying all his attention on me, making sure I’m comfortable. He refuses to let me do anything and this makes his mother more angry. She keeps passing nasty comments,until Ahmed’s Dada gets upset and tell her to keep quiet.
This makes her hate me more, I can feel it. Well we sit down for lunch and Ahmed helps his Dadi bring the food to the table. Ahmed and his grandparents are not letting me do anything. His mother keeps saying, ‘I see your wife makes you work Ahmed, Does she have some sickness that she can’t do her own things.’
I was annoyed at her but never showed it. Ahmed came to sit next to me which irritated his mother more. I suggested that maybe I should eat in the kitchen, I really didn’t mind. The less I heard his mother complain, the better for me. Ahmed’s grandparents refused to have me eat separately, his Dada said, ‘If there’s one person who needs to eat there is Shenaaz.’
After lunch, Ahmed called everyone to the lounge, he told them we needed to tell them something. His mother asked, ‘You getting a divorce?’ She was now really working on my nerves. Ahmed told her if she didn’t want to hear what he said she should leave. She got up to leave but stayed because he said,’If you do leave I will cut ties with you.’
‘Just to let you all know, not that your reply care, We pregnant,’ Ahmed said. His father was absolutely elated, his mother was like whatever and his sisters couldn’t get over the fact that they now going to be aunties. Then he continued,’You all will only see my child if you accept Saajidah, If you do not then you will not see me again nor will you ever come near our child.’ 
Aunty Shenaaz was not too happy, she asked him how he could give her an ultimatum and we can’t keep her away from her grandchild. Ahmed’s Dada told her to get out of his house. I was amazed that the news of a grandchild didn’t affect this woman. His father, grandparents and sisters all accept me so it’s just his mother. 
He told everyone that he cuts all ties with his mother. I feel it’s harsh, I even told him that but my father-in-law finds it to be the perfect punishment for her. After Ahmed’s mother left, his Dada started saying to my father-in-law. Stuff like, ‘She will never change, we told you not to marry her, we don’t know what you see in her, why don’t you leave her, she is messing Ahmed’s marriage.’
I told Ahmed his plan won’t work, his mother has too much pride to accept that she is wrong. Even after hearing she has a grandchild on the way. It had no effect on her. Ahmed’s Dadi kept apologising to me, she feels bad that I’ve never got a chance to be a daughter-in-law in their family. My stay with them has always been full of drama caused by my mother-in-law.
We left unsuccessful and disappointed. Ahmed and I heartbroken more him then me but we have to accept it and live with the decision we make. We got back to my mums place, Ahmed told them what happened. My parents were disappointed, they were worried as well. They have seen how it has affected our marriage, they worried that it could affect it still.
We spent the next two days with my parents, I have just a week left of holiday and then it’s back to work. I had to change everything again with my boss. Luckily the company is not open as yet so it’s not a problem. Ahmed and I decided to stay at his apartment for the week. This way we away from everyone and can spend some time together. 
We reached his apartment just after maghrib, we read our Salaah and then went out for supper. I am so worried about Ahmed, he is not saying how he feels after our visit to his family. I can only imagine how hurt he is, I need him to talk before it builds up and he takes it out on me. So far things are going good for us. 
The next few days we spend at Ahmed’s apartment, our days are spent by watching movies, making meals together, having conversations. It was an amazing time that we spent together. We didn’t worry about anyone, didn’t know what was happening out of the house. We only stepped out on Friday evening, for supper and then we went back home.
Today we woke up and got ready for our fishing trip with Sabiha and Shiraaz. We went to a place just 15 minutes out of Pretoria. It was very nice place, we stayed over at the camping site, which had nice allocated spots for campers, with electricity. Shiraaz and Ahmed set up everything while Sabiha and I went for a walk. 
We haven’t told Sabiha and Shiraaz anything about my pregnancy as yet. They just know that I was admitted at the hospital. When Sabiha and I got back from our walk, the men were done with setting up. Ahmed told them we got something to tell them. Sabiha said she could guess what it is, she said it was a new house. She looked at me and I had this huge smile on my face. 
She started screaming, ‘I can’t believe I missed it, that’s why Ahmed didn’t want you to carry anything and his been more caring.’ Shiraaz was still confused, ‘What’s going on? What’s going on?’he kept asking. ‘You can’t figure it out, She’s pregnant,’ Sabiha said. The men then went to set up their rods. 
Ahmed left his phone with me, his mother called, I didn’t answer because I know it would upset her. When he came back I told him to call her, he refused. Then she called again, She apologised to him and then told him she is ready to accept me. She asked to speak to me, she apologised to me as well and said she doesn’t want to loose her son and grandchild.
I was amazed at how sweet she was all of a sudden, like there was never a problem, calling me sweety and doll. I have my doubts, unfortunately I don’t believe that she is being genuine. She is probably just saying so because she doesn’t want to loose her son, also knowing that her first grandchild is on its way, might of woken her up. 
Someone must of made her aware of what she is loosing. I didn’t think too much about it, she has said she accepts me and that’s all that matters. If she’s not sincere we will find out soon. I hope I’m wrong and she turns out to be truly sorry and accepts me wholeheartedly. We ended up catching no fish the first day. 
Shiraaz and Ahmed took turns to check at night. Sabiha and I slept in the tent, I was woken by Ebrahim. He didn’t want me to sleep anymore so he kept kissing me on my cheeks, which I found so cute. Sabiha made breakfast for us and lunch was on the men because I made supper the night before. 
After a long day, we left just after 4pm, we didn’t want to get home too late. We caught 8 fish and that was enough for the men. Tomorrow is back to work for me, Ahmed still has until Wednesday. When we got home, we went to Aunty Rubina to tell them the good news. They were so happy for us, Aunty Rubina said she will be in charge of everything now and will complain to my Mum if I don’t listen.  

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