Before I know it, my whole family is at the hospital, I kept asking what happened but no one would answer. The doctor told Ahmed what the results were, Ahmed called my parents, my brothers and my sister. I started to panic, I kept thinking it’s something major, what is it. Ahmed walked in with the doctor, the doctor said he has something to tell us. 
I couldn’t wait, I couldn’t control myself, ‘Doctor please tell me what is wrong with me,’ I asked. ‘I have some news for you, I hope you ready for it, you will need to do a lot of preparation and take care of yourself,’ he replied. Now I was very concerned. ‘Ahmed do you know what is wrong with me,’ my mum asked. Everyone is getting anxious and want to know what is wrong. 
The doctor tells me that I’m pregnant and then leaves the room. I’m in shock, me pregnant, this is not happening. Everyone is so happy and congratulating each other and Ahmed and I. But my mind was only stuck on the fact that my marriage is falling apart and now I have to bring a child in all this mess. Faheema chases everyone out of the room, she leaves Ahmed and I alone.
Ahmed: Don’t worry, we will sort things out before we bring a child into this world. I promise, I will change if not for myself, then for you and our child. I will sort out the problem with my family. 
Me: I’m not sure if I want this. I’m not sure if I want this. Please leave. Just go away. 
Ahmed: Love, I promise we will make this work. This is one thing that can save us. We will make our marriage work for our child. 
At this point I was screaming for Ahmed to leave. The nurses had to come and tell Ahmed to leave. My mum came in to see what happened. I wanted to be alone so I asked my mum to take everyone home. After a while, being alone, thinking, I realised what I did, I might of just made things worst. I immediately call Ahmed and apologise. I explained why I reacted the way I did. 
Ahmed was not upset at all, he said he figured that I reacted how I did because I’m worried about bringing a child into an unhealthy relationship. Ahmed said that he was coming to fetch me, the doctor called and informed him that I would be discharged. I was glad I was going home, I still don’t know what is going to happen between Ahmed and I. When Ahmed came to fetch me, I asked him if he called his family and told them. 
He had not called his family as yet, he doesn’t want to tell them anything. He said he wants to go see them, he booked us a flight to them, in two days time we will be going to them, he wants to speak to them personally. He said I shouldn’t get involved so I should stay at his Dadi’s place when he speaks to them. We will only be going for one day. 
We get to my parents and everyone is there, all my uncles with their families. A big welcome mummy sign is hung up and balloons all over. It was such an overwhelming feeling, to have everyone’s support. Before I could meet anyone my uncles called Ahmed and I to the guest room. My uncles suggested that Ahmed and I put all our problems behind us. 
We need to move on and be happy together. So that we can bring a child into this world. We both agreed, asked for maaf and moved on. There was a big party after that, everyone was around, so my mum suggested we have a braai. I sat most of the time inside the house, I haven’t fully recovered. The hospital is not really a place you get much sleep. 
In the morning, Ahmed and I went for breakfast, Just the two of us. We spoke a lot about moving forward, Ahmed explained to me what he intends on doing when we go to meet his parents. He is going to tell them the good news but also tell them that if they do not accept me, they can’t have anything to do with our child and he won’t keep in touch with them. 
I thought it’s harsh but Ahmed says it’s the only way he is letting them near our children. Whoever accepts his wife will only see his child. ‘You can’t accept the child if you don’t accept the mother,’ he said. I agree with him to an extent. After breakfast. We went back home, I was feeling a bit tired, I needed to lie down, which I did as soon as we got home. 
The rest of the day I spent in bed, sitting with my nieces and nephews watching cartoons. I was getting really spoilt, every few minutes someone bringing me something to eat or checking on me, not something one can complain about. I could get use to this lifestyle, only problem, I would end up looking like a whale. 
Ahmed packed our bags after supper and had all our things organised, just like I do when we going somewhere. We leave in the morning to his parents for the day. I’m very nervous, I don’t know what to expect, his grandparents know we coming and have arranged for his parents to meet at their place. They want me involved when Ahmed tell them everything. 
Ahmed hasn’t told his grandparents anything, just that he has something very important to tell them. I hope for Ahmed’s sake and for our child that they accept me. It won’t be nice to tell our child “You don’t have grandparents or any family on your father’s side.” Especially when they do exist. 
Ahmed is awake since 3 this morning, I couldn’t sleep because he kept tossing and turning. It’s expected, he is nervous and anxious. He says his not worried but I know he is. No one wants to choose between their family and their wife and child. It’s not easy knowing that you might loose your family.  
I sent Ahmed to shower and get ready while I go downstairs and make some coffee for him. When I get back to the room with coffee, Ahmed is done. He has coffee and then I get ready. Ahmed packs all our things in the car and we are ready to go. Everyone is awake to see us off, they all wish us luck. My brothers take us to the airport. 
Ahmed’s cousin receives us at the airport and drops us off at his grandparents. This is it, everything depends on his family. Things can go from bad to worse or from bad to good. I am praying constantly, I need to keep calm and relax. Ahmed’s Dadi is in the kitchen, preparing lunch and his Dada is reading the newspaper. 
Ahmed wants his grandparents to be the first to hear the good news. So before his parents and his sisters come, we sit them down in the lounge and break the news to them. They are so happy, Ahmed is the eldest grandson and our child will be their first great grandchild. Ahmed then told them what he wants to tell his parents, especially his mother and sisters. 
They not so happy with his decision, but after he told them what an effect it is having on our marriage they understand. Ahmed’s Dada is worried that his mother would not care and tell him it’s his decision. He said, ‘ I know her, she will never agree, she never agreed to look after us, where will she care for her daughter-in-law and grandchild. 
That made me worry that his mother would never agree. I was feeling sick, nauseas and vomiting. I think because I was stressing, Ahmed’s cousin is a doctor, so they called her. She gave me some med’s, I felt a bit better after taking them. The time was drawing closer, I kept thinking Ahmed’s parents will be here soon. What is going to happen?

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